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Most ancient cultures have had conceptions of a flat Earth, including Greece until the classical period(post Socrates), the Bronze Age and Iron Age civilizations of the Near East until the Hellenistic period, India until the Gupta period (early centuries AD) and China until the 17th century. That means that if you buy some cosmetic frippery once, it's yours forever on all your characters.
Veterans can then spend the points on a variety of items, including new consumables, outfits, pets, and training dummies. It's always nice to have some extra benefits to being a long-term fan of a game, so if you're already enjoying deciphering conspiracy, there's extra incentive to keep at it. Nobody had ever heard of a person rolling along the ground and gathering momentum till they shot off the Earth and hurtled into space, and when you put a thing down on the table, it generally stayed on the table, unless it melted or was stolen.Basically, the Round Earth theory says that God has the whole world in his hand. Christophe (Crackpot Chris,or Crazy Chris, as he was called by his friends) Columbe thought the Earth was round, and set out to find India by going round the planet.
Some have however stated that a flat world may be liable to Planar Warming, which (given that a flat world would have much less volume to contain heat than a spherical one) would be akin to living in a frying pan.Others have suggested that Planar Warming might cause the surface of the planet to expand and become convex to the point that it becomes a sphere. The catch is that your proof must not start with the assumption that the world is round, or rather a globe, for Voliva believes the world is round, but a round, flat disc rather than a sphere.

Without that basic premise that the earth is spherical no one has found an absolutely convincing proof that Voliva is wrong when he describes his disc-shaped world, firmly planted on its foundations, surrounded by a wall of ice to keep mariners from falling off the edge, and surmounted by a crystal dome in which the stars are hung like chandeliers to light the night. Nor can you submit proof to absolutely disprove the belief of Voliva that the sun, instead of being an 800,000 mile ball of fire more than ninety millions of miles away is really a fairly insignificant affair, only some 27 to 30 miles in diameter and about 3,000 miles above the earth. A man at the foot of a tree a couple of miles across a plain may be invisible, while the tree itself stands up against the sky and is visible for miles.
Captain Gunnar Isachsen, the Norwegian explorer, last winter circumnavigated the Antarctic continent in a voyage of about 14,000 miles. Zion says Isachsen may have circumnavigated something, possibly an island of that size, but did not go around the antarctic ice rim, and points to the 60,000 mile journey of Ross in 1848 and the following two years, when he circumnavigated the ice rim.
East, west and south are not absolute directions; they are only relative directions with reference to north. The airspace above ground is confined by an outer ring of space that also turns the blackness of space is in motion around our earth and exerts a pulling force of its own. A level expanse of this extent is quite incompatible with the idea of the Earth’s convexity. One of his supporters, John Hampden, lost a bet to Alfred Russell Wallace in the famous Bedford Level Experiment, which attempted to prove it. Flanders argued the case of a flat Earth for three nights against two scientific gentlemen defending sphericity.
Holden of Maine, a former justice of the peace, gave numerous lectures in New England and lectured on Flat Earth theory at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago.
She held that the Bible was the unquestionable authority on the natural world and argued that one could not be a Christian and believe the Earth to be a globe. Bullinger of the Trinitarian Bible Society, Edward Haughton,senior moderator in natural science in Trinity College, Dublin and an archbishop. She repeated Rowbotham’s experiments, generating some interesting counter-experiments, but interest declined after the First World War.
The movement gave rise to several books which argued for a flat, stationary earth .In 1898, during his solo circumnavigation of the world, Joshua Slocum encountered a group of flat-Earthers in Durban. Three Boers, one of them a clergyman, presented Slocum with a pamphlet in which they set out to prove that the world was flat.
Impossible!”Wilbur Glenn Voliva, who in 1906 took over the Christian Catholic Church, a Pentecostal sect that established a utopian community at Zion, Illinois, preached flat Earth doctrine from 1915 onwards and used a photograph of a twelve mile stretch of the shoreline at Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin taken three feet above the waterline to prove his point.

When the airship Italia disappeared on an expedition to the North Pole in 1928 he warned the world’s press that it had sailed over the edge of the world. Teaching a globular Earth wasbanned in the Zion schools and the message was transmitted on his WCBD radio station.Modern biblical literalists have swung to the other extreme over flat Earth theories. He responded to this event “Would sailing round the Isle of Wight prove that it were spherical?
Despite plenty of publicity, the spacerace eroded Shenton’s support in Britain until 1967 when he started to become famous due to the Apollo program. It goes on to state,“If it is a sphere, the surface of a large body of water must be curved. In 1870 Hampden made a bet with naturalistAlfred Wallace on the outcome of a test of the flatness of water in the Old Bedford Canal.
Alexander Gleason, a civil engineer from Buffalo, NY, tested the flatness of the surface of lake Erie.
Morrow made such a test on the Old Illinois Drainage Canal, He found the water surface concave upwards. There are many Flat Earth Societies, endeavouring to propound the truth of things, the nature of things, and Charles K. She sailed a ship over here, and she did not get on it upside down and she did not sail straight up. A parrot is a man who never thinks for himself, but repeats what he hears without any questions as to why or wherefore.Patrick Moore is a prominent member of one of the Flat Earth Societies.
His motivesare unknown, and when asked to comment on this writing, he promptly fell asleep, his monocle falling out. He then woke up, went on about Saturn a bit,said something about Stephen Hawking being a french whore mothered sausage sucking kraut, and fell asleep again.

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