Quests - Children will love going on quests that take them into the world of classic literature, the arts and humanities. Contests - Participate in one or all of the creativity contests that are currently being held to win great prizes! The Crooked Pencil - This is the "magazine" portion of the site where kids can share writings in a variety of given categories such as tales, reviews, plays and poems, back to school, and more. In my treehouse it keeps telling me, over and over, that they gave me a free flat TV I should try - but all the videos in the TV say they cannot be watched on the regular TV - have to get a delux TV first.
I did my age then when I am ready to submit my customised avatar where is the button to press? Moshi Monsters is a cute virtual pet game where the child adopts a new Moshi pet which they can nurture and raise, interact with, play games with and much more.

All postings in SecretBuilders are seen by human eyes before being approved to go live — Internet child safety is a top-level priority at SecretBuilders. Internet Safety Webinar – Classrooms learn important information about staying safe on the Web. Internet Safety Quiz – Students can take this quiz to learn more about the importance of Internet safety. After you have created your free account, you will be given the option to personalize your avatar and your room (home dashboard). They are divided into 4 categories: Multi-player games (play someone else), Activity Games (creative games), Action Games (test your quickness and coordination), and Puzzle Games (challenge your mind). Current contests include Frank & Stein's Ghouly Gallery, Help the Kelp, and the Kid Inventor Challenge.

The Moshi Pet community is filled with activities and games that will captivate the interest as well as teach important lessons - without the child even realizing that they are learning. As you play you will earn Shills (virtual coins) that can be used to purchase pets, furniture, and more! Also learn more about the safety and privacy features that make this virtual world a safe place for your child to visit, play, and learn. Here are some highlights of the site and some of the features your will encounter on your journey.

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