Penned by Barbie Kligman (“Private Practice”), the show is based on the original Australian series of the same name. Kligman is exec producing with Kapital Entertainment’s Aaron Kaplan and Tracey Robertson and Nathan Mayfield of Hoodlum.
Good show a little hard to get into at first but once you do you watch wondering who is the real murderer and want to see more.
The second episode of Secrets and Lies The Father starts where the first one did: in the woods. Ben is once again called into the police station where Detective Cornell confirms that Tom was killed with blunt force trauma caused by a flashlight. With her apparent single-minded determination to pin the crime on our hero, it’s hard to find any redeeming qualities in Cornell, especially when she shows zero interest in Scott as a suspect, even after Tom finds him threatening Jess, having discovered the truth about Tom and Ben. But what makes Secrets and Lies The Father so interesting is that we only know what Ben knows and we feel as lost and confused as he does. Ben overhears Natalie making plans to meet someone and follows her, only to see her meet up with Scott.

Tom’s funeral is a roller coaster of a scene, with the press, the whispers, the stares, the people who clearly think Ben shouldn’t be there. Detective Cornell comes by the house later and informs Ben there was a leak and that the press has gotten hold of the news that he’s Tom’s father.
A talk with Christy reveals a little more about how his one-nightstand with Jess happened six years ago.
Dave is the only one who thinks to ask the important question, if Jess and the cops didn’t tell Scott about Ben being the father, how did Scott know at least a day before the news broke?
After a very eventful Secrets and Lies premiere, The Father felt like it didn’t have quite as much going on. It also stars KaDee Strickland, Natalie Martinez, Clifton Collins, Jr., Indiana Evans, and Belle Shouse. This time Ben is visiting his son’s memorial, when Jess arrives and says she knows who killed him. It’s not clear yet what exactly the relationship is between Natalie and Scott, but she’s clearly very emotional about him and admits to sometimes letting him visit Tom while she was babysitting.

It feels a little too dramatically convenient, but is worth it for the truly touching scene where Ben has to break the news to Abby. We find out that Christy was gone one weekend with the girls, after they had a falling out when she got an abortion (maybe for a medical reason?
So much of it was spent catching all the characters up on the revelation of Tom’s parentage and it didn’t feel like the story moved forward all that much, plus Dave’s presence is still largely unexplained.
In November 2012 she moved from the Democratic Republic of the Congo back to the states and currently lives in Arizona where she works as a freelance writer while living with her family and four horses. But the handful of scenes that really dealt with the emotional ramifications of the news where well done and gave the episode life.

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