I have always been an avid reader, and God has used several books to transform my life over the years.
In all truth, I did not read the complete book, so I cannot comment about why some people find this book controversial. This realization helped me appreciate the qualities my husband possessed that I had earlier neglected.
I started taking small steps as I learned how to be a better wife, and it made a tremendous impact on my marriage.
Ladies this book Secrets of fascinating womanhood is Amazing, l rated it 5 out of 5 because its taught me a lot of things about the role of a woman and the role of  man. Those are the ten secrets, l have only given you a very brief outline of what each secret talks about but there is so much more.
I am reading a book on the internet, i would really love to get the hard copy please so i can carry it everywhere.
Hie Precious,.do you have amazon in south africa because if you do that would be a great place to look if they deliver there. I’ve read marriage books before, even those directed towards just the wife but never has one book (besides the Bible) changed my heart and attitude towards my husband and our marriage and my role as wife. Hie Fortunate, if you read to the bottom of the book review, there is a link for you to download the book onto your phone.
For point #3 how can you ever comfort encourage or console him if he doesn’t let you know there’s something bothering him? Often, a book I read will reiterate the same point God had been trying to tell me during my daily quiet times. Although it is not Bible based, they share a lot of pointers that follow the principles outlined in the Bible. I can honestly say that I, my husband, and my marriage have not been the same after I started following what was written in the book. Although it is written primarily for the married woman, l believe even single women hoping to getting married someday can learn a lot from it and can then use these secrets as building blocks for a strong, healthy marriage. This secret is the most powerful of all the secrets of fascinating womanhood and applying this secret can produce some amazing results why? Try and appreciate the heavy responsibility your husband carries throughout his life , especially his working life, use the power of great sympathy. Your husbands God given role is to lead you and provide for you, allow him to do it.  Your role is to be his companion, a mother and a homemaker.

Many woman still make the mistake of acting like men, to try and win a man’s love and respect.
We all want happy, long lasting marriages and l believe learning from someone else’s experiences is a great thing. It’s no wonder then, that when He wanted me to make changes in my marriage, He used books again! She tackles the delicate topic of submission in such a way that made me feel empowered, yet willing to be submissive to my husband.
I joined the book club at Little Natural Cottage and learned about the three types of men that the author mentions about in the book. One of the things that stood out for me was that my husband needed to be admired and respected, as much as I craved to be loved.
The 10 secrets outlined in this book will transform your love life and awaken your man’s desire to be all that he can be to you.
This secret is a man’s SECOND important need, accept him as he is and do not try to change him. Comfort him lovingly when he comes home weary and do not raise problems until after he has eaten. Allowing your husband to lead you and provide for you by his own efforts alone, greatly enhances his masculinity.
Qualities that men deeply admire; your husband wants you to be a better person than himself.
The more submissive and dependent on him she is, the greater will be his desire to please her. If you have no access to getting the PDF version of this book you can download it on the here for free.. She also shares a lot of practical ways we can show our love for our husbands that helped me be a lot more intentional in my marriage.
If  your relationship or marriage is on the rocks, give it a go.As with any other book that you read, you will have your points that you agree with and those you do not. Remember that is the most pleasant feeling a man can have, he likes to feel that you depend on him.
Masculine behaviour in a woman repels most men; but a truly feminine woman, a woman who acts femininely, is highly attractive and delightful to a man.
Men respect a spirited woman one who will get angry and stand up for her rights, as long as she does it in a non- challenging, feminine way.  Show anger against your husband only when you have been clearly mistreated.

I’m on youtube teaching some of the secrets in my own way you can add your thoughts if you’d like, Just search Tierra Daniels or Fascinating Womanhood, Thank You!
With this book, l am certain that the points you will agree with will far outweigh those you don’t. The more dependent on your husband you appear to be, the more tender and caring he will tend to feel towards you.
Inner serenity develops in a woman when she becomes free of pride and self- righteousness, always does and says the right thing, is free of guilt, and has a forgiving heart.  When a woman is cheerful and serene her husbands love knows no bounds.
I already knew over the last few months that I can only change me, but this book has so greatly given many tools and a beautiful perspective of how I can be a good wife to my husband and improve our marriage by improving me, specifically my heart. On the other hand, failing to keep this law, and wounding your husband’s sensitive male pride causes him to suffer deep hurt. Reason why it creates problems is because by trying to change and improve him we are telling him that we are not satisfied with him as he is . Man have a inbuilt strong God-given pride that drives them to want to lead, to protect and to provide for woman.
It wouldn’t be truthful of me to say I agree with every single point in the book, but on the whole I completely recommend it. By forcing him and constantly nagging him to change you are wounding his sensitive male ego. It will change your life and quite possibly your marriage for the rest of your lives together! He knows His weaknesses but he needs you to admire his strengths, not draw attention to his weaknesses. A man’s in- born masculine pride is so sensitive, that if challenged by a woman, the hurt cuts him deep like a knife. Obtain some good nutrition books and check your diet carefully to see if your getting all the necessary nutrients. A man just cannot bear to have his fragile and sensitive pride belittled or ridiculed by his wife or any other woman. Such as; fresh complexion, shiny hair, vivaciousness, sparkling eyes, liveliness, cheerful voice and optimism.

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