The problem with this claim is that it is patently false.  These manuscripts, written in Coptic, date mostly to the fourth and fifth centuries, whereas we have NT manuscripts from as early as the second century. Anyone who has read the canonical gospels knows that Jesus did not in fact teach the humans were divine or that they had the divine inside of them.  On the contrary, Jesus often made such claims about himself as the unique, divine son of God.
If one wants to find a gospel that teaches that we are all divine, then the Gospel of Thomas is the place to turn.  Unfortunately, the documentary is once again profoundly mistaken about the nature of the canonical gospels. But, Tabor leaves a number of important factors unexplained.  For one, which of the followers of Jesus would have moved the body? But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.
It shows that before dawn after the regular weekly Sabbath the same group that was at the cross headed out of Jerusalem to go to the tomb. As for 5, the killer question is always this: why do Xns find the resurrection stories of Jesus such compelling evidence but do not find this true for other resurrection stories. Sure, the written can trump the oral, but you have to ask whether that actually happened in the case of the gospels.
It is clear that you are not aware of the nature of oral tradition and how it worked in the ancient world. As for the gospels containing oral tradition, that is the consensus of modern scholarship today. I didn’t say that the gospels do not have oral tradition but that you have no idea of the editing process.
As I’ve pointed out, Luke and Matt even edit Mark and they do this knowing you will be able to see their edits. Curious: how do you show such faith in the gospels’ accuracy given even basic issues like the two different birth stories? Understanding the Gospels is easier if you accept that they claim to be eye-witness events and as such the names have to match the players. Isaiah:53 is the prophecy about His death, without that event the bruise to the heel would not have been a completed event.
The perspective is quite different when a person considers God to have directed the Bible versus a group of men establishing a religion by getting together and telling stories. The only problem with that is the story of the first 5 Books was a completed story in the beginning so how did that just appear in 40 years. If it was kept letter perfect how could they have departed from it to the extent that God had Neb remove them from the promised land? Daniel was visited by (real) Angels and the OT was in written form at the end of the first 70 years of exile so it stands to reason that Daniel also fixed up the OT so it was again back to being as perfect as Moses’s version and all the other Prophets. The preface of the 1611KJV says the original Greek was used for the NT and translated by those Scholars and the original Hebrew for the OT was translated by Jews in Jerusalem at that same time so are you going to promote that the Jews could keep an oral book in perfect condition for as long as they did but suddenly can’t accurately translate it into the English language?
How could anybody (honestly) say the verses below were written by anybody but an eye-witness? I’m not sure letter perfect is necessary for oral tradition as it is needed for written copies. To think the Greek NT could not be copied flawlessly is an error in thinking as that would make them idiots rather than experts in languages.
However, an important concern for me is seeking to make doubly sure that statements we make about Biblical events and the texts we offer as support for those statements stand up to scrutiny. I do agree that Jesus’ followers were indeed crushed and distraught by his death, but it’s the two examples you give to support this statement that I think are questionable.
Was it really the case that the emotional state of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus caused them not to recognize Jesus even though he stood right in front of them (even more, he walked and talked with them for some time)? The reference to Mary at the tomb fares a bit better, but still has problems when it is pressed to be an example of someone who was unable to recognize a person standing in front of them due to emotional trauma over that person’s assumed death.
In this case there is no mention of any divine “hiding” of Jesus from their eyes, nor is there any problem with blurred, teary vision, or face-to-face posture between the Jesus and his followers. Call it knit-picking on my part if you will, but I am sure you are well aware that knit-picking is precisely what skeptics will do with any words written or spoken in defense of the gospel and we would do well to make our “knits” as “pick proof” as possible if we wish to maintain a high degree of credibility in their eyes. I hope your Christmas was a joyous one and very much looking forward to your next “secrets” installment.
On the morning of the resurrection Jesus was there but in a different body than the one He took to the grave so He appeared to be a different person altogether when viewing the physical form but the recognition came from when He spoke and the style would have been in the form some of them had heard for 3 ? years. John who was also present at the cross along with Peter who was likely brooding in shame after his thrice denial of Jesus were the only two disciples who did not flee at the time of the arrest in Gethesemane, but remained within the city of Jerusalem. I believe I have relayed Wenham’s scenario as he wrote in his book accurately, and I find it very plausible and conforming well to the nuances of people and events as described in the four gospels as a group. John indicates that the same beloved disciple was one of the twelve who ate that final meal with Jesus. Therefore, the extreme weight of evidence runs counter to your claims and I cannot agree with what you suggest.
Cette nouvelle saga aura de quoi combler aussi bien les jeunes adolescents (qui sont le public vise) que les adultes ! Brodie, le personnage principal que l'on suit principalement au cours du livre, est une jeune orpheline elevee par son grand-pere.
Enfin, Hunter, le jeune gourmand qui est souvent rappele a l'ordre par son estomac, est une forte tete egalement. Ces trois personnages sont complementaires et leurs atouts sont indispensables pour reussir leurs tests.
Meme si tout n'est pas tres credible, car vu leur age, on se demande quand meme bien ce qu'ils font la, on prend plaisir a les suivre dans leurs aventures, a les decouvrir en details petit a petit et a resoudre des enigmes a leurs cotes.
Trois jeunes gens sont recrutes pour tenter de percer a jour le code d'un vieux manuscrit repute illisible.
Ce livre regorge de mysteres, a chaque page que l'on tourne on en decouvre un peu plus sur l'enigme. La suite me fait tres envie parce que les enigmes qu'ils ont resolu nous apportent encore pleins de mysteres et de questions.
The Truth Behind the Bible Code written by Jeffrey Satinover, is an exploration of the truth behind the Bible Code. Far from the sensationalistic writings of the first two Bible Code books, Satinover outlines the remarkable and raw story, behind the people and historical events involved.

Jeffrey tells the story of the life changing experiences of Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandl, and illustrates how the secrets of the universe are hidden in the Torah. Once again, one wonders about the historical accuracy of the Historical Channel when mistakes like this are made–mistakes that just happen to be in favor of the more radical version of the historical Jesus. Mary Magdalene.  Once again, the documentary makes the suggestion that Jesus had a special relationship with Mary and was probably even married to him.
Jesus loved the Beloved Disciple, she was Mary of Bethany and she was the unnamed Disciple of John the Baptist and she wrote the Gospel of John (the Baptist) and she wrote revelation and she is the woman these verses reference. You need all 4 references and then blend them together to get the story of what happened the morning of the resurrection.
There are innumerable people in human history who have been claimed by their followers to have survived death. Now take that book and get someone from Japan who knows little English to translate it to Japanese.
But, I am afraid you have a very limited understanding of the way oral tradition worked in the ancient world. If there are texts in the 50s, even by Luke, how is it that Paul never mentions them even in the 60s? You make assumptions about the primary purpose of oral tradition being persuasion, but you have no evidence for that. Everyone from Bultmann and Dibelius to Dunn and Gerhardsson acknowledge that the Gospels contain oral tradition.
Or even as monumental a fact as to whether Jesus’ conflict in the temple fosters his death (3 gospels) or happens years earlier (John)? It may be (see below) impossible for men to pass down tradition accurately over thousands of years BUT can an all-powerful God control His revelation? Turn on the TV or visit the dark side of the Internet (no, don’t really do it) and you can see how depraved mankind can be. Nor can it be shown that Greek Scholars can’t copy a text exactly when using just Greek from the original document to a Greek document. I gave an example of the importance of keeping the oral tradition very accurate and it is possible. To thing the oral books of the OT could be kept in the exact state that Moses gave them is also a flawed though because the 12 Tribes were not super humans and the exile into Neb’s Babylon shows they got away from the original teachings. Kruger, I have enjoyed thus far your responses to the History Channels series on the supposed “Secrets of the Bible”. Grace a leur intelligence et leur debrouillardise, ils ont su dechiffrer la premiere enigme qui les a conduit jusqu'a l'ecole ; les autres enfants n'ayant pas reussi ou ne s'etant pas donne la peine d'y reflechir, ils ne sont donc que trois.
En effet, des les premieres pages on rentre dans le mystere et, meme si c'est simple au debut (au point de resoudre certaines choses avant nos trois heros), les enigmes se revelent de plus en plus complexes.
On apprend a decouvrir les personnages principaux ainsi que tous ceux qui sont impliques de pres ou de loin au dechiffrage du manuscrit, on decouvre egalement les lieux en profondeur et tout ce qui les attend. Avec un caractere bien trempe, elle donne beaucoup de dynamisme aux dialogues (surtout lorsqu'elle converse avec Hunter).
Aucune partie de leur personnalite ou meme de leur force n'a ete negligee et j'ai adore les suivre et les decouvrir tout au long de l'histoire.
C'est un tres bon roman jeunesse qui pose une bonne base pour la suite et qui est deja bourre d'action et de mystere, avec des personnages attachants et une intrigue un peu plus complexe qu'il n'y parait ! Leur passion pour la litterature et la mythologie, l'espace et la geometrie, ou les chiffres leur permet d'etre efficace pour dechiffrer les enigmes. Je me suis aussi interessee aux recits de destruction de livres.L'evenement que j'evoque, survenu au cours de la Premiere Guerre Mondiale, est un fait historique reel. In this book Jeffrey takes you on a journey to the past that proves the validity of the Bible Code through maths, science and quantum theory. There are some interesting perspectives, that elude to an esoteric knowledge behind certain events from history and famous conspiracy theories. Again, the producers give a lot of credence to sources that are not as reliable as the source they are casting doubt on. Then, these same people boldly go into the known world proclaiming Jesus as the messiah and Christianity flourishes.
The writers lived often in far away places and whether what Mark wrote (say in Rome) mirrored what the folks in Jerusalem thought is totally lost to us; ii) the oral is not about recording history but about persuading outsiders. You just assume that Jesus’ words were always changed and modified in substantive ways. I mean if they can’t agree on such massive facts as to what precipitates his death or the basic facts of his miraculous birth, how can we trust word by word quotations? Peter was at the wedding in the Gospel of John so he would have gotten the ancestry of Joseph at the event where the barrels of wine. Of course, this brings us back to the TV Series and how it casts aspersions upon the Bible being writings of men and NOT from God.
With this particular group, the stories are told in songs and each chief for generations has had to learn, sing and teach the songs perfectly.
Yes, as life progresses, putting things in writing becomes important to keep the accounts forever, even if the culture disappears. However Daniel and 3 friends were in Babylon and were visited by angels so the text that was in writing by the end of the exile would have been written by those inspired people bringing the OT back into the same exact wording and jots as Moses gave. The change in appearance would towards the description when He was with Moses and Elias (and Re:1) rather than in the physical form Jesus has as it would have had to conform to the prophecy below. The verses below also confirms that they are two different people and that no Apostles were at the cross. Quoi qu'il en soit, on se prend a joeur le jeu et a essayer nous-meme de dechiffrer chaque enigme ! Il est egalement bourre d'humour et ne manque pas d'envoyer des piques de temps en temps, aux deux jeunes filles. Il s'agit en fait d'une lettre qui les invite a rejoindre une ecole de decryptage, dans un Manoir. Le professeur Van der Essen a bel et bien enterre une boite en metal contenant un certain manuscrit suite a l'incendie de la bibliotheque de Louvain.
It is the interpretation of the person telling the story.One of the things that this book made very clear for me, is that what we perceive as our world history, is nothing more than an interpretation of those who are telling the story.

If Joseph of Arimathea had moved the body, this is surely not something he would have hidden from the disciples.  Moreover, how does this account for the resurrection appearances? This episode tried to cast a lot doubt on Jesus Christ but it really seems to throw a lot of mud on the wall, hoping something will stick. Peter should be credited with Matthew because he was there as the first Apostle and Mark and Luke would have been written by the brothers James and John as each of those 3 Gospels cover two events as eye-witnesses, the vision on a mountain where Moses and Elias appeared and the resurrection of a girl. A bit of time is spent at the tomb for the whole group and then the group heads back to town leaving Mary M. I have heard many stories of people who have died (some for hours) and come back to life, with witnesses. These disciples didn’t have the boldness to proclaim a false resurrection and turn it into a world religion on their own after agreeing together to tell a lie, even if being brutally tortured and killed for such a lie. And we can see even when Luke and Matt copy Mark that they often drop bits that make Jesus look unkind or show the disciples in a bad light. He deliberately changes facts in Paul’s letters to show Peter and Paul more on the same page with respect to ditching Jewish law. Crossan cited a Harvard study even of professional storytellers in the Balkans back a century ago that shows even these oral telling virtuosos edit their stories. A big push is happening in the USA to equalize all beliefs (and lifestyles, although there are some limits) but in doing so, pushing Christianity below others.
The first verse in James (the Apostle and not the brother of Jesus) says the scattering had already taken place so that would be slightly after 70AD. That basically means the OT and the NT are in perfect condition and the 1611 KJV is based on those original documents and it was Jews in Jerusalem who did the translation from Hebrew into English, just like the preface to that Bible states. Quelques illustrations montrent les notes de Brodie (et celles des deux autres qui viennent empieter parfois) par rapport au manuscrit MS 408 ainsi que les enigmes resolues.
C'est une ecole secrete parce que l'objectif est de trouver le livre decodeur puis dechiffrer le manuscrit MS 408. Ces incendies et destructions de livres par le feu sont des choses qui m'effraient et me hantent.
Mais c'est en l'observant sous un autre angle, en la regardant differemment, que nous parvenons reellement a saisir sa personnalite. Sometimes, but not always, those who are telling the story have a reason for interpreting it a certain way. Suggesting Jesus had some type of sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene is simply unfounded guesswork.
James and John would have been filled in by their mother who was at the cross and at the tomb, Peter would have been filled in about the cross by Mary M.
So it was not ONLY oral tradition that was operative in early Christianity; and (c) 200 years did not pass by before these things were written down.
I don’t mean they deliberately lied, but any knowledge of oral story-telling shows that the stories morph and change. Looks exactly like what you do after both figures are passed and you want Peter to support Paul’s view.
Any university program will show this to the students in the first month of a course on the gospels.
Luke gives the family line based on His mother Mary and her fathers tree back to Adam because she was a Daughter of Aaron just like the mother of John the Baptist. Elle a plus la tete sur les epaules que les deux autres et met plus rapidement un terme aux chamailleries. Et ca marche, ils reussissent plusieurs epreuves et montrent qu'ils meritent leur place dans l'ecole. In the culture of that day, this sexual impropriety would not happen and it would have been known because of the how close people were to Jesus all of the time.
This is not history; iii) your suggestion that Mark wrote in the 50s is quite outside the bell curve. All the more so when the story-telling is saturated with personal (even cosmic) meaning for the teller. It is that John that is related the the Gospel of John as it is the unnamed disciple of his that is known as the Beloved Disciple.
The 2 on the road would be Peter and the BD as they are the only ones mentioned as being at the resurrection and this was their first look at a resurrected and glorified Jesus. Sans qu'ils ne le sachent reellement, cette derniere epreuve a grandement fait avance les recherches que deux groupes avant eux ont tente de dechiffrer : decrypter le manuscrit MS 408.
Ces illustrations et les enigmes posees au fur et a mesure rendent le tout bien plus distrayant et accrocheur. Your side, my side and the truth.Is this book an interpretation of the truth or is it the truth as it really is?If it is the truth, then how many of the a€?historical factsa€™ out-lined in our history are merely interpretations of the truth? In the religious world of that day, Jesus would have been killed by people for the type of relationship described by this episode (but he was killed for something entirely different). Jesus ascends that morning and is back by the afternoon for the stroll with Peter and another Apostle and that night the Apostles and the Beloved Disciple get baptized with the Holy Spirit. When he alludes to Jesus’ birth on two occasions he speaks of its lowness (of the flesh) and contrasts it to the resurrection. You can see the same process in the early stages of modern religions where the record keeping is better (e.g. Once that is done the stories are blended together rather than being in conflict with each other. Et bien evidemment, leurs recherches sont interrompus par une femme qui a l'intention d'empecher le decryptage parce qu'il semblerait que le manuscrit soit dangereux et qu'il renferme un terrible secret. Ce premier tome nous permet de decouvrir la personnalite de chacun des personnages ainsi que de saisir l'epaisseur du mystere qui existe autour manuscrit.
Someone just says something in a way that resonates and so the hearers pick up that phraseology.

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