This book went through a lot of design changes until I finally hit upon a simple leather wallet that holds the bound journal, and loose documents. In order to find the The Lost City of Gold, Ben Gates and his team must weave their way to the final clue in a mysterious and highly guarded book containing centuries of secrets. A retelling of The Force Awakens with emoji-fied versions of Rey, Finn, BB-8, Kylo Ren and more. Gwen Stefani surprises everyone with a performance of her song "Make Me Like You" on the 2016 RDMA!
Benjamin Gates must race once more to find the Lost City of Gold and save his family's now-tainted name. A mischievous boy and runaway slave face one challenge after another on a wild adventure down the Mississippi to their freedom. The remarkable true story of one of Scotland's most beloved and celebrated heroes a€“ a terrier named Bobby! The Tanner family journey to the wild country of 1890s Wyoming to become farmers, facing dangers that unite their family bond.
A magical rings stands between two candidates running for District Attorney -- but one keeps turning into a large talking sheepdog!
From the magical world of the open book, to libraries full of books, to girls reading, you should be able to find the picture that fits your preferences and taste.

The best example in how brilliant book wallpapers can be are the ones designed by Vlad Gerasimov. They are subtle enough to stay behind home screen icons, and not distract you. On the other side, pictures from Vlad Studio are so beautiful that unlocking a tablet or waking up a computer is immediately rewarded with a delightful magic of books.
It’s good to keep in mind that not every picture, even the most beautiful one, is good for a wallpaper.
If you know of any book wallpapers that could be added to this list, please leave a link or picture in the comments below. This is the President’s Book of Secrets, also showing a few of the dozens of extra documents, photos, letters and papers that were stuffed in the pages. Join Ben again in high definition as he is eventually led to the mysterious and highly guarded Book of Secrets -- if he kidnaps the President.
If the contrast is too high, or colors too bright, it will keep you distracted, and the screen icons will be hardly visible. When you crop them to the portrait view, they can look ugly, not proportional, and lose all their appeal. Just make sure to pick up the size that is by width and height equal or larger than your device’s screen. A painting by an Irish-American painter William Harnett, known for his still lifes of ordinary objects.

Although available only for iOS device this design created by Rodrigo Maia is so good that it had to be included in this overview.
This beautiful fantasy illustration can be downloaded in five sizes, up to 1920×1200 size. No matter whether you use Facebook on the iPad or Twitter on your Android phone, our site loads fast and is easy to read. An amusing watercolor illustration showing an abstract landscape with books, children, and a whale. Supported devices: iPad, iPad Mini, Nexus 7, HTC One X, Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Galaxy S3.
Sizes for iPad Retina, iPhone, and several popular proportions for mobile phones and tablets. Versions for iPhone 5, iPad Retina, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Note, Nook, Sony Xperia U, and more.

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