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Deep inside this kissing cousin to Pikes Peak is one of the most-talked-about military installations in the world. Since it was first built, Cheyenne Mountain has fired the imaginations of people the world over, and made them uneasy too.
The creators who built Cheyenne were challenged to come up with a self-sufficient city, capable of not only withstanding a nuclear blast, but also of functioning for 30 days without support from the outside world. First dreamed up in the late 50's, the base was finished and opened in April 1966, but not before countless changes in response to the growing Soviet nuclear threat, and overcoming the difficulties of building something this massive, this complex, and this secret, 2,000 feet inside a mountain. A heavily-fortified guard stop is the view most visitors get when they drive the long road up to the entry, and no further.
On the surface of Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, you'll find the the headquarters building which includes the 721st Mission Support Group. Seven hundred thousands of tons of granite were blasted and excavated during construction to make way for two miles of tunnels, seven caverns, and a self-supporting city.
And just across from the traffic light (the entry tunnel can get awfully busy) you'll find the iconic three and a half foot thick blast doors, designed to swing shut at a moment's notice, sealing the base off, from the outside world.
For years, Cheyenne was home to NORAD, and military personnel from every branch tracked threats of every kind.
Were Peterson to come under attack, the Cheyenne Command Center can be turned back on, instantly. I toured the base's fitness center (filled with state-of-the-art workout machines), and Cheyenne's very own restaurant, The Granite Inn.
They've got everything a fire department on the surface might have including trucks at the ready, a room packed with firefighting gear, complete with helmets and respirators, and a place for fire commanders to work and plan. Of all the secrets I learned about Cheyenne Mountain, this one was certainly the strangest. So important is their role, they've been given squadron status, and they are in constant motion in Cheyenne. They operate one of the most complex ventilation systems in the world, using giant cooling towers deep within one of Cheyenne's many caverns to keep the airflow going. The picnic was a time for everyone to leave their ties to their unique, secret, underground world behind; for a while anyway. If this is your first time downloading a game from Big Fish, our handy Game Manager app will install on your computer to help manage your games. This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you wona€™t find in the standard version. HO scenes: All are interactive along with an extra item you have to find(inventory) at the end of each scene.
Well a little patience must of really sneaked in on me as I took the plunge and played in the hardest mode. I didn't have any difficulty at all (even puzzles) until I got to chapter 5 as this is where I lost some patience. Overall, even though I didn't care for a couple of them puzzles there was just way too much I LOVED about this game so I'm giving it 5 stars. When I first started to play this game I thought it was exactly the same as many othes I have played ie. A few of the puzzles may be on the easier side, but there are some fresh concepts that take things up a notch.There is also a twist on some HO scenes where you replace objects rather than find them.

There are two nice elements (minor spoiler here) that I really liked - being able to morph objects you find into something that will help you on your journey by bringing the objects to certain statues and also turning the lights on or off in certain rooms to gain a different view of your surroundings.
The graphics are lovely and in keeping with the setting of the story, the music has an Asian flair. You have three options to choose from for your level of difficulty and while playing in casual mode I don't recall having to ever use the hint or skip button. I really enjoyed this game and hope this helps anyone who is on the fence about spending money on a CE.
Last time I played a game in this series, I wasn't sure I liked the switching back and forth between scenes that morphed with a change of lighting.
This game comes to us from Orneon, the developers of the Echoes of the Past games and Secrets of the Dark: Temple of Night. I don't usually write reviews but this game was hands down the best game I have played in a long while!
Follow clues left by stone monks in a deserted town in Thailand to uncover a thrilling mystery.
Using ingenuious engineering and mining techniques, and guided only by slide rules and blueprints, they carved it out and built it up from the inside out.
A powerful September 11th sculpture, made from World Trade Center steel, is a constant reminder of how the mission here has evolved. I was reminded several times during my visit, that they take their security very seriously here, including the use of lethal force.
And as you go deeper, you can't help but think back to what it took to design this indestructable base capable of surviving the unthinkable half a century ago. It reminded me of being inside an aircraft carrier, something I was able to experience firsthand when I visited my Navy pilot son aboard the USS Reagan for another series I'd done a few years ago.
As the cold war unwound, and the threat from nuclear attack eased off, it was decided to move NORAD out. It's just like any well-stocked grocery, except the customers often include Air Force personnel strapped with automatic weapons.
The lights were on upstairs in most of the buildings during my visit, but I never found out who was up there, nor what they were doing. Almost ho-hum, until you remember the fact that you're two thousand feet inside a mountain. Those springs I showed you topside are all scrunched down here in the dark, compressed by the weight of all those buildings and people above. The real Cheyenne Mountain is interesting enough, and though hardly glamorous by Hollywood standards, the unsung heroes who keep this underground city running are Cheyenne's civil engineers. A good pair of walking shoes, walkie-talkies and a mental map of all the hatches and corridors are musts.
They maintain a super-sized power plant, inspired by what's used on battleships, to generate enough electricity to light up a thousand households.
Civil engineers and their families mixed easily with the station's uniformed men and women, and their families too. But the importance of that world, and the job that these people do, military and civilian alike, is really no secret at all. Please note you may contact Bayaud Enterprises which handles 9NEWS Broadcast Duplication. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

I just LOVED this game for the most part as I can sure tell just like the first game Temple of Night the developer put some time and thought into these games. I'm not sure what was up with me and chapter 5 but I did have to use the strategy guide to find the last item on a couple of HO scenes as I couldn't find them to save myself. Way too much going left, right, up, down so many times to solve it as these are repeated a couple of times. As you move the ball the cap piece goes in the other direction and trying to navigate that well if you don't have arthritis like I do well you just might after that puzzle. I beta tested this game it seems eons ago and was fascinated by the story, the graphics and the challenge level.
This has been done on other games, but it's a nice change of pace some require a little more thought than you would think. Having enjoyed those games already, I was expecting good things from this game and was not disappointed. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, or logos are the property of their respective owners. The clerks who work the grocery say it's cool to work deep inside a mountain, but they often wonder what the weather is like outside.
While much of it feels like being inside a submarine or aircraft carrier, there are places where this underground city really looks like a city. The metal neutralizes the electromagnetic pulse of any bomb sparing the electronics that play such a key role throughtout the complex.
The mountain's Navy personnel asked for it so they could maintain the time-honored Naval tradition of carrying out re-enlistment ceremonies on water.
Battle the dark and magical werecreatures that want to sacrifice your friend in this macabre hidden object puzzle adventure game! Good Lord I looked those up in the guide or I'd probably still be sitting here trying to solve those. Do like voice over, I was particularly proud of myself because beta testing games do not have hints and I was able to do it ALL on my own. HO scenes are interactive however there isn't any misplaced items scenes where you have to put them back in the scene like the main game. The HOG scenes are busy but not junk piles and the graphics are as nice as other reviewers have commented on. The only thing I would add would be the time travel map, but I would like to see that in all games. I think it is a good example of how a hidden object game can be more than the sum of its parts and be creative and immersive in addition to hidden object finding. The game is also a very good length - I didn't use a lot of hints, and the main game took me a good number of hours (roughly six).
The music is oriental in timbre and added to the experience if one like's that kind of music.
There was a lot of backtracking, but the game was so beautiful and interesting to look at that it didn't really bother me.
I will most likely play it again as it was complex enough to hold one's attention a second time.

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