As an avid student of psychology, I wonder what makes your typical billionaire tick (I love studying crime and pathology too, but that’s another story).
It may not seem like it makes much sense why people would commit these acts, given how fortunate these victims are in so many other ways (seemingly an understatement for most of us). Ironically too, the same characteristics that give certain people the ability to achieve such astounding wealth are the same characteristics that can cause their devastation, when things don’t go their way. And I recognize that might feel irrational, but I’d argue that we all do essentially the same thing.
A careful analysis of the link between happiness and money tends to show not that money matters in the absolute, but that it matters compared to the people around you. The lesson, to me, is that money should be viewed as non-comparatively as possible, or at least compared only to yourself. Now as a wise friend of mine once said — recessions and economic downtrends are the great equalizer.
That’s one of the many hazards of relying on a tax code that collects from the rich, and gives to the poor.
It seems that, for the rich, money becomes a scorecard after a while, since they have so much.
And when you lose so much money at once, it can do nasty things to your head because it’s a much higher fall in terms of absolute dollars than if you (facetiously) only lost $60k out of your $200k portfolio. I really feel bad for these people, and I can’t understand why a billionaire felt the need to die, but maybe he just took it too far, or watched one too many Japanese movies with seppuku in them?
I was just talking to my father about this phenomenon right now, and he mentioned that there could be more to the story than meets the eye.
In addition to what Matt said, behavioral finance tells us that people are generally loss averse, and are more likely to be hurt by losses than to be happy from gains.
I have a feeling that a lot of these folks let having money define them, and when they lost their money they lost a part of themselves.
Hence, i believe these unhappy billionaires used money as a driver and focused on it to fill a gap.
Normally they have conservative wealth-preserving that protect them from the biggest falls (and cap the upside) but those strategies didn’t work in 2008. In the case of the investment managers, I think in addition to their own loss of status they are feeling very guilty over losing their clients money.
Money also takes our minds away from these “other” problems clouding our reality, and once that is compromised, facing the real person inside may seem like a thing not worth life?
What every one has failed to mention is that the people who committed suicide not just lost money, but they also recommended Madoff to many of their family members and close friends.
I think it is that shame of facing family members and friends whom they have recommended their funds that drove them to suicide. What has not been mentioned is the fact that these folks (who have taken their lives) have also recommended Madoff to their close family members and friends. It is the shame of facing your family and friends who are ruined (because they are not billionaires) that probably took them over the edge and not just losing everything for themselves.

While many people in America are either living in substandard housing, or have no home at all, these ridiculously rich and selfish people are holed up in sprawling, opulent mansions bigger than the typical shopping mall, surrounded by a huge team of servants waiting on them hand and foot, wearing clothing that costs more than the average American makes in a year, flitting around at political fund raisers pretending to like people they can’t stand, and jet-setting (first class, no less) all over the globe. If these billionaires REALLY want something to complain about, let them step down off their high horses and sample what life is like down HERE.
BRING BACK BORSTALITV“The absence of any real penalties is matched by an absence of any real incentives. Reporter Marian Wilkinson travels to the British Virgin Islands for Four Corners for the The Secrets of the Super Rich report. Vote Compass is back for the 2016 federal election, allowing voters to compare their views to the political parties' policies. An online game that consists of nothing more than clicking a button and making fake cookies has consumed me.
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When times are tough, the rich suffer more than the poor, and then who can give to the poor? In fact, how happy you were in childhood will be reflected throughout your life with a steady equilibrium regardless of money. Unless your billionaire was only in government bonds, their wealth will have fallen severely. Many of these people have the intellectual capacity, talent and ethos of hard work to recover over time (hey – they are billionaires).
Then when I learned that I was liking being rich I’d have the option of donating it or giving it all away. They’re not escaping jail by taking part, they’re not earning cash or competing for jobs, only chasing the vague promise of “turning their lives around”. By advertising with us, you are guaranteed to reach the industry’s key decision makers and keep your business in the forefront of their minds when planning their purchasing decisions. With up-to-the minute industry news, unrivalled analysis and commentary, insider industry information and business critical data. But as a strategy, it could well be undermined by global forces that conspire to push the deficit deeper into the red. If I had single handedly ruined thousands of people, many of them friends and family, I don’t know if I could live with myself. But I should imagine it is hard to face your family (your mom, your brother and sister and close friends) who have lost everything and these people may not have the talent (or time) to recover.
With exclusive access to the industry’s innovators we tell you what’s being made, who’s making it, and when. When the rich lose a large portion of their fortune, tax receipts fall disproporationately. It’s more a kind of televised scapegoating, by which we, the viewers, get to see some obnoxious young men being given a pretend hard time”Matt Baylis, The Daily Express“Proctor left after a few days and posh stoner Rule went home around the same time.

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That’s a better question, but not one that an entertainment programme like this is ideally suited to answer. Kara Danvers may end up on another network if CBS doesn't figure out licensing issues, fast. Can you really blame the bad lads if they prefer not to be part of ITV’s ratings experiment?”Ellen E Jones, The Independent“There was, as with all in this genre, a broader message.
Three-quarters of all young criminals, we learned, reoffend within three months of their release; while in borstal days, seven in 10 never committed a crime again. With no more Vandal Savage and no more trouble with the Time Masters, the Legends won't be carrying the fate of the world on their shoulders. Proper discipline was literally inconceivable, until it hit them like a bucket of cold water. To see these insolent louts dumped out of their beds at 6am and forced through a five-mile run was satisfying.
Judging by the amount of multi-millionaires who were willing to appear on the programme and patiently explain why being loaded makes them more valuable members of society, trickle down is still alive and well today. Interesting and enraging in equal measure”Ellen E Jones, The Independent“A century of wealth redistribution in which Britain moved from renting to ownership was in reverse.
Never mind trickle down or through, this is the era of trickle up, where millions pay increasing chunks of their stagnating wages to the rich in rent. Since Peretti is not going to present it, may I ask for volunteers?”Andrew Billen, The TimesSEX PARTY SECRETSCHANNEL 4“Loads of people, all shagging each other, all over the place. I worry about stains and the furniture, also that I must be extremely boring.”Sam Wollaston, The Guardian“James Newton’s film featured people rich enough to have sex indoors – in mansion houses, stately homes and an Ibiza villa with roof space for a “very noisy human jigsaw” as the buxom party host put it.
Beautifully filmed, it followed Dogging Tales in asking its participants to wear masks, not animal masks this time but disguises from Venetian masked balls.

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