By Easy Consulting On November 3, 2014 · Add Comment · In Marketing News Five successful business owner secrets – Getting on the right track! Becoming a successful business isn’t down to chance; it’s down to hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, attitude and of course, those who work for the business. Even the most mundane of tasks must be done, and if they’re left incomplete, there’s a big chance they will grow in importance and create many problems. Your employees are your most important asset to the success of your company, and without them, you would have no business at all. Amongst all the successful business owner secrets out there, this is perhaps one of the most important.
A successful business is one that moves with the market, and is always on the lookout for slight shifts in consumer behaviour. Doing a fantastic job doesna€™t necessarily guarantee that you will be asked back for more!
No matter how competent you are; be very clear that someone in the audience wona€™t get you, and that is putting it mildly.
The most effective strategy I have used over the years is being open to potential teachers that can show me the way. And finally those first 25 years have been a magical rollercoaster a€“ 5 books, addressed audiences in every part of the globe, met incredible teachers along the way from saints to terrorists and more; and ita€™s hard to believe after all thata€¦.
For many tattoo artist, owning a shop is a dream-come-true.  But, owning a business is about more than simply finding an empty building and moving in. The successful tattoo business owner has to wear a lot of hats to keep everything running smoothly. If you’re looking for outside funding (say, from a bank), then a business plan may be a necessity. To create a success, it’s important to listen to advice from others and not to think that only you know best. The most successful business men and women create to-do-lists, prioritise, and complete their lists in order of importance.

The most successful entrepreneurs out there know this secret, this is why they treat their employees like family, fairly, encourage their personal and professional growth, celebrate success, encourage ideas, and push the need for teamwork.
Standing still will only get you either run over or overtaken, which means you lose your lead and all that came with it. Many successful businesses use online analytical tools to help them stay ahead of the game. Your default position should be simply a€?I will do the best I can from the heart, be authentic and get out of here!a€? I remember in my early years agonising over the one or two who were challenged by my energy and wondering what I was doing wrong a€“ now I just have fun with the challengers and move on. To gain access to this fountain of knowledge; drop the ego and be aware that the person in front of you is both a student and a teacher. In that time I can recall that very few ideas were given the green light as numerous reasons were unearthed showing why an idea wouldna€™t succeed. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This book presents a breadth of important, but hard-to-find topics, for small business owners.
To this aim, let’s look at five important successful business owner secrets, and see if you can adapt them to your own growing empire. Always move forward, revaluate, look for new ideas and innovations at all times, and evolve your business for the future.
Call Easy Consulting today on 0421 905 000 to talk about how we can get you a few steps ahead of your competition, and stay there! I remember addressing audiences on many occasions where the feedback was fantastic (in many of these examples people had rated the session on a feedback sheet) but when I approached the decision maker afterwards I could spot from their physiology that all wasna€™t well.
Please note that doesna€™t mean you disregard detractors because maybe just maybe they are right and you are the problem. Chapters include selection of business structure, selecting, hiring and firing of employees, web site development, advertising, marketing, telecommunications needs, business insurance, travel, children in the workplace, religious expression on the job, trade show participation, travel, taxes, profitability and cash flow analysis, and dozens of other important topics for the small business owner. Whether you speak with the CEO from a huge company or the mail man – treat everyone as equal.

Note it doesna€™t mean that life will always be easy but passion and love for your vocation will drive you through the rough and the smooth. I was to learn some months later that my client wanted me to be good but not to outshine them. I was on the lookout for interviewees that could stir and shake me, challenge my views and bring me outside my comfort zone. A business and its owner with a reputation as approachable and fair will always succeed, when compared to one who’s classed as rude and unapproachable.
Like many entrepreneurs you will always be a€?reasonablya€? comfortable in the uncomfortable. The day after I arrived, I went down to the receptionist in the hotel a€“ his name was Bassam and explained what I was looking for. Meanwhile as I reflect on my own career to date my best moments happened when I DID and didna€™t overanalyse before committing to the cause. My first best selling book which in many ways has been the building block of my speaking career would never have been penned if I reflected on my a€?Da€? in English in my Junior and Senior exams, my lack of background in the writing field, the lack of role models in Ireland to help me create it and so on. Doing what you love normally put you in a state of flow which allows you to transcend normal circumstances.
No I spent my time Doing, learning on the job, and ultimately succeeding rather than affording more time to reflect.
I spent two half days with a person who was described as a terrorist a€“ amazing experience on so many levels.A This type of a€?lucka€? or a€?synchronicitya€? has followed me around all my life because I was open to the fact that the person in front of me was indeed a student and teacher.
The organiser was concerned about my health and suggested that one of them filled in for me allowing me to recuperate throughout the day. Instinctively I retorted a€?dona€™t worry when I start to speak, flow will kick in and I will be fine.a€? They looked at mea€¦ potentially worrying did we both occupy the same planet.

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