I am born and brought up in Bandra and went to a small school called Learners Academy in the foothills of Pali Hill till class X.
I had told my dad in class VII that I would not do business and it was obvious in school that I would be an actor, though without a filmi background it seemed far-fetched.
I used to not be high on getting married and felt that modern lifestyles did not support the traditional concept of a marriage till a year ago. Sunny Leone, the hottest B-town star and the most searched actresses on Google sports an enviable body. From being a pornstar to a a?˜Bigg Bossa?? inmate and finally turning an actress for Hindi cinema, it has been quite a journey for Sunny Leone.
The sexy seductress understands that maintaining a strict diet and exercise schedule makes all the difference in the world. SUNNY IS MY BEST FAVORITE, ATTRACTIVE, BEAUTIFUL, SEXY star IN BOLLYWOOD and NO DOUBT SHE WILL BE THE NO.1 IN BOLLYWOOD IN NEAR FUTURE.
I truly believe that the power of our soul foods are greater than any superfood that you can purchase and consume, or any diet regime that you might want to follow.
And when it comes to soul foods, there are not any that can beat the benefits of communing with Mother Nature.
I just got back from an amazing weekend hiking in a national park that is home to one of Java’s highest peaks, Mt Semeru.
As I hiked with my husband and a small group of friends, I could breathe deep lung fulls of delicious clean, mountain air, enjoy the beauty of the unique landscape that surrounded us, and bask in the crisp, cool weather. Without any Internet or phone signal to even distract my thoughts, I was able to clear space in my head for a different kind of reality. It is hard to take our regular lives seriously when surrounded by trees and mountains and lakes ans just getting by hour by hour while at the whim of the powers of nature.  When basic survival is the most important thing to think about, it really puts life into a new perspective.
The daily confounding decisions-  which foundation to use, which handbag to wear with your new outfit, whether or not to buy the new shoes on sale- as well as the regular concerns-  what should I make as my latest Facebook status update?
Of paramount importance instead, is making sure you have enough water to get you until the next re-supply, where to set up shelter so you can be safe and dry, what to cook with limited supplies and a small gas burner, avoiding sunburn and windburn, even where to use the loo.
Finally, there is the spiritual and personal growth that comes with exploring and adventuring in a way that is in vast contrast to city life. As my husband and I were ascending the summit of Mt Semeru, which is 3676 metres above sea level, we  were really pushed on all levels- our levels of fitness and strength, our mindset control, our attitudes, were all put to the test.
As we were in our 5th hour of scrambling up the steep,  volcanic mountain ridge, that was mostly just sand which seemed impossible to walk up, reaching the summit seemed ridiculously difficult. It was this that spurred me on to continue the strenuous climb, because it seemed rude to not  appreciate what was indeed incredibly beautiful, and something that I yearn for when caught up in the hustle and bustle of city life. It is so easy to forget the beauty that surrounds us, and to remember the simplicity there can be to life.
This is why nature is a super soul food that nourishes us and feeds us and fuels us and satisfies us- in more ways than food on its own ever will. Would you like to breeze through dinner time and make healthy and tasty meals every day?

Show runner extraordinaire Liz Tigelaar was already hard at work on LUX's second year long before the pickup, and while the cast isn't back at work just yet, Appleby is privy to a few scoopy deets in the lives of Cate, Baze Ryan and Lux."Liz actually rented an apartment in my building in New York this spring, so we spent weeks hanging out in the city and talked a lot about it.
Everyone down with season two of LUX, give a big whoo-hoo in the comments section, and fill the void until September with the Life Unexpected pilot tonight at 9 p.m. Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you.
I loved coming up with quirky ideas for advertising and thought I would become a copywriter and went to the US for my graduation. I am still 90% of that honest, frank and open person and am still that guy only, but a bit smarter and have learnt to think before I speak. According to a recent survey, it has been proved that the desirable pornstar is also the most searched actress on Google. She loves being surrounded by her gym equipments and maintains that gym is her second home. Despite her busy schedule she eats healthy and her diet comprises lots of vegetables and milk.
If you want to look like the seductress and woo your man, take care of your body, pamper it once in a while. A concept that I constantly reinforce with my clients is the importance of looking at the other factors in their life which need more fulfillment (and that might initially seem completely unrelated to their weight loss and energy goals), and to work on developing those as much as they are making shifts in their diet. The most important things each day were getting my legs to take me from A to B, having appropriate meals, finding shelter and staying warm. To even be thinking of anything other than basic survival and comfort seemed kind of trivial. Will people see this new pimple on my face?  Do I look ok?- are not even thoughts that cross your mind when you haven’t showered in days, and have worn the same clothes three days running, and those facts don’t even matter to anyone. You have to think in a different way and respect the environment or risk becoming dehydrated, famished, wet, cold and any other number of uncomfortable feelings or dangerous situations.
It is really only by being among nature that we can get back into tune with what truly matters, and to be able to look deep inside ourselves and to recognize what our desires and needs actually are.
What a crazy two weeks I have had since returning from holiday in Bali (which already seems a million years ago!). Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. Ranveer admits that while he had no control of what he would say when he started off; he has learnt not to be 100% open and honest.
In my second year, I took up an acting class and was asked to introduce myself by any kind of performance. I have come to terms with the reality that you can't say everything the way it is and be completely open and honest, as you run the risk of rubbing people the wrong way, being misunderstood and being misrepresented even though I may have meant no malice to anyone.
With over 3.5 crore searches, she rocks the industry and maintains to mesmerise her fans with her inimitable charm. The thoughts that consume us, the worries that distract us, our concerns that seem so important that our world is going to end if we don’t get them sorted, are all non-existent when spending time away in the forest.

Lets hear Ranveer speak about his badmaashis in school, the romantic Aditya Chopra and why he finds Deepika Padukone the most desirable co-star.
I said dialogues from Deewar and everyone started clapping, even though they did not understand the language. I have also understood the need to protect information, be it related to what work you are doing, how much money you are making or the content of your film.
She feels that these spicy treats are a fabulous way to give into cravings whenever it hits you. But in the wilds of nature, the environment provides space, vastness and the true understanding of just how vulnerable we are as humans. Don't worry, Shiri totally clarified a few of those "obstacles" for us right then and there.
I was under-confident and no one would take me in their team to play, as I was a slow runner. I felt so good that despite they not being able to understand my language, they liked what I did.
No longer are we the masters in complete control, and that knowledge (to me anyway) is extremely empowering. And if you let go and not be so uptight, then your performance will be more effortless and you will enjoy the process. To me, he is a father figure and while I am now informal and open with him, I still stand up when he enters the room as I worship him. Sonakshi acts like a veteran even though we started working in the same year and that shows in her performance.
But the minute the actor came in front of the camera, I knew that's the only thing I wanted to do. Then I joined Makarand Deshpande's theatre group and did all the backstage work of moving furniture and getting samosas for people.
And instead of Cate and Baze having that [back and forth], he's going to be there for her. Is it September yet?!Not quite, but since we love to toot our horns just a little around these parts, fill the LUX void with a fun look at Kerr, Kris, Shiri and Austin Basis (Math) thanking E! By 14, I had lost weight and started having the cool look and was always attractive to girls. Even though almost everyone was better looking than me, I had a more attractive personality and I used to win a lot of personality contests.
I would steal lunch boxes, hit people, have fights and do full dadagiri both with juniors and seniors. I was good enough in studies, good in sports and great in extra-curricular, so was always made the prefect and became the head boy.

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