This article is far from a” how to” train your child to potty train in one day or in one week.  Everytime I read articles like that I would have to chuckle because in the midst of our battle it just seemed funny to be able to train a child in one day (though I know it has happened to some lucky parent).
Keeping him on the potty all day watching tv, playing games and giving him tons of water to encourage him to tee-tee.  He would get so excited everytime he peed in the potty. We praised him like crazy everytime he told us he had to go potty and peed in the big boy potty.
I can go on and on and share with you all of the wonderful tips we read and all of the things we tried that just didn’t work with our son but I will stop there.  We reintroduced potty training at age 3 and finally at age 4 he was able to stay dry in the day time (for the most part) and we celebrated! Thanks to God I was able to change my perspective and walk this journey with him instead of thinking “you are choosing to wet the bed.”  What really helped was when I realized that I was not alone in this battle and that their are 1000?s of parents everyday waking up to find that once again their child wet the bed. You will find that some of the mentioned tips and tricks from above may work for you even though they didn’t work with our children.
What are some ways you have helped yourself and or your child get through this bedwetting phase? I was listening to the radio the other day and I heard an interview with a man named John Maclean.
One minute you were looking at clear skies; the next, you were surrounded by a blinding fury.
On Father's Day weekend, I will once again don my climbing boots, grab the ice axe and head up the snowy flanks of 14,000-foot Mt. At the end of each week I tell myself I could have never imagined it would be this difficult or I could never have imagined it would be this easy. In reality, however, there are very few jobs Deaf people "can't" do, especially once small adjustments are made to accommodate their specific skills and abilities.
Talented Deaf individuals in fields across the board are working to defy social expectations, remove barriers, and prove that there are NO limits to what people who are deaf can do. Choose whether you want them to wear pull ups or change sheets every morning- We decided on the latter and we had him strip his sheets off the bed every morning and have him rinse his underwear off in soap himself. Medicate him or not – We decided that medicine was not an option and we would find other ways to help him. Praise and encouragement-  Give lots of praise and lots of encouragement everytime there is a dry nite even if you know it probably won’t last.  One of the things my son shared with my husband when he had a whole week of dry nites  ”Mommy would tell me every night that she believed in me and I did it”  Touched my heart even though his dry nites continued to be sporadic. Don’t shame them-  I hate to admit but I did do this in the beginning out of ignorance.  “You are 6yrs old and you are still wetting your bed. Talk to them about it- Share with your child your research and ways they can cope with it.  They need to know that they are not babies just because they still wet their bed.
Come up with a plan –  Even if it’s Enuresis don’t just wait and hope that it will go away. Don’t lose hope-  When you have gone through this routine for 366 days and tried every trick in the book and to no avail your child is still wetting the bed you might start feeling hopeless. What works for one may not work for others- Try different plans and realize you will need to have different individual expectations.

And what worked for our children may not work for you.  So experiment and remember patience and most of all that you are their cheerleader and they need to know you believe in them (even if you have been in this situation for years)!
It's the ability to stick with working towards something for years, as you try to accomplish something that lights you up and gives you purpose.
I will most likely ask you how you are, what you've been doing and smile when you share the latest family news even if in the midst of the words a thousand alarms go off in my head, reminding me of the son that I lost.
Not just the differences that inevitably occur between people who are attracted to each other, but the differences between who we each thought we were getting and who that person actually is.
It stole from me my pride, my dignity, and that one ever evasive thing I once had loads of -- my happiness. At the end of the day, our society limits people more than the actual experience of deafness ever could. In our situation, I came to terms with the reality that: he doesn’t have control over his bladder and only God knows when he will be capable of  this. This idea came from the hopes that if it cost him something then maybe he would try harder to wake up. This is one of the points that kept coming up when I read about Enuresis, that they have a hard time waking themselves up.
Are your friends still wetting their bed?”  Ughhh, I hate to think that I did that.  Your child is very aware that most likely their friends are fully potty trained. As I mentioned one of our boys pretty much potty trained himself at age 2 and our other one struggeld with it for years so we had to have different expectations for each of them.
But it left me my brain, my mind, my heart, my soul, whatever you want to call it, all in one piece. And he doesn’t want to pee in his bed as much as I don’t want to have to change his sheets. In my research, parents shared that even with medicine the child was still peeing in their bed so in the end we preferred a natural method. If they are older they probably feel lots of shame because they are still wetting their bed. Especially, if they are older they realize this and are embarrased.  Whatever you do don’t embarrass them in front of their friends. Or as I shared in point 9 the other sibling thinking it’s okay to wet their bed just because their other sibling is doing it.
We finally got him off the pull-ups (boy, were those expensive!) by waking him up to go to the bathroom when we went to bed and by limiting drinks in the evening. Charles didn’t think much of his nightmares until his parents decided to get a cat to keep him company. It is demotivating and hurts our ego, self-esteem, self-image, and challenges all those nice attributes we've manifested and which got us going. If you choose not to use diapers the buy mattress protectors and stock up on bedsheets you don’t mind washing every day.

Our son has been dry for over a year now and the last thing we tried was an alarm.  It worked wonderfully.
If you choose pull ups you may have to pay close attention to their skin as it may irritate their bottom or other areas that stay wet. Also, the elastic on the diaper may pinch them or irritate them this happened with our son when we used the plastic type of undie covers that they put on over their underwear. But we finally decided to buy the $50 gadget and we just hoped and prayed, this would help him.  It worked! Can you imagine what it would be like if we adults took something we enjoyed and set out to be the best we could be at it?
From what I have read developmentally children are learning to master this skill between 2-4 yrs of age so don’t fret if they are still in this age bracket and have not mastered this skill.  After sharing our bedwetting woes with friends most of them shared that their boys struggled with bed wetting long after they expected, whew, I was relieved to hear this. My son hated those because of the elastic.  A reader below commented on buying cloth training diapers. For heaven’s sake, are you listening?” Charles’s parents got him a cat to keep him company?
Sometimes when Charles looked into them, he could swear that they looked startlingly like human eyes.
Startled, he jumped up and looked around his room only to find Shadow leaping onto his bed. Telling himself it was probably a sleep-deprived hallucination or something of the like, Charles shook his head and resumed typing. Charles whipped around to find the cat on his pillow with its jaw open uttering sounds that sounded much to like English. Or  maybe some of that really good tuna on that really high shelf (now that is one fish I cannot fathom how to reach).” Charles shook his head, this cat had an appetite, a gourmet one too at that. With that, the cat dug his claws into the boy’s chest, trampolined off Charles’s chest and sauntered down the hallway. Charles mocked Shadow’s odd habit of stalking just about any slightly plump animal within fifty meters of their house. He had tried to clamber into bed with Shadow only to be pushed off and neglected like the annoying creature he had become.
A flash as bright and fiery as the noonday sun filled the park, a whoosh whipped across the park that made the flowers bow their crowns of petals.
When the light faded, a boy stood where the cat had sat and a cat sat where the boy had stood.

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