An example of this would be a student that is upset because they came in 10th in a race during gym.
In order to overcome their sense of defeat, the student needs to develop their sense of accomplishment. There are many different things you can do with this list of character traits to help children identify what makes them great. Have the students highlight the words (or top 5, top 10, etc) that describe them and create a wordle with the words that were selected.
Have the students create a web by using a character trait from the sheet and evidence of the trait. This entry was posted in Lesson Plans, Parenting, Positive Behavior Support, School Counseling, Self-Esteem.

Because Facebook refuses to make thumbnails of linked horizontal images, I upload each one manually here. Judging ourselves by character traits that we think we ought to have and not the traits that we posses naturally sets us up for disappointment. Limited vocabulary and cultural stereo-types hinder their ability to find and understand their strengths and realize their full potential.
The student now thinks that no one will want to play tag with him at recess because he is not fast enough.
This particular student has played tag everyday at recess without any problems since the beginning of school. For those of you that may not be familiar with a web, draw a circle in the middle of a sheet of paper and write the character trait inside.

The student always makes new students in the school feel welcome and encourages other students during group work. When you get to the end of the word continue drawing your line but curve it around so it circles the word.

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