In this TV news video from WPDF 25 Florida, a mother called Jessica Laboy was jailed after she refused to disclose the location of her children to protect them from state removal. PAPA People Assisting Parents Association provides free charitable services to support parents with child(ren) unjustly removed or are under unfair scrutiny or over investigation of the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). Any person who approaches us will NOT be required to donate any money or to join our membership as conditions to receive services.
We will NOT advocate return of children if there are valid reason(s) to believe that children will be unsafe in the custody of their parents.
When families are scrutinized by child protection workers (aka social workers) who have the absolute power to remove children, it is a very fearful experience. Service providers in the child protection industry have tremendous power over parents with children under age 19 in British Columbia. Please hover your mouse over the navigation icons below to access the most frequently sought information by various categories of browsers.
Although many tactics used by child protection workers are more or less the same, jurisdictions outside BC have different laws governing state-sponsored child removal. They are fully capable to create unspeakable horror to parents and unthinkable atrocities to children.
The mother believed that this new removal is a reprisal from the child protection agency after she sued for the abuse on her children.

Video record (covertly if necessary) all meetings, interviews, phone conversations and interrogations.
Do NOT underestimate their power at the tactical level and do NOT overestimate their morality. You are dealing with a special type of law enforcer whose job security and livelihood depend on state-sponsored child removal. Bring along some trustworthy friends and family members when you deal with these god-like creatures. This is the first case in Canadian legal history in which child protection workers are found liable for misfeasance in public office, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of the standard of care. We salute those oppressed parents who have the courage to come forward to expose these hideous legalized crimes against humanity. Despite their allegation that child removal is the last resort, they often apprehend children without valid reason or prolong their involvement unnecessarily to secure their jobs.
There is nothing a child protection worker likes more than when parents show anger (such as cursing and swearing), depression or violence, because those will support child removal.
Their acceptance of such huge personal risk to their children to bring forth awareness deserves respect from the public. Despite how powerless parents are, they are the only party who will protect the real best interests of their children.

He explained the incentives that the State gives to tear families apart, some common ruses child protection workers use and what to do if the come after you. If you have evidence of misfeasance or abuse of children in foster care, please come forward and contact us. Although he discussed the racket in an American setting, most of his points apply in British Columbia and other child protection services (CPS) infested jurisdictions. Hundreds of thousands families have fallen prey to the child protection industry in the last century. As long as state sponsored child removal exists, your pain is what every Canadian parents must potentially bear.
Take this challenge as a learning opportunity to see the real face of a free and democratic nation.

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