They painted a picture of an initially well-matched partnership when Shelly and Miscavige, who had been brought up as strict Scientologists, met while they were teenagers at founder L. Questions: Actress Leah Remini, right, filed a missing person's report after noticing Shelly, left, was not at church events. Devoted: Sources told Vanity Fair that Shelly seemed strict to many but was simply stressed by the orders her husband gave her.

It is believed they are closely monitored as they 'safeguard Hubbard's word' and live in isolation from the world - and often each other.'You really dona€™t have contact with other Scientologists at all,' Dylan Gill, who lived there for seven years, said. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Ron Hubbard's 'Sea Org', an order of the church made up with the faith's most devoted members.Shelly, who had been left in Hubbard's hands after her parents divorced and struggled to raise her, married Miscavige in 1982.

Ron Hubbard's word.MailOnline learned last year that Shelly is probably living in an exclusive lair outside Los Angeles, known as Twin Peaks, where around 20 Sea Org members live.

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