Take a voyage through your mind and remove inner hindrances by spending some time in silent practice. As you begin the silence of your retreat, you might be asking yourself what you are leaving behind and what you are beginning. Sanjay has spent 3 months meditating at Kopan Monastery in Nepal, with half of this time in complete silence.
Each morning on this silent yoga retreat will begin with meditation, chanting, pranayama and  Ashtanga yoga (based at your physical yoga level). Before lunch on Saturday we take some time to learn about Self-Inquiry meditation and then work through this amazing meditation practice.
Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic series, linking breath with postures and movement (sun salutations) to create a challenging, flowing yoga practice. The practice room has a heated floor, and stunning bay windows which overlook the large mountain ash forest of the Yarra Valley National Park. Connecting inwards isn’t always easy with all the distractions of our busy city lives. Over the weekend we will develop a friendship with ourselves and with all other beings through a series of meditations designed to open the heart and develop loving kindness. Ami Hasson is coming to join us on the Saturday of this silent yoga retreat for a special Crystal Sound Healing! Using a full set of Crystal singing bowls and energy chimes, which are tuned to the tones of our Chakra energy system, Tibetan Bowls, Gong, voice toning and harmonics, Ami creates a deeply transformational journey. The frequencies that are being absorbed by the body transform the entire molecular structure of our being, promoting a good flow of prana by opening the energy channels, clearing the human body and energy field. Ami Hasson is a Melbourne-based sound therapist, musician, and music producer, originally from Israel, and working professionally in Australia since 2007.
Each day a new photo of spiritual master Sri Chinmoy is added to this photo blog, and online viewers are welcome to provide details in the comments for each photo if you happen to be familiar with the context of a particular photo.
Community Christmas CarolingDecember 21st, 7:30pmHornby Hall Join the Hornby Community in a favorite holiday tradition and celebrate the season through song. This is a family event and everyone is welcome as we make merry and raise our voices together.
Hornby's various societies and co-operatives play a major part in the Island's well being and economy. This workshop continues HICEEC's series of workshops for Hornby Island's small and home-based business operators. Come release, relax & rejuvinate in the hands of two experienced teachers, beachside on beautiful Hornby Island. Om, the sound and the symbol that brings peace to many and contains the principle of unity. We will combine traditional liturgy, creativity, and study to create a unique connection among the deep meaning of these special days, our people's traditions, and our contemporary commitment to a Judaism which embodies the universal as well as the particular. Every summer the Cardboard House Bakery features music every Wednesday and Sunday nights at 6:30pm.

This workshop is for anyone interested in rhythm and drumming, from the novice to the more experienced. Note that the performance is on the 21st, not the 22nd as was listed in the community calendar. Please come early to enjoy the opening of the art show from Diane Smith and Coral Barclay at 7pm. From his home city of Benares, an ancient spiritual centre of traditional music and Hindu culture, Pandit Deobrat Mishra is bringing classical North Indian ragas and folk music to Hornby Island, gifting the audience with a fabulous performance and a spiritual experience. They carry a powerful energy that has been passed down over milleneums as seeds of divine knowledge.
When you continue this for a while, you will suddenly realize that the chanting has fallen away, and the mind has become silent. With repeated practice, you will be able to feel this silence within a few moments of chanting, and the silent intervals will also be longer. Free of distractions you will be able to find clarity and perceive your inner beauty more easily. You are leaving behind the many noises that come from the world you live in, and you are beginning an inner journey so that you can see your deepest truth.
When something comes up in the conversation that is really significant, you listen more attentively. It is created by people leaving behind the noises caused by work, computers, tablets, mobile phones, newspapers, TV, radio, cooking, shopping, cars and any other type of activity that keeps them concerned about other things. Following breakfast there will be free time to enjoy the native Mountain Ash Eucalypt forest, walk and listen to the native birds.
On Sunday we have the wonderful Ami Hasson coming to lead us through a beautiful Crystal Sound Healing Journey, realigning and grounding after a weekend of inner cleansing.
After a second break, the afternoon program includes a restorative yoga practice, to limber and refresh the body, and a second meditation practice to go further into the mind. You will be required to remain in silence from the time you awake on Saturday morning until the final session on Sunday afternoon.
This increases strength, flexibility and focus while clearing the body of toxins, leaving you feeling calm and centred. Slow movements combined with deep stretching for the hamstrings, hips, spine, chest and shoulders nourishing the body and bringing greater ease and comfort for our seated Meditation practice.
Following a day and half of silent reflection, this sound healing will wash away all our negativities and mental afflictions and allow our inner beauty to shine through. He has contributed as a session musician to a diverse number of professional International and Melbourne-based musical projects. Join the Kouskous duo, Gary Cohen and Amber Woods, as they gently guide you through the drumming patterns that make Middle Eastern Rhythms so rich, unique, and spicy. Hornby artisits Elizabeth Macdonald and Cindy Anderson will be giving a workshop simplifying the whole idea of mosaics. Since this technique is to be practiced silently, you can do even when you are outdoors, or at work, or any time you are free for a few minutes.

This retreat is being held at stunning Amarant Retreat in the the Yarra Valley, just outside Melbourne. By attending this retreat Sanjay wishes to awaken that space of clarity and pureness within your heart, and allow your true nature to shine. However if you have questions about what is going on inside your body or mind, it is ok to ask Sanjay for advice privately, away from the other retreatants. Slowly we find ourselves letting go of negative patterns and thoughts within our minds and embracing the spiritual practice of compassion. The sounds created in the session reduce the brain activity to theta waves which are similar to dream state of mind, and in some cases even astral journeys may occur. Presenter Chris McPhedron, who grew up on Hornby, has worked in the accounting field since 2004 and received his CA designation in 2007. Their team teaching provides a relaxed atmosphere with easy to follow, step-by-step, multi-level instruction. If you were in a noisy environment or were busy doing other things, you would not pay attention to what the inner Self is showing you.
The entire physical body is slowing down allowing a deep relaxed state of being where healing is taking place.
He has produced a successful number of sound therapy Workshops, seminars, and concerts throughout Melbourne, Gippsland, Geelong, and Daylesford (2011-2013). Chris has provided accounting, taxation and other advisory services to many small to medium sized businesses as well as not-for-profit and governmental organizations. Learn how to make the basic sounds and to combine them into universal patterns as well as the more commonly used Middle Eastern Rhythms. So when the inner Self brings something into your awareness, you begin to talk with the inner Self about it. By keeping silence you are giving yourself a gift and you are giving the same gift to all the other retreatants.
The workshop includes call and response, unison drumming, group soloing, and great grooves.
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