Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. September 23, 2011 By IntegrityAdmin Leave a Comment If you haven’t experienced the peace and tranquility that comes from meditation, consider starting a practice. Just breathe with the same rhythm as the image below, inhaling as it expands and exhaling as it contracts back.
Enjoy the rhythm, and if you start to feel that your breathing gradually becomes out of sync with the image just become mindful of that sensation and slowly return to your usual breathing rate. It will be as though you are watching a cloud passing in the sky with a sense of detachment.
Meditation allows us to tap into an inner peace that comes from going inward and connecting with a higher source. The main thing to do in meditation is to relax and clear the mind by sitting, focusing and breathing.

If you’re just starting meditation and want to make it a habit, consider teaming up with a “buddy” who will keep you motivated in your practice. If you want more stability, peace, and harmony, a meditation practice can change you from the inside out. Focus on the way your diaphragm extends, and try and imagine that this is the way your body is moving. For more articles on breathing techniques and music to use while practicing your breathing exercises for anxiety, check out the rest of our blog! There are many great benefits in having the power of two (or more) people engaged in the same goal. By observing without reacting to the thoughts and emotions that come to the surface, you are better able to handle them and see a solution.
There are numerous techniques and the goal is not to be perfect, but to simply practice breathing and clearing your mind.

You don’t need to meditate together; rather it’s helpful to support each other in an ongoing practice. With practice, you’re continuously clearing your mind of negativity and allowing a stronger connection to the Universe and all of its gifts. In my book, Just Give Your Head a Shake, I describe how to practice Buddhist Vipissana meditation.

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