Good books often become movies that, to the reader, are either a tremendous success or a complete disappointment.
The Hunger Games suggested above…I believe every young girl should read the Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn. I have my concerns after walking threw the new & popular teen books at on the major bookstores.
See my reply above, but more so- this is a natural time to bridge from young adult to adult fiction. Theia 62 months agoPhoto Gallery for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, a film by Wayne Wang, starring Ron Bass, Angela Workman, and Michael Ray.Photo Gallery for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, a film by Wayne Wang, starring Ron Bass, Angela Workman, and Michael Ray. Inspired by the bestselling novel SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN by Lisa See, the film is a timeless portrait of female friendship. Disclaimer: Messages posted at this site are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster. Disclaimer: Information from this page is based on the contributions submitted by visitors and members of Theiapolis.
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Voracious reader and late-night funnyman Seth Meyers gets his book recommendations from someone pretty special -- his mom!
Gabriel Garcia Marquez's seminal work of magical realism tells the story of the rise and fall, birth and death of the mythical town of Macondo through the history of the Buendia family. As a young man, James McBride saw his mother as a source of embarrassment, worry, and confusion--and reached thirty before he began to discover the truth about her early life and long-buried pain. In this sweeping family saga, an Irish-American family chases the American Dream even as tragedy threatens to undermine the life they have worked so hard to achieve.
Rose Tremain's novel tells the story of Lewis Little and his seduction at the hands of a beautiful Russian emigre. This twisting tale of great swindle, fortunes, and hearts is set in Victorian London among a family of thieves. Abandoned on a ship headed to Australia and taken in by the dockmaster and his wife, Nell learns of her mysterious origins on her twenty-first birthday and sets out to trace her real identity.
Set on a small island in Puget Sound, this gripping, tragic, and densely atmospheric novel is a masterpiece that will leave you shaken and changed. Chinua Achebe's legendary novel encompasses the life of nature, human history, and the mysterious compulsions of the soul.
Born of a secret union between an Indian woman and a British surgeon and bound together by a preternatural connection and a shared fascination with medicine, twin brothers come of age as Ethiopia hovers on the brink of revolution. Inspired by a true story, this ambitious, electrifying novel traces the harrowing journey of the famed Sarajevo Haggadah, a beautifully illuminated Hebrew manuscript, from fifteenth-century Spain to war-torn Bosnia.

An extraordinary story of commitment and enduring hope, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet recounts a forbidden friendship between a Chinese-American boy and a Japanese-American girl during Word War II. From the early 1900s through the 1960s, Bess Steed Garner endures life's trials and triumphs with unfailing courage and an indomitable spirit. A captivating journey back to nineteenth-century China when wives and daughters were foot-bound and lived in almost total seclusion, Lisa See's gorgeously written work of fiction is as deeply moving as it is sorrowful. I have found, with the exception of The Princess Bride, movies inspired by books have some significant differences from the printed inspiration. I like to read the book no sooner than six months prior to seeing the movie so the inconsistencies are not as glaring, or wait until I have seen the movie to read the book. A tragedy of humor as Kate Reddy tries to have it all: breadwinner career, husband, two children, friends and a reliable nanny.
In a world of isolation where it is not certain a full stomach will ever be in one’s future, the government has developed a game competing a male and female from each district against each other in a reality program that has a nation engaged. I have not read this See novel but have read Shanghai Girls and the sequel, Dreaming of Joy. Unto Meadow Farm, about to go under financially, is born the only animal to be named one of the top 10 athletes in the world … The history of a triple-crown winner is its own spoiler, yet that knowledge in no way diminishes the story supporting the facts. Her love affair with the world of books and stories is eclipsed only by her love for her family and God. I have read quite a few of these books, but I will have to check out the ones I haven't read yet.
This spellbinding tale of mystery and self-discovery will take hold of your imagination and never let go. A bestselling sensation when it was first published in 1978, this richly woven story is perfect for a new generation of readers. It is about the bond of two characters played by Chinese Li Bingbing and Korean Jun Ji Hyun or Gianna Jun, who is the reason why I watched it in the first place. The details so eloquently waxed in print become lost in staging, and many storylines are modified to create a film with impact in a reasonable running time. Bottom line, a good read is a good read; the cinema powers know the book will (often) translate into a solid script and ticket sales. The 1960′s in Jackson, Mississippi is the setting of a story exposing the world of the privileged Junior League ladies and the maids that see to their homes and children. My friend, Joanna, introduced many women to this book to bring a little relief to a demanding life of a wife and mother.
Each brings you into the world of women in China, drawing you into their culture while exposing the internal strength required to survive in the variety of social economic circumstances from a time of bound feet to communist rule. Told from the perspective of a man looking back on the most pivotal year of his life–the year he ran away from all he knew and joined the circus.

I like the strength of Penney Cheney and the graceful way she walked out what she knew in her heart to be true.
As a mom of an eighth grader girl, any suggestions on good quality, intriguing books that might peak her somewhat eccentric interests? You name some classics I have not read but hear good things about… Thanks for chimimng in. Isolated by their families, they furtively communicate by taking turns writing in a secret language, nu shu, between the folds of a white silk fan. This fourth installment in the Transformers franchise has Chinese financing and acting involvement, so Bingbing is just the first talent to come from China.
Maybe it is the wrong reason because I can’t get emotionally attached to the two characters at all.
I find her characters to have relatable qualities revealing a depth I connect to woven into a completely engaging storyline.
The characters are rich, though the story at times is rough in the lack of value placed on animals and people by the antagonist.
Each person has different band widths as to what they can intake and not be overly influenced by- so walk in personal discernment. In a parallel story in present day Shanghai, the laotong's descendants, Nina and Sophia, struggle to maintain the intimacy of their own childhood friendship in the face of demanding careers, complicated love lives, and a relentlessly evolving Shanghai. We have to look inside ourselves to find what stays the same, such as loyalty, our shared history and love for each other. Snow Flower is out, but in limited release and will probably be on DVD in the next few months.
If you see a sudden change in disposition pair with a new book or author- flag it, help the reader get some space from it and see the negative change fades away. Drawing on the lessons of the past, the two modern women must understand the story of their ancestral connection, hidden from them in the folds of the antique white silk fan, or risk losing one another forever.
To Jackee every character and plot line is a teacher, and she loves to share these lessons with others. What unfolds are two stories, generations apart, but everlasting in their universal notion of love, hope and friendship. I look forward to seeing how it plays out on the screen, though I confess I am holding my breath about what compromises to the story may have occurred to make it a movie.

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