If you choose to use your credit card all information will be sent using the latest technology to ensure your safety. When I first moved to San Diego I began playing with sounds to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain and deepen the meditation experience.
Guided healing meditation is the most peaceful, effortless way to experience the natural healing power of meditation.
As discussed in this article on guided imagery, guided meditations have enormous capacity to bring about healing.
A substantial collection of therapeutic visualizations to heal your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. These touching meditations are for people who want to make love and freedom a priority in their lives. Breathing techniques are a proven way to release tension, manage anxiety and restore depleted energy reserves. These guided meditations are a great way to re-connect to some of your childhood memories and bring them to the forefront of your mind. Enjoy over an hour of relaxing meditations connecting you to the natural resources around you and within you.
In these meditations you will be taken on a special journey into the inner earth where there are massive caverns of crystal formations and healing temples. Healing MeditationThis brilliant guided healing meditation by Kelly Howell will take you on an inner journey that allows you to unleash your own inner healing power. Mind Body HealingThis music journey will be of great assistance to you if you are preparing for surgery or if you need to heal in any way. Healing SleepFor those nights where your thoughts just keep churning over and over, this Healing Sleep music will will massage your brain into a state of deep relaxation so that you can really let go and get the rest that you dearly need whenever you are trying to heal.
Pain Relief MeditationWhile not strictly a guided meditation for healing, Meditainment's Pain Relief Meditation download may be of great assistance to you if you are suffering from any kind of pain, from migraine headaches, to stress related aches and pains or any other form of persistent physical pain.
Guided Meditations for ArthritisThese guided meditations can help to cure arthitis naturally by resolving the underlying psycho-physical causes of arthritis.
The use of imagery for relaxation and meditation causes the brain to release natural tranquilizing chemicals, which make guided imagery meditation a wonderful natural method for reducing stress related conditions such as headaches, high blood pressure, pre menstrual stress.Of course, guided imagery can be used for much more than psycho-physical healing.
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That is when the penetrating vibrational sounds from the bowls begin to help you heal at the cellular level. Chantal is a gifted Healer with nearly 30 years experience in the healing field and facilitating adult and youth meditation groups. This is a positive and fun group for those who want to share, explore, learn and grow both personally and spiritually. Whatever your background is, this group is designed to be easy-going, inspirational, enlightening, compassionate, accepting, and most of all FUN. Feel free to contact me with any ideas or suggestions you may have, or if there is a topic that fits our meet-up groupa€™s focus that you would like to present. I resisted the idea for a long time, but I finally listened and trusted the process This CD is a result of that trust.
I knew if I wrote the meditations and simply read them the magic and power of the group experience would be missing. About two months ago I began using the meditation cd from Centerpointe and I LOVE the results. In fact, scientific study on the effects of guided imagery has now been undertaken for a wide range of conditions such as cancer, HIV, anxiety, wound healing after surgery, depression, memory, congestive heart failure, eating disorders, insomnia, pain management and osteoarthritis. Learning how to breathe more efficiently can have a profound effect on your mental, emotional and physical health and well-being.
All of their audio programs are written by talented, experienced writers with special expertise in guided imagery and healing. You will learn to meditate and relax on ever deepening levels, where the attention you focus on healing and renewal will directly impact your body and your life.
This music blends delta sound waves with soothing music so as to lull you into a deeply relaxed state of being that encourages natural healing.
It is commonly used for deep relaxation, for experiencing a deeper spiritual connection, for accessing the subconscious mind and for unleashing onea€™s full potential. All of us are at different stages on our spiritual paths, from those just beginning to those who have been on it for several years. I especially want to thank my students and all the people who have touched my life over the years. I thank Bea, Karen, Kathy, and Patti for sitting there as I recorded these journeys for you.

What a wonderful way to learn how to change your state of mind and tap into other levels of consciousness. Fact 1: Your body can manufacture and administer the precise balance of neurochemicals that can reverse illness and cure disease.
The mindfulness meditation breathing exercises in this collection are combined with positive visualization and affirmations to help you feel better in yourself and deal with lifea€™s challenges. Spend some time paying attention to your inner child and have a listen to what it has to say. These deep states are proven to enhance immune function, reduce pain and activate the body's natural healing abilities.
This is an interesting time, where many are experiencing a a€?spiritual awakeninga€? to other possibilities, where they seek a greater understanding, knowledge, and awareness in their lives from a spiritual, holistic, or metaphysical perspective.
If I am out of stock your credit card will not be charged until we are ready to ship the item. The biofeedback combined with adventures in a mythical world filled with sacred temples, lush gardens, and mentors challenges you to deepen your self awareness and the best part it is fun! If you'd like to explore other types of guided meditation in addition to these guided meditations for healing, please follow this link. The audio productions on this site are for personal use only and may not be redistributed or republished without written permission. It is one of the best investments I've made - I've shared it with friends and they are amazed at how fast they can learn to shift their awareness and the biofeedback lets you know you've succeeded. Enjoy deeply relaxing music with theta frequencies and positive affirmations to help you relax, balance your throat chakra and strengthen your natural ability to express yourself fearlessly and with love. Enjoy heart warming music with theta frequencies and positive affirmations to help you relax, balance your heart chakra and open you to the most powerful force in the world - love. Express Yourself With Love And Confidence is the third album in a series of chakra meditations by Susanne Kempken. Living From The Heart is the fourth album in a series of chakra meditations by Susanne Kempken.

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