The unity that usually develops during spiritual retreats lasts and expands throughout the congregation for weeks and months after you return home.
That’s why God mandates times when we’re directed to cease all efforts, to rest, reflect and wait. Participants deal more kindly and compassionately with friends, family and other partners at work, at play, and at home.Taking time to get away and focus on God is biblical.

It’s perfectly safe to let go of the reins you hold so tightly much of the time and let Him direct your course. Spiritual retreats help foster discernment, compassion, and direction.The focus at Cannon Beach Conference Center (CBCC) when it comes to spiritual retreats is to eliminate distractions entirely so the Lord can speak to you more clearly during your stay. The rooms will be clean when you arrive, the meals will be hot, home-style and delicious, and your meeting room will be just what your group needs to honor its purposes.

We can accommodate groups of ten to 400 individuals.Please call today to schedule your next Spiritual Retreat with us because our calendar fills fast each year.

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