Join Eli Sitt for a Glatt Kosher Passover 2016 vacation at the beautiful Sofitel Guaruja Resort in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This Pesach, enjoy the beautiful Sofitel Guaruja Beach Resort and the gourmet, glatt kosher, chalav yisroel dining experience (shmura matzah, no kitniyot).
Eli Sitt has brought about affordable luxury with a balcony in each room, free upgrades to ocean-view rooms, a fitness center with spa and indoor pool, and impeccable style and service. All of the above rates are based upon double occupancy and do not include an additional 24% for taxes and services. All Proceeds Support critical BJX Programs: BJX reaches out to secular Jews in Brooklyn and infuses them with a love for Judaism. Meir Eiloz was the Executive Chef of Club Kosher’s program last year in Puerto Rico and we are thrilled he is returning to head up the culinary department of our program this year. Chef Meir’s style fuses strong French and Italian inspirations with traditional Jewish dishes. Seth Warshaw, owner and chef of ETC Steakhouse in Teaneck NJ, will be the in-house chef for the Sedarim of Passover in Paradise in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Owner of Izzy’s Brooklyn Smoke House, and meat genius, will be manning the pit of your Passover in Paradise Chol HaMoed barbecues. Born and raised in Mexico City, Chef Katsuji Tanabe knows a thing or two about authentic Mexican cuisine.
Los Angeles’ MexiKosher, to design and execute the Yom Tov meals for Passover in Paradise. Albert Bijou, a 20 year veteran in the restaurant business, has done everything from managing, to owning, to cooking. When it comes to entertainment that inspires and exhilarates while also enhancing the overall Simchas YomTov, the CK lineup speaks – and sings for itself. Enjoy the powerful vocals of international chart-topping Chasidic Reggae Superstar Matisyahu and the successful Moshav Band.
No radio required as Nachum Segal will be coming to Puerto Rico to join Passover in Paradise! From its oceanfront vantage point overlooking the Caribbean, lies a resort that’s become home to a program known for overlooking nothing in terms of delivering memorable stays for it’s guests. Welcome to the 4 Diamond, Caribe Hilton… more than being the ‘birthplace’ of the PinaColada it’s also known for being Hilton’s first oceanfront resort-property.
Despite the fact that it’s the area’s largest resort property with over 910 rooms, the Caribe Hilton should not be confused with sprawling, impersonal resorts where guests and groups are treated like faceless room numbers, that’s because the Hilton’s staff is recognized worldwide for their attention to detail, hospitality… and most important, exceeding expectations. Can you tell me the cost for two adults and an eight and ten year old for all eight days, the first three and last three? And with SENATOR JOE LIEBERMAN, HADASSAH LIEBERMAN and others, the line-up of guest speakers will be incredible! Conveniently located only 15 minutes from the Airport and a short way from Old San Juan and the Condado area, the luxurious Caribe Hilton, with its own beach, offers everything you need for an unforgettable stay, the staff is top-notch, and you most definitely could have your transfer waiting when you land. We have very few rooms left so we’ll probably be sold out next week, so kindly get back to us at your earliest convenience by email or phone (203) 795-4737. We are thrilled to introduce a very special Passover with Mendy Vim’s Holidays at the stunningly renovated Claridge Hotel, a luxury non-casino hotel at Park Place and the Boardwalk, in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Once known by its 1929 nickname “Skyscraper by the Sea”, the Claridge is an historic luxury hotel with a breathtaking Manhattanesque design situated in the prime center of the Atlantic City’s boardwalk. Enjoy the luxury of the Roaring Twenties in each gorgeously redesigned guest room, or step outside to Brighton Park and stroll the famed Atlantic City boardwalk, where balmy breezes, sunshine, and tons of activities await. Come to the Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City for your ideal Passover vacation: For ocean front gazer, boardwalk enthusiast, bicycle rider, history buff, sand castle lover, golfer or health club fan, gourmand, shopaholic, or armchair addict- we offer a cherished holiday filled with family fun and lasting memories.
Explore Sacred Sites - On your own - We will recommend places for you to go on your own 'Vision Quests', Spirit Walks.Vortexes, Labyrinths, Cliff Dwellings, Indian Ruins, Petroglyphs!
HOPI Adventure-The space on the Hopi Mesas is still very mysterious and reality can be very fluid. After a day by Oak Creek in Sedona, sitting in a chair with my feet in the water, hopping on the rocks, sharing blackberries with a skunk and swimming --I received a message from what felt like Mother Earth herself of an easy way to heal ourselves and the planet. Shamans use a technique called 'gazing' to expand themselves and connect with deeper aspects of the world around them. As I sat and allowed my attention to expand while at the same time becoming more focused and relaxed, I saw-felt how when we love - 'appreciate' - feel gratitude for Nature, we actually lift nature up in vibratory rate. CUSTOMIZE A PRIVATE RETREAT with only 5+ people to fit your dates.Friends, Family, Corporate groups. Because of the many requirements kosher travelers have, research can take hours and preparation can be exhausting. BJX additionally runs successful programs for young adults and teens from frum homes who are disconnected.
Chef Meir was born and raised in Israel, where he received his formal training, and where he learned to appreciate all kinds of cuisine.
His food is designed to connect old-world charm with today’s trends, often reinventing old classics with a new and eclectic flair. Bringing Texas to Puerto Rico, the pit boss and master smoker knows his stuff, the eatery isn’t called BBQ Addiction for nothing. With over 17,000 followers, this foodie sensation is taking time out of her social media realm to show you her delectable ways. Dr Bielory will speak on the program as well help the guests and our chefs with any allergy issues.
This is the most recently Club Kosher’s first choice in terms of being the kind of destination best-suited for executing our truly impressive vision for a thoroughly impressive Pesach.
Combine that with the carefully selected Club Kosher staff augmenting virtually every department, and it’s easy to understand why both property and program are known for “service” as much as destination. We would be honored to have you join us for our five-star, AAA four-diamond beach-front Pesach program at the San Juan Caribe Hilton Resort. One of the last remaining architectural masterpieces from the 1920’s Boardwalk Empire Era and renown for its impeccable hospitality, The Claridge entertained such legends as John F. The entertainment capital of the New Jersey Shore, Atlantic City has the most fun, fascinating and fabulous tourist attractions- ranging from world class museums, arcades and amusement parks, Absecon Lighthouse, deep sea fishing excursions and water sport activities, great outlet mall shopping, art centers and wind farms, and everywhere you go- the beautiful beach. You will have a gentle walk through a (usually) dry stream bed and up over large areas of flat red rock as we approach the 'Cathedral'. This happens naturally whenever we slow down and enter the "Be still and know that I am God" space.

Our love-gratitude-appreciation energy actually infuses the plants, the rocks, the water, the very air around us. Look at the fallen logs, the leaves, the 'dirt', the plants trying to grow through rocks, the rains washing 'away' the earth etc.
He is currently the Executive Chef at Breadberry, the upscale market and catering company in Brooklyn, NY. Chef Seth received his culinary training at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. With only four nights to enjoy the meat, Sruli will make you wish Chol HaMoed lasted all week long! If you’re not yet part of her 17K fan club, you certainly will be after your Passover in Paradise. Club Kosher is grateful to Nachum for agreeing to infuse our holiday with intellect and up-to-date knowledge on worldly matters. We will give you instructions to  a private place to experience this extraordinary place. You will walk across large red rock flat areas, gentle incline on well traveled paths, and up to an amazing vantage point of the valleys below to watch the sunset play on the red rocks.
You will find some serene spots that will allow you the quiet and reflection that this spot offers. You will go for an evening walk in this ancient carved stone garden after the crowds have left. Most of us naturally do this as kids, often while playing in nature, when we get absorbed in something that fully captures our attention and we become one with it, merge with it. Seth was educated under some of the finest chefs in the industry and is known for his unique dishes and ability to pair ingredients, tastes, and textures to create culinary masterpieces. There's a stillness at sunset that gives a whole different experience of calm, of peace, of timelessness in this canyon. We would have no specific agenda except to visit and see what happens and let Spirit guide us. Patanjali, the 11th century mystic-saint in his sutra teachings called this 'making samyana' on an object or idea.
We are the God seeds, we are the 'made in God's image' creatures-creators that can be the vehicles for Divine Energy. No matter how hard we try to imitate her, build aquariums with millions of gallons of water, try to recreate 'natural' zoos, try to 'landscape' our yards --we never even get close to the beauty of what Mother Nature does easily, naturally.
Some people experience magical openings into other times and dimensions and trickster 'Heyoka' spirits cleverly guiding them. It meant to become one - merged with the object or idea and yogic powers would then open up with this perfect attention - merging. If you feel drawn to the Hopi Lands Tobias will customize and allow Spirit to guide us on a personalized, private mystical vision quest.

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