My definition about “spirituality” is related to the deep mind of each person’s inner world and can only be expressed by one’s own ideas.
I think the difference between spirituality and religion is that, spirituality is more personal and religion is much like a public event or believe. Creativity is a process to recognize or generate ideas that maybe useful in solving problems or communicating with others.  Creativity is transient in nature and is constantly evolving. After doing this week’s assignment, I got a better understanding of the meaning of spirituality and its relationship to religion. Another objective of this week’s assignment is to become become familiar with was in which spirituality influences artists. The third objective is to examine spirituality as a generative force and a well spring for creativity. The Balkans has witnessed enormous bloodshed, upheavals, and all that has influenced Zlatica. Without limiting herself to a single form of art, she has successfully experimented with drawings, paintings, performances, objects, and media. She has experimented with eastern spiritual thought and the Christian and in the end has created works of art that provide warmth and comfort to a tired soul that seeks answers. While humans have spent thousands of years in seeking spiritual answers, much blood has flown, for millennia.
The purpose of this study in Native Americans thought is to give a general background of knowledge of one of the oldest forms of Spirituality to exist on earth. Although the main teachings will be from a North American Native point of view, the actual practices and belief's were commonly held in many indigenous tribal cultures throughout the world including Hawaiian, Celt, South American Natives, Russian Shamanic cultures as well as many other societies like the Australian aboriginal tribes.
Among all religions, there has always been a simple religion taught to the masses and a special, deeper philosophy taught to those who were selected by various means to serve the masses as either Holy leaders, healers or a combination of  both. The advanced teachings of the "Nature Philosophy"A? were usually taught by the Medicine people to their sons and daughters, or to any young person in the community who showed a deeper awareness of all  life around them and expressed an interest in finding deeper truths of life.
In his observation of Nature, the Indian not only enjoyed the beauty that abounded in his environment, but was also aware of an overlying spiritual feeling that exists throughout all of creation. The spirituality one can feel may be invisible to others, since it is a special individual term. I think creativity is a mix of ideas of one’s own experience and based on the motivation from previous activities. For the intrinsic motivation, I think personal experience plays a major role, which included what we have thought about, met with, saw and observed. According to Grey,  “In order to experience art fully viewers must go through a mini ego death by placing themselves in the inspired mind of the artists” (74). I think being an individual in this world, we should be more open to others’ culture and belief, then re-evaluate our own values and re-develop creative thinking through different spiritual experience.

The feeling of being connected to nature and to life is what makes one go further, trudge further deep into the chasm of life. In fact, the answers to the human predicament may not be made available in a single form of art, and has to be expressed in different mediums. The answers may never be found, but appreciating the byproducts of an artist’s spiritual pain could heal our own traumatic life experiences.
The troubled Serbian history could be subtly experienced in Zlatica’s paintings while the angels, monasteries, and supernatural elements in her works represent the humankind’s quest for knowing the unknown.
These belief's were in existence long before Christianity and served the people who practiced them in good stead through many centuries.
This would indicate the common thread of belief and spiritual practice among a variety of people whom had no common connection before the advent of the last two centuries advancements of communications and travel.
This is true of many doctrines including Buddhism, Christianity, Mohammedanism and Mormon to name a few. We must act now if we are to survive the negative influences of belief's which ask us to destroy others in the name of God those that don't believe what the stronger more influential believe. This philosophy  is not advanced as a religious doctrine which prospective students must believe.
The belief was that if Great Spirit wanted a truth to be known, He would cause this truth to be made manifest in Nature for people to contemplate upon. In addition, spirituality is the origin of one’s personal values and it makes us believe in something, just like the origin of religion.
There are some reasons that people are motivated to be creative: Creativity is need for novel situation, solving problems and well connected with each others. It is far more on personal experience and focus on the attitude, behavior of one individual rather than a group of people, While,  Religion is always about loyalty to institution or rules, which should be a common believe among diverse people with different cultural backgrounds. However, I kind of disagree with this viewpoint, since we should not limit our innovation in the shoes of the artist and the diversity of the meaning of the art work may be restricted in this way. The intrinsic motivation closely relate to personal experience, while the extrinsic motivation come from the influence of external environment.
Zlatica feels the stability of individual values is collapsing and a certain support can be found in art. The most haunting of her paintings use a smudged imagery, which may represent the human spiritual predicament.
Certainly one cannot know what lies beyond, but artists like Zlatica seek to help people see a solution in the form of art. The way to enact the truth's which you will be shown in lesson's to come is to walk your walk, and talk your talk. For instance, religion is about god and spirituality makes us believe in god, which means make us godly.

In order to be creative, we should view things in a new way or from a different perspectives. For the extrinsic motivation, it comes from the external world that we live in and the influence from the people or environment surround us.
After reading assigned reading “Art as Spiritual Practice-The Mission of Art” by the author Grey, I got better understanding about the relationship between spiritual practice and art. Her TOTO Group (Totally Organized Theatrical Relation) dealt with interdisciplinary projects imbibing techniques from drawing, painting, sculpture, performing arts and video. Zlatica’s personal quest to seek answers about the unknown led her to various monasteries, and resulted in a romantic portrayal of angels. For some people, it refers to attend some organized religion and get connection with church.
I think religion at its best should be the community of spirituality, which means the public and common religion is composed of individual spirituality.
The author first describes the difference between seeing and looking, and regard it as “a difference which is fundamental to artist experience” (Grey, 72). Thinking process is largely influenced by intrinsic motivation, and spirituality is one of the most important factor of intrinsic motivation. For other people, it is more personal and related to individual activity, such as yoga, long walk or talk with someone in order to get spiritual contact.
I think everyone has the capability to become creative, because we all have different background and the unique background will become the source of the motivation of creativity.
The surrounding traditional belief may become the motivation of our creativity and make us create novel thoughts about our surroundings, which can be called the process of creativity. The question and reading assignment help me set up my own understanding mode of creative spirituality.
It is something you deeply believe in, thus greatly influence the process of thinking and producing.
You will then be obliged to transition from student to teacher to help your fellow spirit's to live a better life.
In order to KNOW, the people must be taught, and to teach is the mission of all who undertake to follow the path of Nature and Great Spirit.

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