Please note: Due to constant attempts by spambots to get access to SpongePedia, account creation is currently disabled. Clips from this episode appeared in the 2005 version of War of the Worlds while Rachel was channel surfing. One time when this episode was aired, the picture Patrick had in the box was SpongeBob in his underwear. During the first few months after release, they revealed the embarrassing picture of SpongeBob before cutting to the credits.
When Patrick mistakes SpongeBob for his secret box, he pulls on SpongeBob’s tongue, hinting that you need to pull the secret string to reveal the embarrassing photo. When Patrick says "its the Clamburglar!", it is a reference the the Hamburglar from the McDonalds franchise.

This picture wasn't the picture taken by Squidward in "Christmas Who?", it was a photo of SpongeBob with a lampshade over his head. This could be interrupted as a literally foreshadowing of the moments following when Patrick wakes up, the distrust that SpongeBob envys onto his best friend.
SpongeBob asks him what's inside the box, but Patrick refused to let SpongeBob show inside the box.
Also the clips are synched very badly as the audio is at least 30 seconds off from the animation. Despite repeated attempts, SpongeBob is unable to trick Patrick into opening the box (unusual considering Patrick's low intelligence). Patrick wakes up to catch him in the act (not due to the unintentional clamor created by the less than stealthy SpongeBob, but by the fairly quiet comment "Gee, Patrick sure is a heavy sleeper.") Nevertheless, Patrick forgives him and opens the box.

SpongeBob comments on how he "should've known", but when he leaves, Patrick reveals to the audience the real secret. If you pull the string, a secret compartment opens in the box, revealing an embarrassing photo of SpongeBob at "that Christmas party".

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