No matter how you intend to use the YODAY – 2-in-1 8GB Mini USB Voice Recorder, you can count on the device to be ready to record when you are. The 8GB Capacity USB Voice Recorder is the only device you need for all of these tasks, and it can do so much more!
SMALL AND DISCREET: as a spy U Disk Camera with Real-time AV Recording, useful for covert audio surveillance.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: It may use like your other u disk, but it has extraordinary capabilities. RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery which can make a video about 90 minutes.
You will see many flash drive voice recorders on the market that look similar to this one, most of those record at an audio bit-rate of 32kbps with only a 4 hour battery, ours is DIFFERENT because it records in crisp, clear, CD Quality format at 192kbps and has up to 16 HOUR BATTERY.
FUNCTIONAL USB DRIVE & VOICE RECORDER with a very sleek and professional looking design. 8GB MEMORY & 16HR BATTERY, It is a real USB flash drive so you can store documents and photos along with your audio recordings. This product may look like a standard USB drive but its actually a secret recording device with 8GB memory on board.
Can be used as a normal Flash Drive – Has a built in 8GB memory with a quick processing time. Our top of the line flash drive voice recorder has all the capabilities of other flash drive recorders combined into one drive. Records CD Quality audio which gives you a crisp clear recording compared to others on the market. Using this flash drive voice recorder is easy, just rotate the switch on the side UP to start continuous recording, or DOWN to start voice-activated recording. It records in a CD Quality audio with a nitrate of 128kbps, which gives you a more crisp and clear recording compared to others on the market.
CD Quality 128KBPS Recording— Files are recorded in WAV format and can be played back in any audio program including iTunes or Windows Media Player. Spy Gadget® Spy USB Voice Recorder 8GB Voice Recorder Black Flash Drive – Spy Voice Recorder for Meetings, Presentations. This handy audio recorder is also a handy USB flash drives that utilizes 8GB of integrated flash memory.
We are very confident in giving 30 Days money Back Guarante for this product as our Quality Control is an area we put a great deal of time and effort into.
Black Box Audio Elite Long Lasting Easily Hidden Audio Recording Device Collect FBI grade audio recording with the longest lasting, high bit rate (192kbps) recording device on the market today disguised as a working flashlight.
This audio recorder is great for pretty much any type of conversation that you need to record. With the built-in industrial grade magnet you can easily hide it under a desk, table, chair, car seat etc. Example Battery Life- If you were to place this voice recorder in a car and through voice activation it recorded 3 hours per day the battery would last around two months (longer if it recorded less). EASY ONE BUTTON OPERATION -There are no markings or switches indicating that this harmless flashlight is actually a recording device. EASILY LISTEN TO YOUR RECORDINGS –When you are ready to listen to your recordings simply attach to your computer via the USB cable.
Uqique Digital Voice Activated Recorder USB 8GB – Ultra Portable Mini Voice Recording Audio Device with MP3 Player Do You Need a Small and Portable Recording Device that You Can Carry Around Wherever You Go?
We have a ton of information on spy gear and hidden recording equipment for serious spies as well as enthusiasts! The MQ-U350 has all the capabilities most flash drive recording devices combined into one the best voice recorders on the market today. VOICE ACTIVATED recorder or continuous recording – Set the device where you want it, and then forget it.
Motion activated recording as well as Beautiful video with constant recording in low light even without IR or use in TOTAL DARKNESS out to 9 feet. SpygearGadgets® Pro Grade Voice Activated Spy Audio Recorder LED Flashlight with 3 Month Battery and Magnet Mount is designed to look (and function) as a regular LED flashlight. This ordinary looking flashlight records voice activated audio, and will start recording whenever audio is detected within 25 feet. You can place this audio recorder virtually anywhere since there are no tell-tale signs that it’s actually a voice recorder.
It’s adjustable user settings allow you to configure the audio quality, voice activation sensitivity, file length, and even set up scheduled recordings, so it will only activate and start recording during hours that you specify.
Treat yourself with a quality hidden camera pen and gather evidence if you are worried about anything.
RISK-FREE: 1-Year Warranty + Our 40-day AGC Mart money-back guarantee means you can test the pen and return if you wish, no questions asked. The Coredy MA-20 is a super mini digital audio voice recorder with 8GB internal memory, you can also use it as a MP3 player or a USB flash drive. Recording in WAV format with intelligent noise cut filtering, voice amplification and a ADPCM algorithm tech; provides crystal-clear , loud and lossless sound quality of recording for lecture, meeting, interview and just about anything. 30-day money back for any reason of return, 12-month worry-free warranty, lifetime technical support.
Recording in WAV format with intelligent noise cut filtering, voice amplification and a ADPCM algorithm tech; provides crystal-clear , loud and lossless sound quality of recording for lecture, meeting and interview.

Package includes 1 x Coredy MA-20 voice recorder, 1x Earphones, 1x USB charging cable, 1x User Manual; 30-day money back for any reason of return, 12-month worry-free warranty, lifetime technical support.
The Coredy MA-10 is a Magnet Clip Designed Super Mini Digital Audio Voice Recorder for recording lectures, meetings, interviews, or just about anything. Recording in WAV format with lossless sound quality, great for recording lectures, meetings, interviews, or just about anything.
One-touch recording, supports A-B repeat playback function, setting time and date by a simply click on PC (24-hours format), recording files saved on the recorder are named with date automatically. Long-lasting built-in rechargeable lithium battery for 12 hours recording or playback times in a single charge. Super Mini size (55 x 21x 9mm), 8GB or 16GB of memory for choosing, comes with 1x quick start guide and 1 x earphone, 1 x USB cable, 12 months worry-free warranty. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. High sensitive, steady and is able to produce high clear image quality security system products. GERI 480TVL 200MP PHILIPS 5289 Smallest Mini Covert CCTV Camera Pinhole Hidden Camera for Home Security Surveillance Features: ? 3G Button Mini Hidden Camera Spy Surveillance Remote WiFI Wireless Covert Security HD Video Real Time Monitoring Audio Video Pictures Recording iPhone Android Mobile Phone GSM DVR Package Includes: Button Camera, Main Video Box, Adapter, Video-Audio Cable, User Manual, Antenna. Niceshop® HD Mini Portable Button Spy Camera HY-900 4GB Hidden pinhole Camera Mini DV DVR Voice Video Recorder Specification:  1.
Phone Spy Telephone Recording Software is a telephone recording software that helps you to record telephone conversations using sound card. This telephone recording software can be used for recording 32 telephone lines at the same time with only 1 PC. This telephone recording software is available in three different editions, Simple edition, Professional edition and Enterprise edition. The powerful lithium ion battery can be fully charged in just 2 to 3 hours and allows the spy voice recorder to record for up to 12 hours before a recharge is required.
Just purchase any product in the shop can be unconditional guarantee maintenance for 6 months, two months unconditional refund. Win 10 and MAC users will need to install player that can play .WAV files such as VLC or FLV player. Use it to extend your memory, to capture great ideas and conversations, meeting discussions, verbal business agreements and any other aural record you need to keep. No software or cables to bother with either, simply plug this into any MAC or PC and transfer the audio files onto your computer. The audio can be played back in any audio program including iTunes or windows media player. No software required or PC knowledge – Has a built in rechargeable battery so can be up an running in seconds. Hang on a lanyard or slip into a pocket for discreet recording at the office or school, or to covertly record as a secret shopper, investigator, or to simply record notes and interviews. If you want to convert the WAV files to MP3 or ACC video, you can use Emicsoft Video Converter for Mac. For Mac users, please read below important information to play the WAV files successfully on your Mac.
The voice activation feature allows you to avoid long hours of silent recording and save disk space. Upload the Recording files and playback in your Computer – Recording is in standard WAV format which will easily play back just by double-clicking the files in windows. That’s because it has the most impressive battery life on the market (100 days in standby and up to 180 hours of continuous recording) and is disguised as a small LED flashlight (working). This recorder is super portable and has a removable clip that you can used to clip on clothing or other objects.
4000mAh portable power bank with 1 Amp output provides instant battery – compatible with all mobile phones charged by USB port. Easily switch between voice activation and continuous recording modes with a flip of a switch.
The IR lights can be automatic or manually operated, and are totally invisible to the human eye. Will keep right on recording without losing a moment even if power is cut to the building being robbed.
However hidden inside is a high quality microphone and the longest life battery available in a digital recorder. Audio is recorded to the 8GB of internal memory, which can hold up to 580 hours of recordings. VOICE ACTIVATED CD QUALITY AUDIO – This professional grade spy audio recorder captures 192Kbps CD quality audio.
ADJUSTABLE RECORDING SETTINGS – Unlike most covert recorders, this pro grade device gives you the ability to adjust several recording settings.
When that brown box from amazon arrives at your door, rip it open the first chance you get and enjoy the premium feel of the pen!
Imagine walking into your office with this gadget, knowing you can catch anyone harassing you with proof!

It also can be used as a stereo MP3 player, support music format in MP3, WAV, APE,PLAC and OGG.
It is small size, lightweight, low power consumption, high sensitivity, easy to install, operate and also easy to conceal. Includes FREE 8MB Memory Card Best Executive HD Pen With Mini Hidden Micro Cam For Recording & Surveillance. You will be able to record telephone conversations automatically using your PC’s sound card. You will be able to record telephone conversations of normal telephone line, net meeting recording and IP phone using this software. Simple edition is available in Chinese language only but Professional and Enterprise edition is available in English language. The large 8GB storage capacity can hold up to 90hours of audio recordings, and because the device is also a full USB flash drive, you can also use it to store other types of files.
Its small size and discreet appearance makes it the perfect small recorder for business or personal use.
The most amazing thing about this product is the fact that it has a 25 day standby time on the battery while it is in voice activation mode.
You can even use it as a quick way to transfer files via the USB from your DVR to your computer or to share files with teammates. And because you can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone and voice activation feature it is perfect for recording inside cars or other vehicles. Also, because there is no way anyone would know that it is anything more than an ordinary flashlight you could even stick it to the refrigerator in plain site. When the sound stops, the covert audio recorder goes into a sleep mode to save battery life. It can record for 72 hours continuously with the extended battery pack or get up to 7 hours without the extended pack!
In addition to the amazing 25 day standby battery life in voice activation mode, it can also record while plugged in for virtually unlimited battery life.
Easily record audio in your home or office, or attach inside your car to keep a log of all your calls and conversations. Also included is a detailed quick start guide written in clear English by our product experts. Cross Spy Camera Pendant Necklace USB Cable User Manual (English) The key to creativity and security nowadays lies in anonymity and spontaneity. Besides recording calls, you will be able to logs and detect the dialing and calling numbers using the same card. You will be able to record 2 phone lines at the same time, record incoming and outgoing calls and play them with the simple edition.
If you have any question or comment, feel free to share your thoughts on the article in the comments section!
Use as an audio recording to gather surveillance evidence about treatment of loved ones in care.
Record using battery power or while plugged into a computer or wall USB wall charger(eliminating the worry of running out of battery power).
While the device is recording, there are no flashing lights or LEDs – the recording is completely covert. The IR has a good clear range of 6-9 feet in total darkness with automatic IR ability in nonstop record mode. Also comes with perfectly translated instructions in clear english so you can have it up and running in 5 minutes..
If you are afraid of getting caught while recording phone conversations, don’t worry as it also comes with perfect hide mode.
All the other features like software hiding mode, caller number, dialing number, remote access on recordings won’t be available on the Simple edition. It is hands down the most powerful and feature packed flash drive voice recorder on the market. The long life battery can get over 90 days of standby life, and can record up to 175 hours continuously on a single charge. A perfect embrace of fashion concepts and factors, Limited Editions available for pickytrend-spotter. This telephone recording software also supports MP3 format so don’t worry about playing these files in portable devices.
Built-in high-speed USB connector Easily transfer files to and from your computer with the integrated USB flash drive. Store all your evidence, audio files, personal documents, videos or any other files you may need on this all-in-one device. Features Easily record EVPs with one button recording 8GB integrated flash memory for many hours of recording Very easy to use system Built-in USB for fast file transfers with no cables needed!

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