PC Voice Spy Recorder is the best VoIP call recording software to save the VoIP conversation as an MP3 file when you or other people is taking a PC-to-PC or PC-to-Phone call. If you want to record Skype, Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk, you dona€™t need to change settings.
1.Right click the shortcut of VoIP software on your desktop and then click a€?propertiesa€?. 4.Open the setting window in PC Voice Spy Recorder, and then input a comma and then paste the string which you have copied.

You can notice all Free Voice Recorder Software For Mobile conversations within the main read of iSpyoo.
Support for this product has been out of print and therefore the developer isn’t any longer giving it available. When you use it to record other peoplea€™s voice conversation, nobody will know its existence.
But if you need to monitor other VoIP software, you need add the process name to setting window.

Sometime later, you only need to click the hotkey which you have set to un-hide this program and then click a€?View Logsa€? button to play the recorded files or other actions (such as copy to your removable disk).

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