What Is Standing Meditation?Among the thousands of forms of qigong, Inner Alchemy and Taoist meditation, Standing Meditation is one of the most simple and, at least potentially, most powerful. Gaze straight forward, with your head aligned happily right on top of your spine, so the muscles of your face, head, neck and throat can be relaxed. Balakrishna Menon Balan (1916-1993) was born in Ernakulam (India) to a devout Hindu family. After several years in the ashram with Swami Sivananda his beloved guru instructed him to leave and become a student of Swami Tapovan Maharaj.  There he stayed and studied for 8 years. He established the International Chinmaya Mission; today with over 300 centers for learning. During his 42 years of service to humanity he spread the ageless wisdom of Advaita Vedanta, as delineated by Adi Shankaracharya, throughout the world. His life was full of love, tireless service, and the quest to bring the priceless knowledge of life to anyone who would listen.
The path of the Pleasant which caters to man’s self gratification provides immediate pleasures, but ultimately, petrifies into enlarging ripples of disappointment and sorrow. Love is the heart of religions, the theme of all classical works of art and literature and the song of all devotees. Flood your mind with love, look into the eyes of the other and embrace the person with whom you had quarreled. When our hearts are full of love, life is a smiling valley of beauty and joy, romantic and divine!
This love that we have, needs constant giving – and as we give away, it gets replenished from His infinite Source. But, with enthusiasm, fearless of the obstacles, smiling in full self-confidence when we dash towards the goal, all the seemingly terrible obstacles move away as shadows!!
Forgiveness is the fragrance which crushed tulasi leaves on the fingers that crush them in a thoughtless act!
Perhaps dogs are lovable and become friends because they wag their tails… rarely their tongues.
Only when we become aware of our blind spots will we be able to understand and reshape our beliefs, values, and attitudes. Let us have a “listening mind” – a mind that is open, unprejudiced, objective, alert, attentive, and relaxed. Let us have a “balanced outlook” – enjoying spiritual strength, inner stability, mental beauty, and physical perfection.

Success or achievement is not the final goal.  It is the ’spirit’ in which you act that puts the seal of beauty upon your life. To learn more about the Swami’s teaching just type “Swami Chinmayananda” or “Chinmaya Mission” into Google search. Smile gently, and float the tip of your tongue up toward the roof of your mouth, just behind your upper front teeth. After childhood and adolescence he enrolled at Madras University where he graduated in 1939.  Balakrishna then continued his education at Lucknow University studying English Literature. Love is at once noun and verb… Love is something to be sustained and fulfilled, by loving. When love rises to swirl around us, and when we review in this clear light of love, the very faults get transformed into the essential beauty in them. But if you refuse to give love, the stagnant love in your own heart putrefies and the crawling worms start eating up your own heart! Not to forgive is to maintain the passions bottled up in us and then we are never empty enough to lift ourselves in our soaring meditations. Just as the honeybee has the special instrument (proboscis) to extract the very essence in the flowers, human beings have a special faculty (power of discrimination) to maintain the quality of life by learning the art of true listening. Very often we are led to believe that speaking represents action and power, while listening connotes weakness and apathy. Another block to listening occurs when we form an opinion about the level of what is being said.
Therefore, it is necessary to train the mind to widen its perspective and see things in an objective way.
If you have ears to hear your can then listen to the peals of His roaring laughter applauding your faith and courage!! Yet, they lived joyously and saw their children get educated, becoming independent and now they are living happily with their own growing families.
I came away wiser carrying with me the picture of the old grandsire shaking his head in admiration for the old lady!! In short, the ability to love and express it in action are the requirements in gathering more and more friends. Such a true friend is discovered not by searching outside for the right person to be friend, but by your growing to be the right person, to deserve a friend!
We label the information ahead of time as unimportant, too boring, too complex, or as being nothing new.

Personal problems sometimes manage to creep into our minds – diverting our attention – while someone else is talking. Let your fingers be extended, with space between them, and your elbows be slightly lifted, so your armpits feel hollow.Take a couple of deep inhales and complete exhalations.
Nobody other than you can ever throw it open, for the door of your heart cannot be locked from outside and it can be open only from within. As we stride out to accomplish any chosen goal, no doubt, Lord tests us by heaping many apparently impossible hurdles in our direct path to our goal.
Due to such internal distractions, we become biased listeners, and our minds are tuned out rather than tuned in! Fatigue is another limiting factor in listening, as listening takes concentration and effort. We make judgments about people, based on our varied beliefs, knowledge, education, upbringing, what we understand, and what we see and perceive. Soften the backs of your knees just enough to feel your pelvis relax downward, and weight come into your feet - as though you had just mounted a horse.
As you do this, make whatever small adjustments you need to in your stance, so that it feels comfortable. It is easier to daydream and let our minds become preoccupied when our energy level is low.
Imagine that you are a mountain, or an ancient redwood - something profoundly stable and serene.Now let your breath return to its natural rhythm, and come to a place of stillness in your physical body. When we work only to produce profit or wages, work becomes crushing, sweating, joyless labor. As you practice, simply let your attention notice what it notices, with a child-like curiosity, without necessarily trying to make sense of it conceptually.If you experience physical discomfort in a particular place in your body, send the energy of a smile, with several exhalations, into that place.
You can also create very tiny (barely visible) circling or spiraling movements in that place, to support an opening.As the qi finds and moves through blockages in the meridians, you may experience spontaneous movements.
If this happens, know that it is a natural part of the process, and simply come back to the basic stance after the movement has completed itself. It has opened, and you get immediately a blast of the life-giving reviving breeze of fragrant cool love from all around.

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