Hayley makes an unexpected visit to Mystic Falls and her character is described as "free-spirited and extremely sexy." Presumably she'll cause a little trouble between Tyler and Caroline, because what fun would it be if she didn't? A long-time member of the TCA Board and a longer-time blogger of "American Idol," Dan Fienberg writes about TV, except for when he writes about movies or sometimes writes about the Red Sox. Ringer, a twins-swapping-places drama, started out strong before tumbling into middling ratings. Please put the secret circle back on I just finished watching all 22 episodes and I loved it, it was beyond amazing and I'm soooo hooked!!! I just went through and watched The Secret Circle, and I already knew it was cancelled after the first season with no hope of salvation, but just wanted to add my voice here.
It's ridiculous that they make these programmes getting us hooked and gripped and then just take them away from us just like that. The secret circle was the only show i ever watched on CW and i cant believe they cancel it.
Look, I realize that there are over 600 comments on this article that are all saying the same thing, but all these comments are true, The Secret Circle was one of your best shows, I was told to watch it by a best friend of mine, I absolutely loved this show, but then you had to go and cancel it, did you know that my friend, Sarah, based a writing project on this show? Basically, Chris Zylka's had a pretty great year so far, not only with The Secret Circle, but also upcoming flicks The Amazing Spider-Man and Piranha 3DD (not to mention a certain real-life romance you know all about if you follow him on Twitter). First question: Are you a real human being or are you just really expensive CGI, Chris Zylka?
Do you like returning to the same character week after week, as opposed to films where you play a character once and then move on?
You kind of came to the show late, but your character immediately became a lynchpin for the rest of the storylines.
When it comes to the show's central love triangle, it seems as though Jake's got the majority of the fans' votes, though Adam certainly has his supporters.
Your scenes with Britt Robertson have a much different chemistry than your scenes with Phoebe Tonkin.
I even called [Executive Producer] Andrew Miller, and I was like, "Can we please just keep his shirt on one more episode and I'll get in the best shape?
It giveth more Nikita, Hart of Dixie, and Gossip Girl, and taketh Ringer and The Secret Circle to a remote desert location to dig their own shallow graves.
Despite having genre star Sarah Michelle Gellar leading the charge, it was never able to maintain its good start.

I mean come on, I did the exact same thing with vampire diaries I had only started watching it in its second season because I didn't think I would like it but now I can't get enough of it. They should and could at least do a one off and tell us how the series was going to end and not just leave us hanging and wondering!!! The Jake character not only introduced a huge chunk of mythology to the show, he also brought a new dynamic to protagonist Cassie's world and forced erstwhile romantic lead Adam to step up his game. The extremely friendly and funny actor recently took a few minutes to answer some of my questions about reuniting with Thomas Dekker (they worked together in the amazing 2010 film Kaboom), the therapeutic value of playing Jake, and dealing with post-Christmas underwear scenes.
My mentor Jon Simmons introduced me to the Stanislavski system which is so heavy on backstory.
And I literally remember—I don't know if I was shooting Spider-Man or Piranha at the time that he booked the pilot for The Secret Circle, but I called Thomas instantly when I found out and was just like, "Congratulations, man!" And then when The Secret Circle got picked up I called him again. How much of that is due to the characters and how much is due to the actresses' respective energies? Please, dude, please." And he couldn't because it tied into the episode we'd filmed before the holiday break. Again, I like reading interviews like this where actors seem like decent down to earth people just thrilled to be working and having a blast. I want to throw my insecurites away and become an actress just to be interviewed by someone a tenth as awesome as you. I know the ratings weren't great back then but with the trends of vampires, werewolves, and witches being out you'd be crazy not not its even better then American horror story and that's about witches also!
All of the sudden the kids get together to meet their sister and form the strongest group and it ends??? Hopefully you come to your senses and realize that this show is worth keeping, before another network takes it over and you miss out on the big time, it shouldn't be too hard to get The Secret Circle back up and running now that 90210 is over. So you write and write and write these backstories about a character and then you throw it away. In a film you only get two hours to do this big arc and so you have to pick and choose your moments carefully, but with television you get to take your time and just take it episode by episode and discover new things. Thomas and I constantly get together and we're like, "All right, well if you win this exchange, I'll win this one." And we're best friends so it's never an argument. And reading this is such a nice thing, because it has been so long since your last recap of the show (6 more days!).

Honestly, it was as big a thrill to book that show as it was to get a part in The Amazing Spider-Man. Please please please put the show back on it was awesomer then any show I've seen in a looonnnggg time I'm positive your rating would be were they need to be I'd make sure to tell EVERYBODY to watch it if it came back on every single episode please consider putting it back on it was a big mistake to take it off Ik it's be a huge hit!
I really hope you take this comment into consideration, CW you have some really awesome shows, my favorites being Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and of course, THE SECRET CIRCLE!
Like White Collar's Matt Bomer, Zylka's looks would be a downright distraction on any other show.
One thing that I've been definitely trying to do as best I can is lighten Jake up a little bit, you know? Plus it's just good to get that out of your system so it doesn't show up in your personal life. I called him and I'm like, "Dude, we're gonna work together again, I know it." And then it happened and it was amazing. I'm excited for when the show returns because it sounds like a lot of big things are coming. We always think the grass must be greener on the other side but the truth of the matter is that it's not. I cannot believe I will get to be in the same room as Jessica Lange, let alone work with her. And if you EVER decide to cancel ANY of these great and wonderful shows, think again, because I am DONE with you people canceling the best shows on television.
Like CiaraGlynn stated, based on the latest episode summary for Episode 18, it looks like Eben wants to [SPOILER ALERT] resurrect something, and that's just plain exciting plot material right there! Fortunately in Zylka it managed to find a guy whose past resume MAY have featured a lot of swimwear but who has since stepped up in a big way to successfully portray one of the most interesting and complex characters on The CW.

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