These Vipassana meditation retreats were always held at the first 10 days of every month and the day before, the last day of the previous month, was the day to register, sign in and have an entry interview. For me personally things got serious at 4am in the morning when a gong was rung as loudly that it made me vibrate on my flimsy straw mat. My personal alarm went off at 5am and another cold bucket shower in complete darkness, packing up my mat, wooden pillow and mosquito net, saw me finally at the reception at 6am.
After one hour of reading informational material about Wat Suan Mokkh and Buddhadarsa, the founder and spiritual father of the monastery, we then finally had the chance to join the car service at 7am to the location of the Dhamma Hermitage.
Having done already three meditation retreats, even if not as strict as it seemed to be at Wat Suan Mokkh, got me right in the door. In front of the rooms were big water tanks for washing and bucket showers and we were encouraged not to use any toilet paper for the duration of the class. Liebe Leute, falls ihr diese Seite ergoogelt habt, um etwas ueber den Retreat zu erfahren, sucht euch vielleicht besser eine andere Seite, da hier nicht alles nur positiv ist.
Da es mit der Atmung nicht so geklappt hat, hab ich dann versucht auf meine Art und Weise meinen Nutzen daraus zu ziehen und runter zu kommen (denn deshalb ist man ja schliesslich da) - und zwar hab ich mich auf diese wunderschoene Natur konzentriert.
Wir sind dann einen Tag bis zum Ende der Strasse gelaufen und haben eine Bungalow-Siedlung entdeckt (seit 2 Jahren geschlossen), die man simpel mit "Paradies" bezeichnen kann. Und dann ueber die Felsen von Poool zu Pool durchs Flussbett laufen und wenn einem zu warm wird, einfach mal reinhuepfen und sich abkuehlen. Ich freue mich so ueber meine Freundin - endlich mal wieder tiefgruendige Gespraeche fuehren.
Venerable Nagasena, an Indian citizen, spent a number of years in Thailand, primarily in the 1970s. Rod Bucknell first became seriously interested in Buddhism in the mid-1960’s, when, during a visit to Thailand, he was introduced to the techniques of insight meditation. Donald Swearer is a professor, researcher and prolific author in religious study and Buddhism. I was first introduced to Buddhadasa Bhikkhu in 1960 when a group of monks at Wat Mahadhatu monastery in Bangkok gave me a small collection of his books. Santikaro has been a most active translator and editor of Ajahn Buddhadasa’s teachings with many on-going English translation projects. Professor Emeritus Mongkol Dejnakarintra taught Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok between 1968 and 2002. In the 1980’s he was a member of a group of Bangkok academics who studied and worked with Ajahn Runjuan Indarakamhaeng.
Tan Dhammavidu Bhikkhu, originally from England, ordained as a novice in September 1994 and as a monk in March 1995.
Gabaude has contributed several articles and a major and widely-praised reference work on Ajahn Buddhadasa that also contains an exhaustive bibliography and several short texts translated from Thai into French. Jeanne Schut has been practicing in the Buddhist Thai Forest Tradition for almost 30 years and has spent several months meditating in a forest monastery in Thailand.
Viriya (formerly Viriyanando Bhikkhu) lives in Munich, Bavaria, works with Buddhist groups in southern Germany and neighboring countries, and coordinates translation projects into German, especially the works of Ajahn Buddhadasa.
Initially exposed to Japanese Buddhism, Ricardo practiced for a few years in various schools.
Un ami Francais rencontre a Kolkotta a la fin du mois de janvier m'avait parle de ce centre de retraite de meditation ou il avait lui-meme passe dix jours, et je m'etais alors dit que je viendrai aussi y faire un tour. Oui c'est vraiment possible, car je vais mettre le cap sur le Yunnan sous peu, pour cause de moussons (que tu dois bien connaitre aussi j'imagine). Concernant les articles sur l'Iran, je pense que tu as raison de choisir de garder la (grande et agreable) suprise pour quand tu y seras! J'ai bien eu envie de lire tout le passage sur l'Iran, mais je ne voulais pas gacher la surprise :'D.
Bear in mind, however, that guests at the center are expected to respect and appreciate certain tenants of Buddhist ritual: Certainly no drinking or smoking, no listening to music or reading non-related materials, and no talking.
Wat Suan Mokkh is located at about six miles south of Chaiya and may be reached by local transportation from the Surat Thani bus terminal.
Recently married, we left Saskatchewan June 2011 on the Ultimate Honeymoon to explore this incredible globe! It almost seemed like a joke since in the dormitory of Wat Suan Mokkh only a handful of foreigners had spend the night who all wanted to join the 7am registration.
20 baht and 5 minutes of driving later found us in the cafeteria while being greeted by the teachers of the Vipassana retreat. So I could pay my 2000 baht tuition, deposit all my valuables and received in turn the key to my new home for the next 10 days. Everything was a minimalistic as possible, but I quite liked it that way, even if I knew that this 10 day Vipassana would be a little bit of a challenge.
Gluecklicherweise ist er abends abgehauen, wenn die nachts loslegen, steht man naemlich im Bett. After spending a year in various Thai meditation centers and monasteries, he took ordination as a bhikkhu (monk) under the guidance of Ajahn Pannananda of Wat Cholapratan Rangsarit.
Fascinated by Buddhadasa’s provocative interpretation of Buddhadhamma, I was able seven years later to visit his forest monastery, Wat Suan Mokkhabalarama (The Garden for Empowering Liberation) located near Chaiya, Surat Thani Province, in southern Thailand.
He was an outstanding scholar and researcher who had authored and translated a number of academic books and articles. Professor Mongkol has co-translated with Dhamma friends various teachings of Ajahn Buddhadasa into English, including these following titles.

Peace Corps in the late 1970s and then continued living in Thailand and working with non-government development agencies, such as in Thung Song, Nakhorn Srithammarat. His first exposure to Southeast Asia was during the Vietnam War where he saw many atrocities and determined to return to help the people that were harmed.
Louis Gabaude, born in France in 1942, began his Asian life by volunteering for civil service in Paksane, Laos, from 1964 to 1966, then switched to Asian and Buddhist studies at the l'Ecole pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE) in Paris, before coming back to Laos and Thailand since 1970. This major contribution is titled ‘Une hermeneutique bouddhique contemporaine de Thailande: Buddhadasa Bhikkhu’ (A Contemporary Buddhist Hermeneutics) (Paris, 1987). In the past ten years, she has also translated books on Buddhism from English into French and has been the interpreter for visiting Buddhist monks teaching in France. He was introduced to Buddhist meditation at one of the very first retreats organized by Ajahn Poh on Koh Samui and later ordained with Luang Por Pannananda of Wat Cholpratan. When Ricardo decided to deepen his study of Buddha-Dhamma, he chose to do so at Suan Mokkh. Located only a few miles from the small southern town of Chaiya, in Surat Thani province, this monastery was created by one of Thailand’s most revered monks, and has since become an international Theravada Buddhist retreat center. Replacing a morning caffeine jolt with simple breathing techniques can be a difficult adjustment at first. Overnight trains run to Surat Thani from Bangkok for about 800 baht ($23) and travel arrangements may easily be made once in Bangkok. Instead of sleeping in a dorm, we all received our own concrete cell-like private room to minimize any outside distraction. For the rest of the day we had two meals, breakfast and lunch, the last chance to read our books and eat all our personal food and then at 4pm we had the official introduction. Mindful with breathing - also nur auf die Atmung konzentrieren und alle Gedanken ausschalten. Mein schoenstes Erlebnis war (als ich eins mit der Natur war, sozusagen WAR ich die Natur): Als ich an meinen Zeh etwas spuerte und an eine Eidechse dachte und in dem Moment eine Schlange ueber meinen Fuss kroch. Da es so speziell ist, kann man sich nicht mit "Nicht-dagewesenen" darueber unterhalten - kann man schon, versteht aber keiner.Aber ich brauchte echt 2 Tage, um meinen Kopf zu ordnen und wieder in dieser Welt anzukommen. After students of Ajahn Buddhadasa introduced him to their teacher’s work, he visited Suan Mokkh and carried out a number of the early translations into English. He soon became interested also in the teachings of Ajahn Buddhadasa, and, recognizing their potential value to westerners, began translating some of the Ajahn’s more important works into English. He served a long academic career at Swarthmore College in the United States and was a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Buddhist Studies at Harvard Divinity School. For several days I had the privilege of long walks with acharn (teacher), the title by which he is most often addressed, and hours of uninterrupted discussion about matters of Buddhist thought and practice. Peace Corps, he was soon put to work translating as well as helping to look after foreign visitors. He was a frequent visitor at Suan Mokkh, keen student of Tan Ajahn’s approach to Buddha-Dhamma, and also helped with some of the early meditation retreats organized by Ajahn Poh. He has helped to teach meditation to foreign retreatants at Suan Mokkh International Dharma Hermitage and Dipabhavan Meditation Center at Samui Island in the last decade. In 1949 he ordained as a priest and in 1956 was sent to Northeast Thailand where for more than twelve years, he shared the hard life of the villagers. He visited Suan Mokkh for the first time in 1976 and completed his PhD on Buddhadasa's system of interpretation in 1979. After settling into the monkhood, he began helping to run retreats on Koh Samui and later the monthly retreats at Suan Mokkh.
He spent more than a year living there (visiting regularly after that) and worked closely with Santikaro and Viriyanando Bhikkhus in deepening his study, coordinating monthly retreats, and organizing daily programs for foreign visitors. A boundary tour was given at 5pm, tea was served at 6pm and we could use the natural hot springs in the forest.
Sie war soooo huebsch (gruen mit einem rot-orangenem Kopf)und ich hatte gar keine Angst, denn ich war ja ein Teil dieser Natur. During the four years he spent in the Sangha (1967-1971), he translated altogether six works of varying length, usually in close consultation with the Ajahn in order to ensure accuracy in the rendering of key concepts.
This experience both reinforced my interest in Buddhadasa’s explication of Buddhist doctrine and attracted me to him as an exemplar of the Buddhist monastic life. When Ajahn Buddhadasa began giving lectures to foreign retreatants, Santikaro Bhikkhu was trained to render these lectures into English. His interest covers different areas including science and technology, electrical mathematics, and Buddhism. He is deeply interested in teachings of Ajahn Buddhadasa and has translated his various books from Thai into English. His inimitable teachings are remembered by many who joined one of the monthly retreats at either place. He has conducted research within the Ecole francaise d'Extreme-Orient (EFEO) or French School of Asian Studies since 1980 and headed the School's Centre in Chiang Mai from 1998 to 2005, creating there a library for research.
Jeanne also enjoys teaching Buddhist meditation retreats following the monastic pattern she is well used to.
After returning to Brazil, Ricardo founded meditation and study groups in Belo Horizonte (Brazil’s fourth largest city) and taught retreats and workshops in other parts of Brazil and Europe.
Le 'big monk' de Suan Mokkh parle peu l'Anglais, mais les autres membres du 'staff' (moines et nonnes surtout) sont tous plus ou moins bilingues, du coup les messages passent tres bien. Aber nach zwei Dhamma Talks war ich dann an sein Englisch gewoehnt und habe seine Talks geliebt.

Morgen laufen wir dann mal ein bisschen die schoene Umgebung ab - dieses Kapitel ist also noch nicht zu Ende 2 Tage spaeter:Nai Plo Beach ist ein Traum - gut, dass wir (ich) zurueckgekehrt bin.
Despite his return to lay life, he maintains a close interest — both scholarly and practical — in Ajahn Buddhadasa’s teachings, and has published several related articles in religious studies journals. His ability to do so was aided by Ajahn Buddhadasa’s advice and support, who also guided him in leading many of the meditation retreats at Suan Mokkh International Dharma Hermitage. Having been interested in rendering the works of Ajahn Buddhadasa into English for many years, he started translating in 2010. He returned to France in 1984, where he undertook various translations of Thai and ancient Pali texts. Jeanne exposes Theravada Buddhism as taught in the Thai Forest Tradition, in particular by Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Buddhadasa. He returned to laylife in 1988, returned to Munich, and has been active in Buddhist activities there ever since. He has translated, edited, and published many titles in Portuguese, including works by Ajahn Buddhadasa. Er hat all meinen Respekt, eine angesehe Persoenlichkeit in Thailand, sehr alt, sehr krank und haelt trotzdem noch die Dhamma Talks.Man soll ja alles "mindful" machen, nicht nur bei der Meditation, ebenso beim laufen, essen, waschen - ich glaub, sogar beim kacken. Tag wollte ich morgens um 9:45 gehen als die Glocke zum zweiten Mal klingelte und ich verdammt muede war. Da ich immer noch zu Suan Mokkh-Zeiten wach werde, geniesse ich jeden Morgen die wunderschoenen Sonnenaufgaenge, solange wir noch an der Ostkueste sind.
He is currently retired after having worked for eighteen years as a lecturer in the Department of Studies in Religion at the University of Queensland, Australia.
For ten years, Santikaro Bhikkhu was acting Abbot of Suan Atammayatarama (or Dawn Kiem), a small training compound for foreigners next to Suan Mokkh International. Ratana Nantho Bhikkhu stayed during the rain retreat at Suan Mokkh International Dharma Hermitage in 2000 to translate the book “Life Should Be Harnessed by Two Buffaloes,” which was later published in the same year by the Buddhadasa Foundation.
Back in Thailand again during 1988-1989, Pezet wrote various texts in Thai and did several translations.
He has published articles, books and given courses in various universities in Europe and Thailand. Ein Moench hat so laut gesungen - herrlich, diese Energie in seiner Stimme!Um 18:00 Uhr gabs Kakao, der tat immer sooo gut.
As his study of Ajahn Buddhadasa’s teaching deepens, he is beginning to translate from “The Dhamma Proclamation Series,” a multivolume collection of Ajahn Buddhadasa’s major teachings.
Man war dann auch echt gesaettigt fuer den Tag.Die Zeit um den Sonnenuntergang geniessen, wieder Sittingmeditation, Groupwalking und nochmal Sittingmeditation.
Currently, he is working on “Little Dhamma Book,” or concise teachings of different topics in this series. There he fulfilled pastoral duties until 2004, and then entered a retirement home, where he died in December 2008, aged 85. Dans ce centre, on pratique la methode 'anapanasati', qui consiste (dans les premieres etapes) a observer sa respiration. Dann hab ich irgendwann auch noch an das You Tube-Video "Jede Zelle meines Koerpers ist gluecklich gedacht", da war dann ganz vorbei mit der Konzentration und ich musste gefuehlte 2 Tage grinsen Dazu waren wir 140 Leute (viele mit Husten oder Schnupfen), was mir eh vieeel zu viel war.
Liberation Park moved to rural Wisconsin in 2006 and is slowly building facilities to serve Dhamma students in the Upper Midwestern USA. C'est tout),  des halls (juste un toit, pas de murs) pour la meditation et le yoga (1h45 autour de l'aube). L'emploi du temps commence a 4h et finit a 21h, et une cloche centrale est sonnee pour le debut de la meditation.
Da gibts keine Dhamma Talks mehr, nur einmal am Tag essen und man teilt sich seine stundenlangen Meditationen selber ein. Ausserdem kontrollieren sie, dass man nicht einfach im Bett liegt - nix fuer mich!Und wenn es bei mir eh nicht so funktioniert, kann ich auch einfach am Strand sitzen und meine "Naturflash-Meditation" abhalten.Was ich noch ganz spannend fand, war, dass man ja schon als Familie zusammenwaechst. Les differentes activites sont meditation assise of course, mais aussi meditation en marchant et en etant debout, avec quelques fois des explications ou enseignements sur la philospophie du bouddhisme. Eigentlich denke ich nur noch in Englisch, aber da hab ich mich wieder so an Deutsch denken gewoehnt, dass ich, wenn ich jemanden angefluestert hab, oft auf Deutsch losgelegt hab Auch ein toller Nebeneffekt: Rauche nicht mehr und hab nur einen einzigen Gedanken drinnen dran verschwendet. Tres interessant car la maniere de penser est ici tres scientifique et rejette tout ce qui touche a la superstition et au rituel (d'ailleurs le fondateur a fait face a une tres forte opposition en son temps, forcement ; assez recent car il est decede en 1993).
Bref, une approche methodique, ou on se rend compte de la structuration de la technique a pratiquer et des differents stades de la meditation.
Il faut quand meme imaginer la centaine de participants tenant le silence pendant dix jours, ce qui pour ma part n'a pas ete un vrai trouble, mais est quand meme un peu bizarre quand on y pense! En fait ce type de meditation est apelle (en gros) 'pleine conscience de la respiration' et la premiere etape consiste a sentir le flux d'air du point d'entree jusqu'au nombril, et a 'pourchasser' la respiration faisant d'incessants aller-retours, sans jamais se laisser distraire (enfin, on essaye).
Bref, pour faire court, le maintient de la concentration mene a differents stades de calme et de conscience de la respiration. La conclusion, c'est que ces dix jours sont tres enrichissants, en echange d'un peu de perseverance! Le fondateur de ce monastere et du centre etait particulierement respecte, et par consequent le monastere est visite par beaucoup de Thailandais, certains pour mediter, mais la plupart est simplement de passage.

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