Several weeks have passed since the Russian dreadnaught Imperator broke through the asteroid belt. Many questions remain unanswered, but loose ends are not so easily tied up in a world on the brink of war. In England, the Secret Service Bureau hunt for the truth behind the mysterious compound fuelling the Tsarist aggression. Their newest agent, Charles "Tally" Cahalleret, is sent to Luna to rendezvous with Professor Nathaniel Stone, whose studies find him probing ever deeper into the murky links between the deadly chemical aleksandrite and the Drobate's City of Light and Science.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, the newly wed George and Annabelle Bedford find their second honeymoon interrupted by the revival of truly inhuman experimentation-and the ungodly creations they thought destroyed in the slums of Calcutta.
Dark secrets at the heart of Luna will be exposed as our heroes scale heights that will change their destinies forever. A vile hive of iniquity hides the depraved depths of aleksandrite's power, as Nathaniel's investigations set him on a path that will take him beyond the horizons of humanity's reach.
And behind it all, a spider lurks-one who has patiently waited for over a year to see his nemesis choked by a web of immaculate deceit.

A game-changing adventure, launching the ground-breaking third season of Space: 1889 & Beyond, taking the Space: 1889 universe where it has never been before!

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