The subliminal messages embedded in the video are deliberately placed behind the main words so the conscious mind cannot see them. Science has long shown that when we sit down to watch television, within around 30 seconds, we relax and our brain shifts into alpha waves. These are the subliminal messages hidden in the above video clip of the US national anthem. The very existence of mind control subliminals utterly shatters the myth that Government is good, or neutral, or not that bad, or incompetent. And, given how much more we have moved into a tyrannical Big Brother surveillance state since the 1960s, what kind of subliminal mind control do you think the elite are using on the general population nowadays? Want to keep informed on the latest and greatest news and analysis on the New World Order, Natural Health, Sovereignty and more?

While this means TV can be a useful recreational tool to relax, there is also an inherent danger in it, because when we are relaxed, our guard is down and we are more susceptible to suggestion and influence. At first glance it appears normal enough; the words to the US national anthem and some heart-stirring American imagery. Your conscious mind is active during normal waking hours, and acts as a filter and analyzer for information.
Sadly, there are power-hungry individuals out there who exploit this opportunity to control others. Positive affirmation and self-help programs use this fact to try to benefit people, whereas Government uses subliminals for mind control. On the other hand, your subconscious mind is active during times when you are sleepy, tired or relaxed, and it is correlated with alpha brain waves (among others).

A closer examination of the video when played at slow speed shows that there is extra text embedded in the video behind the words you see.
The US Government has been caught red-handed using subliminal mind control on its own citizens.

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