All to often people will box themselves into a particular mindset or group, missing opportunities for no reason besides it being ‘not something they think they can do.’ The people taking your place are the people who will succeed. MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer. With new four freshA primary victories in hand, Donald Trump is closer than ever to winning the Republican nomination for PresidentA — he is also dominating the political scene on line. In this post, we will analyze four campaigns, specifically focusing on how their own materials and other content about them has been shared (or not).
Content about non-establishment candidates gets more shares thanA content about mainstream candidates. The main principle of influencer marketing holds true in political campaigns: What people say about you is more important than what you say about yourself. To gain shares, a campaign slogan should have value apart from theA candidate’s name. The BuzzSumo database has more than 14,000A articles published this year about each of the four major presidential candidates.
Of those articles, contentA about Donald Trump has been shared 211 million times–far more than any other candidate.
The same pattern holds true when considering the top 50 most shared articles about each candidate, and the shares on Facebook of the top 50 most shared articles. In this race for the presidency, the non-establishment candidates are winning the contest for on-line attention.
Now that reality TV and vitriolic rhetoric on social media have become cultural norms, Jones also speculates that Trump’sA background in reality TV, makes him moreA comfortable than the other candidates with controversial and negative content about his campaign.
A Google search for all the candidates returns more results for Donald Trump (347,000,000 in roughly half a second) than any of the other candidates. This discrepancy was fueled in part by the influential nature of Trump’s twitter audience. To determine influence,A I looked at the average retweets of the twitter accounts that tweeted about the candidates. Hillary Clinton was also the most influential person to tweet a link to content about herself.
There is a qualitative difference in the most shared content from the Clinton campaign site and the Trump campaign site.
The difference between the types of content at both sites and the content’s ability to gain backlinks confirms earlier research done by BuzzSumo, which indicated that more in-depth content is likely to gain links. It’s also interesting to note that in a self-funded campaign run by a businessman, sales of merchandise is a primary focus of the site. Across the web, video content about Donald Trump was also shared far more often than video content about the other candidates.

If Jones’ theory is correct, an audience accustomed to reality TV may not be turned off by negative video content, finding it instead an expected part of the equation. Pinterest is lauded as an aspirational search engine, where people search for products and processes to improve their lives.
The guided search function offered by Pinterest is an interesting way to envision what the network’s users are searching for. Pinterest consultant Kim Vij, observes that the topics and related topics suggested by Pinterest are populated from left to right based on the volume of content and repins. If Vij’s theory about how these suggestions are determined, then the Pinners who are interested in the presidential candidates are also looking for funny content about them. In terms of online exposure, Donald Trump’s campaign has gathered more shares than any other candidate. If Sanders and Trump are populist candidates, then the center of populist conversation–social media, is their forum. A campaign slogan that delivers a clear, non-candidate focused message is a huge asset, as it is capable of taking on a life of its own. Controversy will increase exposure for political candidates, gaining more attention for them in social media.
If Van Jones is correct, a culture primed by reality tv and truncated sloganizing on social networks may be ready to vote for candidates whose campaigns have a significantly controversial slant. Our conclusions about the campaign today are based primarily on the number of shares that content about candidates have achieved. We welcome your thoughts about the election and the use of social media in all of the campaigns.
BuzzSumo provides insights into the most popular content online and the influencers sharing it.
Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies. The volume of shares for content about Trump towers over the shares of content about all the other candidates.
Content about Bernie Sanders got the second highest number of shares (153 million) but the gap between he and Trump is formidable. Jones noted the innovative successes of FDR with Radio, JFK with television, and Obama with the Internet.
That’s only 50 million less than the number of results for the Bible, which has 397,000,000 results.
Cruz, the number of tweets and retweets of the top 50 most shared pieces of content about them was much greater than the number of tweets and retweets of content from their campaign sites. The top 50 most shared articles about Trump got a total of 250,000 tweets and retweets, while the top 50 most shared articles about Clinton got only 117,000.

Average retweets is a helpful metric, as it is an indicator that an audience is engaged with and not just following a Twitter account. Those articles have gotten a total of 1.2 million shares over the course of the last year, an average of 658 per article. Clinton seems to be focused on gathering email addresses; Trump on making money and explaining positions.
The immigration platform (not surprisingly) has the most –1577 links from more than 700 root domains (not all positive). In the context of a presidential campaign, it would seem that campaign stances are the substantive, link-generating content.
But, compared to the other networks, not as many people are sharing content on PinterestA about the candidates, and there are indications thatA the Pinners are taking a humorous approach to the campaign. Clinton is also the only candidate whose site encourages visitors to follow her on Pinterest.
It’s too early to tell if this type of mass attention, some good, some bad, some ugly, will translate into votes.
Just enter a topic or domain below and hit return to find the most shared content for your topic. But, now that we are halfway into the primary season, and Trump has won state after state’s electoral votes, it would seem that the negative content is not a deal breaker for voters. BuzzSumo’s average retweets number is a simple average of the retweets a person gets every time they tweet. Clinton was a link to a YouTube video of Clinton on the Seth Meyers show talking about Donald Trump–specifically how she no longer thinks TrumpA is funny.
Others more influential than him included CNN, Rand Paul, Jimmy Fallon, and Saturday Night Live. All but one of theA 20 posts about Donald Trump areA either extremely negative (not one, but two explicit Hitler comparisons) or mocking.
Both of these candidates are outliers within their own parties; the more established political party candidates have not gained as much on line exposure.
The video, ironically has accrued more thumbs down votes than thumbs up votes (3,016 boos to 2,865 yays). The Donald Trump Jam is the only video in the top 10 most shared videos about Trump that is not outright negative.

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