According to ancient eastern science, life force travels across body through channels known as meridians. It takes years of practice to gain control of chi, but with tai chi meditation audio recording even beginners can gain such control. Over the workshop you will learn the first two stages of Taoist meditation; the inner smile and the microcosmic orbit, which are based on the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Terms and Conditions: Please read over the terms and conditions of bookings with Earth Balance Tai Chi.
Coming in the summer on Saturday 5 July, is our annual Taoist meditation workshop.  This practice is a powerful way towards inner calm, mental ease, increased focus and clarity. This seminar is for women of all ages, to join together in a movement and stillness workshop focusing on female specific anatomy and health.  To be held in Faygate in Horsham at the end of May 2014, do join us for an afternoon of nurturing, powerful relaxation and wellbeing.
In 2014 we have a number of workshops to further your practice of Chen style Tai Chi, Qigong for Health and Taoist meditation practice. Focusing on loosening, relaxing and softening our shoulders through posture, movement and breath. Please reserve your place in advance for all formal courses.  Our casual classes are drop-in. Summary: This workshop focuses on female wellbeing, learning effective methods to calm the mind and strengthen the body.
Level: Open to everyone, these methods are both gentle and powerful, making them accessible to women of all fitness levels, health conditions and ages. 2013 bookings are open for a range of weekend workshops in Worthing covering the Classical Chinese arts of Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation.  Take a positive step towards improved health and wellbeing in our friendly and supportive workshops held with instructor Nicola. Content: This workshop will cover a medical Qigong set focusing on the unique female anatomy.
Content: This workshop will look at posture, intention and flow of each movement and a run through of the complete 5 Animals Qigong set. Collect in navel and circulate from 3 to 36 times in opposing directions for male and females. Whilst you are enjoying the summer, coming up in September 2011 is a range of courses and workshops in Taoist meditation. These ancient passive Qigong practice helps to cleanse and purify the internal body, clear stagnation and aid emotional, physical and psychological health and wellbeing.
Over the 6 week programme or in a weekend workshop we cover the foundation Esoteric Taoist practices of the inner smile and microcosmic orbit.  There are also distance learning Taoist meditation classes available, and MP3 downloads of the inner smile and the microcosmic orbit meditation. Zhan zhuang is an ancient technique between meditation, martial arts and traditional chinese medecine.
This posture, practiced and transmitted secretly in the martial arts cercles, has been openly shown to the public in the beginning of this century. Today, this technique is more and more studied by practicionners of internal martial arts, including Tai chi. Yoga suggests the union of knowledge, action and devotion in order to achieve unity, advaita , the universal spirit.
Following Ayurvedic science, the human body is divided in six main parts : head, chest, both arms and both legs.
The knowledge is located in the head, heart represents devotion and the legs and the arms mean action. Chinese medecine asserts that when a part of the body is ill, the global energy of our bodies loses balance.
As humans beings, we are all supposed to be able to put ourselves properly into the main basic positions of standing, sitting down, lying down and walking. It is not necessary to demonstrate that the body position has a direct incidence on our emotional state. In time, we become to apply the structural principles of zhan zhuang in all the chores of our everyday lives.
Progressively, you will hold a better position when you will be sitting in front of your computer or television. Occasionally, someone in good health who feels tired can use these techniques to get fit again.

When you start practising this technique, two aspects are important : first, relax the whole body, second, fix your posture. By focusing our attention in our bodies, we progressively learn how to remain alert and quiet at the same time. At the same time, as long as you further develop your sensitiveness, you will become aware of all the blockings and changes that are taking place inside your body. The guidelines are simple, yet the details are numerous and some of them need to be settled down progressively. For some students, and particularly for beginners, closing the eyes during the posture can be a source of tension or unbalance. In order to finish a session of zhan zhuang, you will slowly let your arms go down, hanging them on both sides of your body. When the rotations are over, you can keep both hands covering your dantien for a few seconds. Basic corrections on the structure must be done from the first lessons to avoid keeping bad habits. Practice is a continuous personal challenge towards physical, emotional and spiritual higher levels. The zhan zhuang is a style within no style, an unique technique of knowledge and personal development, and its simplicity and profoundness are a way towards the true Freedom. Victoria Windholtz was born in Spain in December 1971 and started practicing martial arts intensively at the age of 10.
The Tai Chi form brings together all of the components necessary for integrating the healing body, mind and spirit. The meditation taught at Motion Health also focuses on heightening the mind body connection. The recording works on acoustic brainwave activation technology to induce deep meditative state. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. The ancient Chinese taoists saw the relationship between the internal body and our state of mind, this gave birth to Taoist meditation and internal energy work. As a student you will learn the history and theory relating to Traditional Chinese Medicine with guided practice of these methods.
I love teaching Earth Qigong for Women, as the set of movements are unique in how they nourish and cleanse the female body from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.
You will study medical Qigong with the unique female anatomy and Taoist meditation for health, happiness and longevity. You will learn the location and sequence of the energy centres and experience a guided mediation session where we awaken energy in the body and guide it through a complete circuit. Wang Xiang Zhai, a very famous martial arts master of that period in China, made of this technique the foundation of a new martial art called I Chuan (Mind boxing).
By keeping our consciousness in our dantien (point located three fingers below the navel) and by relaxing all the tensions, a state of inner peace and tempered happiness appear.
As a result, a general state of well-being, physical comfort and tranquillity will impregnate all your daily activities. These techniques will not be detailed in this article, but it is important to know that they exist. Through the zhan zhuang practice, you will become aware of the eight subsidiary directions (front, back, left, right, front right, front left, back right, back left). A nice walk in a park, some stretching exercices or even some simple techniques of self-massage are an excellent way to finish your daily session of zhan zhuang. It prevents you from making mistakes which will either alter or retardate the results of this practice. Chi present in the body is either inherited at birth or accumulated through diet and activities. Acoustic brainwave activation induces the brain to create a psycho somatic state similar to the one reached with traditional tai chi practices. This guided meditation workshop will be carried out sitting in a chair, please bring a cushion for extra comfort (for the base and back) and a blanket or shawl in case you feel the cold.

Our next round of autumn courses start soon, there is still time to join us and get moving. One of the first references to this kind of exercice is in the Huang-ti nei ching (Classics of Medecine of the Yellow Emperor, 2690-2590 before J.C. It is a core practice for beginners, advanced students and experts of any style, a key exercice to continuously nurture and develop our standards of practice. A complete energetic discipline like the zhan zhuang allows us to dissolve blockings and progressively achieve a better physical and moral shape.
In any case, it is better to exercice a bit everyday instead of relying in big and exhausting sessions from time to time. Here effort and relaxation goes together in an outside static but inside very dynamic exercise.
Keeping exclusively your attention to the front part of your body will bring part of your energy up. Just avoid to look around you too much; One of the advantages of keeping the eyes closed is to improve focus and to induce tranquillity.
She won four golden medals at the European Tai chi Championships (in the Chen style category) held in Denmark in 2002. With acoustic brainwave activation it is possible to reap the benefits of advanced tai chi meditation without any prior experience. The inherited chi can be considered as the genetic code, while the accumulated chi is the energy used for everyday activities. It offers all the benefits of meditation like decreased anxiety, increased focus, calm mind, relief from pain, enhanced immunity, improved heart function and an overall positive outlook. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of this product.
Instead, watch their coming and going as you would watch clouds passing by through the sky.
She has also been a French National Champion for five years and was classified third in the category "Tai chi Sword" at the Wushu World Cup held in Beijing in 2000. With practice it is possible to control the flow of chi and increase or decrease it as required.
When the body is unable to absorb required amount of chi or circulate it efficiently, the condition manifests in the form of disease or illness.
Its effectiveness in conditions like sleep disorders, stroke, heart failure, breast cancer, hypertension and Parkinson’s disease has been proved by different studies. Regularly listening to the recording offers benefits like personal enhancement, relaxation and enlightenment similar to those provided by traditional tai chi meditation. Use the tongue to touch the top of the palate as the connector of the circuit, allowing free flow of Chi through the body.
We become more alert, full of vigor and perfectly available for the chores of our everyday lives.
An experienced and skillful teacher should be able to accomodate the corrections to each level and to give a personal path to each student. In January 2004, she received a special prize from the French Ministry of Sports for her outstanding results in international competitions of Tai chi.
Tai chi meditation audio recording is a short cut to the benefits offered by the ancient practice.
Usually, when you stay in zhan zhuang for around twenty minutes or more, you can rotate the dantien 36 times in both directions. Her meeting with Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang, 19th generation inheritor of Chen style Tai chi, has marked an important stage in the development of her practice.
Today, she is particularly interested in the true transmission of Tai chi principles as a life art which contributes to the global developement of the human being. Victoria currently runs her own school of Chen style Tai chi in Paris and teaches in France and internationally.

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