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The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn is the brand new game from Ubisoft which follows Tintin on one of his amazing adventures. For those in the dark about The Adventures of Tintin, the story revolves around the young male journalist Tintin, who is always able to find an adventure. The Adventures of Tintin also comes with a peculiar cooperative side scrolling platform game. The presentation is another area where The Adventures of Tintin shows other movie games how it should be done. The gameplay is built around a simple control scheme which allows all players to instantly pick up the intuitive controls and purely enjoy playing. The cutscenes do advance the Tintin storyline well and they do a decent job of starting off the Tintin and Haddock mode too.
Overall The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn is a incredibly entertaining game, which can be enjoyed by anyone due to its simple controls and well designed gameplay.
Some games, as noted in the review, are provided to us by the publishers for review purposes. All intellectual property, trademarks and copyrights contained in any articles or content (including but not limited to text, pictures, screenshots etc.) on the site are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. De nieuwsgierige reporter Kuifje en zijn trouwe hondje Bobbie ontdekken dat een model van het prachtige oude zeilschip De Eenhoorn een geheim met zich meedraagt. Deze eerste 3D-animatiefilm naar de avonturen van de stripheld Kuifje (Tintin) werd gemaakt met behulp van de zogenaamde motion-capture techniek, waarbij bewegingen van acteurs via de computer worden omgezet in animatie.
Out on 19th March, The Adventures of Tintin follows a young reporter and his dog Snowy who uncovers the secrets of a sunken ship that may hold a massive fortune but also an ancient curse!
On top of that it also puts them in the crosshairs of an evil villain who believes Tintin has stolen the priceless treasure! So the pair end up on an adventure that sees them travelling across the world and meeting some interesting characters including a sea captain and a couple of bumbling Interpol detectives. The film is based on the popular original Tintin comics by Herge and sees Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson teaming up to bring Tintin into cool 3D.

And for all you fans of Tintin, we’ve got the chance for you to unleash the artist inside you with these cool colouring in sheets. With the opportunity to play as Tintin and his faithful companion Snowy the game allows players to unravel the mystery of The Unicorn and perhaps find the lost treasure.
This time around Tintin is thrown into the world of wicked smugglers when he unintentionally purchases a model ship containing a clue to a lost treasure.
Players take up control of multiple characters, including Haddock, Tintin and even Snowy, inside of a rather dazed Captain Haddock’s head. While the graphics won’t be winning awards the character models and the environments are all in the typical well loved Tintin like style. The storyline itself is on the short side but it is simple and fun to play through; so you can expect to play it through at least twice. After only a couple of levels players will know all the controls as the control scheme mostly re-uses the same few buttons.
While the loading screens are often over quickly they break up the flow of the game and are in general too frequent. This being said it is unfortunately obvious when a cutscene is about to happen as the game jolts and freezes for a split second. Despite the fact that there is a lot of loading in the game the wait always seems worth it. Meegevoerd in een eeuwenoud mysterie, krijgt hij het aan de stok met de boosaardige Sacharin, die weet dat Kuifje een belangrijke aanwijzing bezit naar de grote schat van de snode piraat Scharlaken Rackham.
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Will The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn be a treasure waiting to be played or will it fall short of the mark, like so many other movie based games? The storyline follows Tintin and Captain Haddock, as their journey takes them in search of the treasure but will they be able to discover the treasure before the smugglers?
The graphics don’t push the boundaries but the game makes up for it by staying solid and well polished through-out the title. After you’re finished with the storyline there is then still the Tintin and Haddock mode and the challenge mode where players can play small mini-games based around events from the story. Whilst there are some 3D sections the game at heart is more of a platformer with a few puzzles added in for good measure.

Whilst the loading screens are often quick, to make the matters worse occasionally the loading screen seems longer than the level portion they load. With an easy going and amusing storyline The Adventures Of Tintin manages to go above the standards set by the regular film based video games. Geholpen door de moedige Bobbie, de onstuimige kapitein Haddock en de stuntelige detectives Jansen en Janssen, reist Kuifje de halve wereld af, constant op de hielen gezeten door de vijand. Spielberg liep al dertig jaar rond met plannen voor een Kuifje-film en regisseerde dit verhaal dat is samengesteld uit de twee stripboeken De Krab met de Gulden Scharen (The Crab with the Golden Claws) en Het Geheim van De Eenhoorn (The Secret of the Unicorn). The game also comes with a few other modes apart from the story mode including a two player cooperative adventure and a challenge mode. Despite the fact players will be somewhat confused by the surreal coop experience it is also where the majority of the games entertainment value comes from. The game sound superb with great voice work by the movies cast, as well as a fantastic use of both music and in-game noises to engross players into the title. Overall the game offers plenty of entertaining content which any Tintin fan would be crazy to miss. The gameplay is kept fresh by the addition of a few unique stages; such as sword fighting, driving a car or flying a plane.
Whether or not you plan on seeing the film, the game is still worth playing but it is especially worth it for Tintin fans. Jackson zal volgen met een verfilming van het tweeluik De Zeven Kristallen Bollen (The Seven Crystal Balls) en De Zonnetempel (Prisoners of the Sun). This means even after the storyline players will still be able to enjoy the game – which is something many movie titles forget about. The Tintin story mode is on the short side but this is how it was written and making it longer may have caused parts to drag. The overarching feeling from the gameplay is that it has been kept simple to cater for everyone, yet at the same time it isn’t too simple allowing the game to get boring. With plenty of items to collect including cogs and gold items as well as coins, which can be spent on costumes, there is plenty to do in just this mode.

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