You aren’t allowed to take a camera into the caves but they had a photographer follow us. This entry was posted in Travel, Uncategorized and tagged Cozumel Port, Leopard Print Nail Polish Stick-On Strips, Rio Secreto, Secret River Playa, The Amazing Secret River Excursion by Beth. Most underground river networks such as these are limited to trained spelunkers, since there are sections completely underwater that require diving equipment.
The caves and cenotes of the Yucatan have figured in Mayan religious ceremonies for centuries, and Moses shared an extensive knowledge and passion for the history, spiritual significance and environmental importance of this unique underworld environment. The first day in Miami, we took the public bus to the South Beach area and immediately went to the beach and ocean as we’d never been to the Atlantic Ocean before.
The water was beautiful turquoise, the sand was light colored and the weather was excellent in the 80’s with sunshine. We had some time the next day before our ship left so we decided we would come back and swim in the Atlantic.
We wandered around the fascinating area of South Beach with all its shops, restaurants, stores and more.
We saw an eclectic collection of people walking, roller-blading, bicycling, jogging, riding Segways. Our son, Justin got to try out a Segwayand had a big smile on his face, it was very interesting to see it work. Places for guys who are doing pull-ups, push-ups, and other workouts to try and impress themselves and people who walk by.
One warning though; as we got our bill they had already pre-calculated the gratuity and included it as part of the bill.
We had a great time on the bikes, they also have little bells and front and back lights for safety and the depots boast that they are solar powered.

After a few jumps and failed efforts to climb the tree, He got on his bicycle seat and got his coconut!
Then, we walked back into town and sat at some chairs along the road and just did some people watching.
It is a fascinating place with a very diverse population with people from around the country and around the world.
A closed off road that stretches for several blocks with designer boutiques, businesses and shops lining both sides.
It has a very worldly feel and we didn’t spend any money but it was interesting to do some window shopping.
The mall has many upscale businesses from an Apple store to high-dollar clothing stores to restaurants and even a Tesla Motors high-performance electric carstore. The store has a Tesla chassis which is filled with thousands of batteries and a Model S in the showroom! Even before the ship left port people were already hot tubbin’ and enjoying the ship. It seemed like the loading of supplies took longer than expected, we left port about 2 hours late. It is several stories high with glass elevators and a performance area on the main floor with a dancing area and lounge. You can watch this video for an idea of the ride down the elevators.
We participated in several games like threading a strand of spaghetti through macaroni pieces while holding the spaghetti in your mouth and no hands.
Some people in the front row helped by telling me to stop because Zach’s tower fell and I was the champion! Discovered in 2007, the cave is part of a 7.5-mile long network that is still being explored and mapped.

Rio Secreto, however, can be experienced on foot in a few hours -- with no swimming experience required -- and enjoyed by all ages. Along the way you will see and learn about stalagmites and stalactites, natural limestone columns, cathedral-like ceilings, and the small wildlife that inhabits the caves, such as bats and small fish. We rounded up our bike ride back on the beachfront sidewalk and dropped them off at a station along the sidewalk.
We stopped at a McDonald’s and had some dinner and snacks and found we were at the famous Lincoln Road Mallarea of South Beach. There were also several opportunities for audience participation activities throughout the week on the cruise.
Coast Guard helicopter showed up and lowered a guardsman onto the ship by a cable as the helicopter hovered overhead. They got us suited up in wetsuits, water shoes, life vest and a beautiful helmet with a lamp. We were walking away from the beach and into South Beach when a sidewalk restaurant hawker had us test his buffalo wings. Just across the street from the restaurant, we found a depot for an area wide bicycle rental program called Decobike.
We started with a trip to Miami as we were taking a Caribbean cruise and Miami was the best port with the added benefit of visiting the big city and the South Beach area. Lots of bending, walking on rocks, ducking, etc… Several people in our group had trouble.

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