We have gathered the most inspiring law of attraction (LOA) quotes from The Secret, Abraham-Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Alexander Graham Bell, Napoleon Hill, and many more. Learn about this powerful law and become a deliberate creator with these life changing LOA quotes.
The law of attraction is always working, because it is an Universal law, just like Newton’s law of gravity.
If you want changes in your life, you must become a deliberate creator – who only focus on things that feel good and on things you desire, period! It can be hard to stay focused on abundance when you’ve got bills to pay – rent, utilities, car payments, credit card bills, mortgages etc.
When you feel passion, you have no resistance – you allow the Law of Attraction to work for you. Learn how to find happiness and become successful by paying attention to your thoughts and feelings. Isn’t the Law of Attraction working for you when it comes to abundance and prosperity?
Recent CommentsPsychic Nest on Abraham-Hicks – Should I get a divorce or not?Carole Poirier on Heal Your Body – Louise L. If you are very angry – you are not going to jump straight to roses and lollipops bliss! I hope you do not think I am ever asking you to not be something you truly want to be…. Life is always full of surprises, which makes it both fun, sometimes funny, and sometimes challenging. When I look at the energy of what is behind your question, I see that you are transforming into more of yourself…so be gentle with yourself, you are on the right path. The Law of Attraction attracts to you everything you need, according to the nature of your thought life. Joseph Murphy Quote“The Law of Attraction attracts to you everything you need, according to the nature of your thought life.

I have also been talking about being connected and the Law of Divine Oneness recently so this synchronicity and Law of Attraction in Action moment ties in wonderfully! Let me share with you, this one left me tingling with the goosebumps, proving that we really are all connected.   Maybe in Cyberspace to start with but this can lead to many interesting doors opening in your life. In amongst this, feeling very honored to be sharing coffee space with such an inspiring and influential lady, LOA in Action! It’s when we do this that we open lots of doors in our lives, making it much easier for the Universe to open the doors to our dreams and desires. I hope this inspires you to get connected and get connecting.   Cyberspace makes it SO easy to connect with SO many people from all over the world, the world really IS your oyster!
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Well all people actually want the other people that surround them to act in ways that they prefer….
Your environment and financial condition are the perfect reflection of your habitual thinking. His quotes about the law of attraction are frequently cited and we have therefore included some of the best Einstein quotes.

Here are law of attraction quotes that will help you see that this powerful law really works and when you know this to be true, amazing things will start manifesting in your life! Law of attraction love quotes can be used as affirmations to increase your self-love and to change your beliefs on love and relationships.
There is a difference between abundance and prosperity – abundance is the feeling, and prosperity is the form. If this is the case, change your life around and learn to apply the Law of Attraction for health in order to regain control of your body. Change your thought patterns if necessary, and start applying the Law of Attraction right now. If you have been visualizing and using positive affirmations for a while now without any results, it’s no wonder you are frustrated! Focus more on the feeling place of abundance so that the money you want can manifest, and make sure to focus on the areas where you are already successful. The law of attraction quotes that are the best for your health, are soothing and make you feel good. So let’s get started with these amazing LOA quotes – they will absolutely turn your life around! You need to feel ease (and not dis-ease), and remember, how you think will affect how you feel. Make your intention everyday to feel good so that you attract more things that feel wonderful! The following quotes on the law of attraction will give you a new perspective and help you shift your focus from dis-ease to ease – from illness to wellness.
Here are the best law of attraction quotes that will assist you in getting the money and success you desire!

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