Great Articles on the Law of AttractionDo you know of a product or service you would like for us to review? Founded in 2007 by Matt Clarkson, the Mind-Body Training Company specializes in proven holistic practices that bring health, happiness and abundance. Love or Above is a spiritual toolkit full of wonderful exercises, meditations and techniques to help you increase your vibration and live the life you’ve always dreamed of living. In this free multipart video course, Christian Pankhurst shows you how to boost your manifesting skills and free yourself from self-sabotage and fear-based living. If you’re tired of expensive medications and unnecessary treatments, maybe its time to look at a different way to achieve optimum health. Created by the late Jose Silva, the Silva Mind Body Method has helped thousands of users reclaim their health and vitality. If we were to look closer we would see these atoms made up of a nucleus with protons whizzing around them, like planets whizzing around our sun, we are not solid, we are not static, we are energy. Now think about all the muscles that were employed to complete that simple task, you read the instruction, and carry out the task, seemingly, without a thought.
Now look away from the computer screen, have a quick peek at the time, and stare at nothing, empty your mind and think of nothing, just for 5 minutes. We our like little factories of thought, little foundries of energy, and like the proton whizzing around the nucleus we are either positive or negative, we are living magnets giving off positive or negative energy, and in much the same way as magnets we are attracting into our lives the same energy that we are giving, depending on which end of the magnet we are activating, this is the law of attraction. One way of formulating a definition of the Law of Attraction would be to think of what reading material resonates with you, what ideas ring true, which people have good or bad vibes, or who is on the same wavelength. These are more than just metaphors, they are accurate ways of describing the vibration of our reality.
If a metal plate sprinkled with sand is vibrated by a tone matching one of its resonant frequencies (matching the pitch at which the plate naturally rings when struck), then standing waves arise in the plate. The sand collects in areas where the waves are zero and helps visualize what the standing waves look like, which pattern forms depends on what matching frequency or note is vibrated, which in turn depends on the physical characteristics of the plate itself. It is known that two tuning forks with the same physical characteristics when held close together, the ringing fork will cause a non-ringing fork to ring as they resonate with each other. The definition of the Law of Attraction could be perhaps more easily explained as the Law of Vibration. Another definition of the Law of Attraction says that with syncronicity, we attract from the outside what you resonate with, on the inside. To expand this definition of the Law of Attraction a little, we could say that by having an optimistic attitude and focusing on success, one attracts these, while having a cynical depressed attitude attracts negative experiences. If you focus on the fact that you have little money, bad health, or poor relationships, the Law of Attraction will respond by giving you more of what you are focusing on.
So by using thought as intention and attention, in other words, thinking will be the cause, observing will change the original outcome and become the effect.
Another simplistic definition of the Law of Attraction is from Val Smyth, founder of Mentors in Motion. To draw his depiction of the human mind, you would draw a large circular head resting on top of a stick body, if you divide the head in two with a horizontal line, inserting the word Captain (conscious mind) in the top half, and Crew (subconscious mind) in the bottom half.
On the top of the head you would insert two antennas, one with a positive (+) sign, the other a negative (-) sign, and between the antenna, an energy or frequency line. Everything that takes place comes from energy, our thoughts to situations, comments, conversation, indeed our life experience will be received and transmitted from the positive or the negative antenna. In Val’s definition of the Law of Attraction, the captain is rather like the watchman at the gate protecting the crew. However, there is huge flaw in this arrangement, if the captain experiences are predominately negative energy, the crew will have no choice but to manifest predominately negative feelings.
If I tell you that you are ugly, then you can take that experience as a positive and choose to ignore my worthless opinion, thus protecting the crew or you can experience it as a negative, telling the crew that they are ugly and worthless.
The crew must manifest what the captain tells them, if the captain responded in a negative way, telling the crew that they are ugly, then the crew will have no choice but manifest the feelings of ugliness, worthlessness and low esteem. Similarly if I thank you for something, telling you how wonderful you are, the captain experiences this as a positive, and tells the crew the same thing, the crew has no choice but to manifest those feelings of feeling good. A good example that Val shares with us in his explanation and definition of the Law of Attraction, is one of his own experiences, growing up with his father who continually verbally abused him. The captains job was to collect the data and pass on to the crew that which he believed to be true, so, if the captain believes the abuse, then the crew must respond, manifesting shy, fearful and introverted emotions, of course this child will grow up to be just that, shy, introverted, and scarred, withdrawing from relationships and experiencing difficulty in handling themselves in society. Such a person may dream of success, relationships, prosperity and happiness but until those inner feelings and subconscious beliefs are addressed, they will never find any of these things. I am sure that you know that as you read this, your body continues to function, your heart beats, kidneys clean, lungs pump. Similarly if you are of a middle class mindset, the Captain will instruct the Crew that you need $40k, $50k or $60k annual income to maintain your middle class lifestyle, every month there will be enough money to pay your mortgage, your 2 cars and put enough food on the table, nothing more and nothing less.
If the Captain tells the Crew to do something, the Crew will respond, never question it and never doubt it. Be specific in what you order, be specific with what you want, the Captain and Crew will bring into reality whatever you desire. Everything you see, everything that surrounds you, is the result of your conscious mind, telling your subconscious mind, and your subconscious mind manifesting it for you. Whatever definition of the Law of Attraction you take on board, you must learn to control your conscious mind, whether your using meditation for abundance techniques, attracting abundance and prosperity into your life or using Law of Attraction relationship exercises. It’s the power of positive thinking, combined with spiritual growth that will give you the power of your conscious mind which will, in turn, enable your subconscious mind to manifest your desires. John Peace is a Law of Attraction Practitioner and advises people on applying the Law of Attraction and mastering Cause and Effect.
If like did not attract like there would be no such things as atoms since their nuclei are composed of, among other things, positively charged protons. There are other laws in science that support spiritual ideas and the energy they manipulate. The bottom line here is that the Law of Attraction is not in the least bit contradictory to the laws in physics.
This has led to a widespread misunderstanding of how the Law of Attraction really works, or whether or not it even works at all.
This article aims to debunk the seven biggest myths currently circulating about the Law of Attraction and bring some clarity to the subject.
The Myth Debunked: No one with a true understanding of the Law of Attraction has ever claimed that if you just think a positive thought, a house with a million dollars on the kitchen table and a Ferrari in the driveway will just drop out of the sky right in front of you. Visualization is a valuable tool in manifestation, but it isn’t the creation process itself.
These, and many other proverbs just like them, support the principle that your thoughts create your reality and you can create anything you want. The Myth Debunked: This is another myth that is based on a complete misunderstanding of how the Law of Attraction works. The problem arises when people are creating by default, which often brings them things they don’t really want, instead of creating deliberately. The Myth Debunked: This myth and the belief that we must be selfless, have caused more burnout among people with great intentions than anything else.
The selfishness that the Law of Attraction teaches, is the kind that allows a mother with three little kids to recognize when she’s becoming overwhelmed, and give herself permission to take a hot bath and recharge her batteries, without feeling guilty about it. The more selfish we are, the more joyful we become, the stronger and more unyielding we stand in our vibration of happiness, the more we have to give others, and the more we can give to others without depleting ourselves.
Of all the universal laws, the law of attraction is both the most fascinating and the most misunderstood.
In other words, there is no need to engage the law of attraction, it is already at work in your life and always will be.
If you’re not creating the kind of life you want though, chances are you are creating by default, allowing the law of attraction to bring you more and more of the same. But in order to really understand the law of attraction, you first need to understand another of the universal laws, the law of vibration.
According to the law of vibration everything is made of energy and has a distinct frequency or vibration. In other words, at the quantum level, everything is comprised of energy and empty space and what makes you, your home, your car, the chair you’re sitting in, seem solid is the frequency of the vibration of the energy that makes it up. Have you ever had a day where you felt lousy, but tried to pretend that everything was OK to family, friends or co-workers? The law of attraction, like all the universal laws, operates whether you are aware of it or not, or believe it or not.

So, the question becomes – if your life is not how you would wish it to be, how do you change it? In our next article we will explore the subconscious mind and how it can interfere with your Law of Attraction efforts.
If we fall in love with whatever it is we desire to attain, if it becomes our ruling passion or desire, then the Law of Attraction, Atkinson believed, kicks in. The Law, he assured his readers, will draw negative events to us if we’re always negative and the things we desire if we maintain a positive state of mind and do not waver from our intended purpose.
Some people, including talk show host Larry King, have doubts about the efficacy of The Law of Positive Attraction because, it seems to bypass those born into awful poverty and starvation who will, no matter how positive their thoughts, probably die without a chance to ever raise themselves out of the circumstances into which they were born. If Sheldrake is right, and I’m not arguing that he is, his theories would seem to suggest a different view of the Law of Attraction.
What does it mean when we hint that the Law of Attraction may be a work in progress and not an eternal law set in motion at the time of, or before, the origin of our universe, solar system, and earth? How does what Weinberg is saying tie into our premise about “Law” of Attraction? Is it possible that we, by our thoughts, actions, feelings, moods, and desires, for good or ill, are teaching the Habit of Attraction how to become the eternal Law of Attraction? James Clayton Napier worked as a TV news anchor, talk show host, and feature story reporter in Texas for thirteen years.
We have always thought of matter as being solid, but if we were to look at our hands with a powerful microscope, we would see molecules of atoms, held together, but with large gaps of nothing, not a solid. But thousands of electronic signals were sent via your body network, instructing muscles to contract and expand, nerves to analyse, feel and provide feedback, until your limbs were in the desired environment, for more signals to explode through your body telling everything to pause. If my vibrating energy is positive, I will attract into my life positive people, likewise if my vibrating energy is negative, I will attract like-minded negative people. Of course, most people don’t really want more of the things they lack, but because they are putting focus and energy toward the negative, more negativity happens.
For his definition of Law of Attraction and the use of positive affirmation, Val refers to Captain and Crew Technology.
So it is the captain (the conscious mind) who is analytical, who will decide, what is true and what is untrue, before giving the information to the crew. A young life of being told that he was worthless, unlovable, hated and useless, of course you can imagine the consequence.
No, they use the Captain to tell the Crew that they have low self-esteem, they are not worthy, and that they need support, sure enough the crew will manifest that reality to.
Your house, your street, your partner, job and car are a result of the Captain and Crew, you created these things, you attracted them to you. The purpose of this article is to contrast some of the basic laws in physics with that of the Law of Attraction and to at least to generally illustrate that the two fields of study are not contradictory.
The protons should have repelled each other, according to critics of the Law of Attraction. If this was not true, there would be no such thing as groups such as political parties, social and charitable groups, or even societies.
At first glance, this does not sound very good since it implies that the stronger your positive ideas, the stronger the negative idea. Whether it is spirituality, politics or economics it is easy to be complacent and to stagnate.
Perhaps it is a stretch to use this law in talking about the Law of Attraction but, at least metaphorically, it works. When looked at in terms of practical application or spiritual application, it can be seen that these laws are even interchangeable. A lot of people feel a deep resonance when they are told that they create their own reality. This is usually a quote used by people trying to claim that the Law of Attraction is a scam.
It brings you meetings with just the right people at the right time, brilliant ideas and coincidences. The Law of Attraction gives you an insight to drive through a certain neighborhood that you don’t normally drive through. Also, we are living in a time where most of us can discuss spiritual matters and Universal laws openly without fear of being burned at the stake or stoned to death.
The point is that Christianity and the Law of Attraction are not based on inherently conflicting principles.
Your job is to remember how to create consciously, to remember just how powerful you really are. The power comes from thinking the same thought over and over again, until it’s a belief.
Her main goal is to help those that resonate with her information to find the empowerment, freedom and happiness that every one of us truly deserves. Fascinating, because as humans we naturally want a tool to help create the life of our dreams, and the law of attraction can certainly help us to do that. Unfortunately, we weren’t handed a life manual at birth and, for many of us, our parents were not aware of the law of attraction and so did not teach us. That’s why, when you walk into a room where there was an earlier argument, you can sense it.
That’s because, over time, a place becomes imbued with the energy imprints of the dominant vibrations of the people who live or work there.
You are also simultaneously receiving and translating the vibrations of everything and everyone around you. Those vibrations are a mix of your thoughts and feelings and they affect everything around you. And the answer most often given by law of attraction and personal development teachers is a simple one – change your thoughts.
So, even if you managed to change all of your conscious thoughts to be positive, that still leaves an awful lot of subconscious thought, at least some of which would be negative, vibrating away in the background without you even being aware of it! The Law of Attraction, therefore, may not be an eternal law but a habit progressing toward Law status.
James interviewed thousands of people during his career from the highest and mightiest to those whose lives were so quiet they might never have been noticed had he not decided to tell their stories.
The crew (the subconscious mind) cannot analyse, cannot reason and relies 100% on the captain to create its reality.
In fact, in a Universe that is founded on energy, the laws of energy and spiritual laws that manipulate energy must be linked.
Negative energy, in spiritual terms, is merely the absence of a positive charge; it is a place for the positive to flow into.
Most people, however, have picked up snippets and incomplete information here and there and don’t really have a solid understanding of how the law works.
It’s your job to pay attention to those ideas, follow your hunches and recognize the coincidences.
All of this has allowed the idea of the Law of Attraction to spread at an unprecedented rate. There are actually now internet sites on the web dedicated to the study of the Law of Attraction from a Christian point of view. The more you think a thought and believe it, the more it affects your vibration and it’s this vibration that attracts your manifestations.
And while many of us often curse this time buffer in our impatience to receive the things we want, it is incredibly useful. Misunderstood because, unlike a tool that we can pull out and use now and again but is otherwise inactive, the law of attraction is operating in our lives constantly and independently, whether we are consciously aware of it, or believe in it, or not. At Attract Like Magic we are dedicated to helping you understand this powerful universal law and how you can begin to use the law of attraction to consciously create the life of your dreams.
Quantum physicists have shown that, although matter may appear to be solid, when you look at it through a high-powered microscope so that it is broken down into its smallest components: molecules, atoms, neutrons, electrons and quanta (the smallest particles measurable), it is ultimately mostly empty space interspersed with energy.
So a home, for example, can literally become filled with love or tension or anger or sadness or any other emotion, and that home will feel that way to a visitor even if none of the regular occupants are at home at the time. If we use the analogy of television, you are both a television transmitter, beaming out your own unique station, and also a television set or receiver, able to tune in to all the stations or frequencies being broadcast around you.
You are also, through the law of attraction, bringing to you more experiences that will match this vibration so when you feel angry the law of attraction will bring to you more experiences that will elicit the feeling of anger, you will attract angry people and find yourself in the middle of angry situations.
Your friends, family or co-workers know straight away that you are not how you are pretending to be.

At the same time you are also receiving and translating the vibrations of everything around you (which can, in turn, affect your vibration by how you react to them). This activates the law of attraction which then matches your vibrations and attracts to you similar vibrations in the form of people, things and situations in your life.
If you’re having trouble creating what you want in life, chances are your subconscious mind is at fault.
Sheldrake says most of the laws of nature, as well as the universe, are more habits rather than Laws.
However, when your focus changes to abundance, now opposites attract and the positive energy of abundance rushes in as positive energy to fill the hole you once created. By the same token, opposite sexes attract but it is still among like species so they are not really opposite as much as they are two forces that seek to join for a common purpose. If the thought is powerful but is of little concern to you (less mass), the manifestation is slow (a).
The day may well come in the areas of quantum physics when many of these things can be measured and quantified or seen in a complimentary manner. His second novel, A MAINE CHRISTMAS CAROL was released by Cambridge Books, his third book, JESUS TAUGHT IT, TOO: THE EARLY ROOTS OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION was released by Avatar Publication. The reason that so many people are hearing about it now, is because more and more people are waking up and realizing, or at least getting a glimpse of, who they really are. The Law of Attraction responds to your vibration, not the words you’ve said or thought (although notice that your words and thoughts can affect your vibration).
The point is, that even though your thoughts help to form your vibration, which creates your reality, it is the vibration behind the thought you have to pay attention to. Giving of yourself with no regard to how you feel until there’s nothing left but an empty husk, is neither virtuous nor necessary. If we take care of ourselves (physically, psychologically AND spiritually), we have so much more to give others.
You are already using the law of attraction to create everything in your life whether you realise it or not. On the Attract Like Magic site, and in upcoming newsletters and articles, we will explore everything to do with the law of attraction and provide tools that will help you to harness its power. They may ask if something is wrong, or comment that you don’t seem to be your normal self. Now that we understand vibration, let’s look at how it interacts with the law of attraction. Losier in his book Law of Attraction, The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t. Sheldrake’s years of research have led him to conclude that the Laws of the Universe, so-called, are habits it has learned over time. It therefore must be compatible with the principles of physics, to the degree that science understands the ever-changing knowledge we possess of those principles. It is not opposite matter that attracts but rather all matter seeks to attract other matter. So, you can either keep thinking negative thoughts and make the hole larger and attract a bigger hole, or use the laws of physics to your advantage and fill the hole with positive energy. Otherwise, all of the atoms of these elements would just be widely scattered throughout the Universe. I believe that one day we will but for now, I believe the law still offers an important spiritual lesson. Since matter is energy and thoughts are energy, it is logical and rational to see that the basic laws or principles would have to apply to both the physical and spiritual realms of existence. More people are asking for this information than ever before, and therefore, the Law of Attraction must bring them more answers than ever before.
If we focus on our own joy, we can uplift others, and truly help them, instead of commiserating with them in their misery and just supporting them in their being stuck in that vibration.
The results that you are experiencing: your career, finances, relationships, health, home, community, and so on, are a direct result of the law of attraction and your interaction with it in the form of thoughts and feelings. Of course, the extent to which you take on the vibrations of the people and things around you is up to you – but for most people, this is not a conscious decision. The conditions in your life, whether they are what you want or not, are always a match to your dominant vibrations. In response, the positive energy of abundance and prosperity abhors a vacuum and rushes in to fill the void. Either way, the Law of Attraction does not violate the laws of physics; on the contrary, they help to prove those laws. From personal disaster to things like job loss, divorce, epiphanies and even comments made by others, a force is required to move our life back into action and the road to higher evolution. I write the formula this way: the Force of a thought equals the importance of the thought (mass) times the urgency (acceleration) with which we desire to manifest that thought. Thoughts that have little sense of urgency (a) do yield a low thought force and one with little mass or of little concern. There are many analogies and the details can be left to those more scientifically inclined. Ancient mystics knew of the principles of energy and thought and advances in quantum physics are bringing these ideas, one thought to be diametrically opposed, into congruence and unifying theory of existence. Visualization can help you to retrain your thoughts, but there’s much more to it than that.
Everything you see around you, every person in your life, everything in your reality, is there in response to the vibration you offer. But a thought that you believe and think over and over again, a thought you give lots of attention to, will affect your vibration and that will create.
Because we are not used to explaining in terms of vibrations, they may attribute their knowing to something more mundane like tone of voice or body language, but even people without the full use of their senses can detect this type of incongruence. This is why passing thoughts, ones that lack any real importance and urgency, have little force and often dissipate. Upon moving to Maine he worked with three governors and served as the Assistant Director of the Maine State Planning Office.
You and they really hit it off and they decide to offer you rent to own terms that you can afford.
By continuing to focus on manifesting the positive and ignoring the existence of the negative, the negative remains only in potential and not manifest.
We are in motion and will continue to be so as long as we stay focused and do not allow appearances or negative thoughts derail our progress.
Conversely, a thought that holds your attention and which is filled with emotion and desire (mass) and which needs to be dealt with relatively soon (acceleration), has a lot of force and is likely to manifest quickly.
Again, while you cannot put actual numbers into the formula, the concept for the Law of Attraction do seem to work.
He worked on a White House Task Force for the development of a National Rural Policy and later served as Rural Policy Coordinator at the Federal Regional Council of New England. If your thought began to focus on the negative, then the potential negative would be brought into manifestation.
Since form follows thought, those with a lot of thought create a clearer manifestation than those with less thought. He has worked on gubernatorial and senatorial political campaigns and currently works in Special Education. The key is intention and focus and to make the positive actual and to keep the negative, potential.
If it feels really, really good to visualize the car, and the entire visualization is positive, you’re doing well. If, however, it feels a bit off and your visualization takes a bit of a negative turn, you’ve just uncovered some negative beliefs.
But if you paid attention and followed the insights and impulses the Universe was delivering to you, it could’ve seemed almost as easy as if it had.
In the Law of Attraction, love attracts love, thoughts of prosperity attract more prosperity, and thoughts of health attract health. It finds whatever you’re looking for that is also looking for you and brings you together through a series of perfect events, insights and hunches.

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