In Jesusa€™ time, it was widelyA believed that demons thickly populated the lower, denser regions of the air and that these demons wereA the primary cause of most disasters and suffering that occurred in the earth. The ancients also firmly believed that demon spirits were ordered and arranged with an entire hierarchy of power. Certainly this is one aspect of casting out demons, and we need to be quickA to take authority over demons in this way when we recognize their activity. It tells us that Jesus literally kicked these demons out of peoplea€™s lives!A a?¦Matthew 9:34, where even the Pharisees acknowledged Jesusa€™ authority over demon spirits.
Therefore, the removal of these practices was viewed to be another facet of casting outA demons.
But in ancient times there were no hardbound books; instead, theA wordA biblios referred to scrolls or parchments. These scrolls and parchments were extremely expensive because the information contained in them was written by hand.

This was done as a public declaration that they were permanently removing these objects from their lives.
They were kicking evil out from their midst and publicly announcing that they could never turn the clock back and return to these past activities. Once those books were burned, it meant evil had been cast out of their lives.A So when you think of casting out demons, dona€™t think only of taking authority over a yelling, screaming demon and ordering it to leave an individual. Part of casting out demons is also removing anything associated with magical arts, incantations, spells, or any items or activities connected with witchcraft or sorcery. If you study Church history, you will find that early believers were so convinced that this was vital to the removal of evil that they defaced the pagan statues and destroyed places of pagan religious practices.A As you deal with people who have been demonized, take authority over those evil spirits and cast them out. But dona€™t forget that breaking all ties to occult practices is also a part of the process. Cleanse the person, and then cleanse the environment!A Removing every evil item in onea€™s possession is a part of true deliverance and repentance.

So be sure to burn all bridges to the past to show that you are truly casting all evil from your presence a€” and help those to whom you are ministering do the same!A Lord, give me the courage to speak up and take authority over demons! Can you think of a time when you encountered a person who you believe wasA genuinely demonized? Have you ever taken authority over a demon spirit and commanded it to leaveA another persona€™s life? If no, is there a reason youa€™ve neverA used the power and authority Jesus gave you to do this?A 3.
Had you previously considered the removal of occult items and objects as a facetA of casting out demons?

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