Today, Kaling has two major feats to celebrate: her second book, Why Not Me?, hits bookshelves, and the fourth season of her sitcom The Mindy Project debuts on Hulu.
If you recall the pilot for The Mindy Project, it involved our heroine making a fool of herself at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding.
Now that the show is on Hulu, it looks like all of Mindy’s dreams are literally coming true.
It’s possible that the writers of The Mindy Project had planned for this to happen all along, but it is intriguing that the moment that the series winds up on Hulu is when its protagonist gets everything she ever wanted. Mindy Kaling is finally in a place where she can make her fictional alter ego’s fantasies come true. Sign up for news, stories, offers, and more, all from Decider's Webby Award nominated newsletter.
Though it feels like the show has just returned after a unbearably long hiatus, the season finale of ‘The Mindy Project’ airs tonight on FOX, and we’re bracing ourselves for the wave of emotions we’re sure to experience as we find out the fate of Mindy and Danny’s relationship. The off-beat comedy is full of eccentric and hilarious characters, but of course this Summer I will be missing the witty and pop-culture-loving Dr. Spoiler Warning!This article contains information that could be considered too revealing according to our spoiler policy. They're sitting in a tree for now, but what's going to be the catalyst for them to stop K-I-S-S-I-N-G? Season 2 of The Mindy Project begins with an episode titled "All My Problems Solved Forever," in which Mindy (Mindy Kaling) receives a proposal of marriage from her minister boyfriend Casey (Anders Holm). Granted, Mindy doesn't need to marry anyone who makes a lot of money, because she makes her own -- and plenty of it, judging from her lovely apartment and overstuffed second bedroom-cum-closet.
If the wedding planning does get to the point where the family Casey alludes to even gets to meet Mindy -- as of the premiere, she and Casey haven't even agreed on a state -- if they're as bigoted as he says, his marrying an Indian-American might not be so cool with them.
Seems like kind of a random detail for Casey to suddenly bust out moments after Mindy's accepted his proposal. If you predicted last season that Mindy and Danny (Chris Messina) are going to get together eventually, congratulations!

At first glance, the show isn’t much different than it was on Fox, and then you realize that now that the show is Hulu, Mindy is finally allowed to get everything she wants —and a little bit more. She was obsessed with romantic comedies to an almost psychotic degree and felt that her happy ending could only exist as scripted by Nora Ephron. When it was first rumored that the show might make the leap to the streaming platform, we postulated that the move made sense. Follow Decider on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation, and sign up for our email newsletters to be the first to know about streaming movies and TV news! It's everything we know the rom-com-obsessed Mindy has been dreaming of, so of course it all falls apart before we even get to the credits, as deal-sealing sex must be put on hold due to Mindy's sudden stomach pain.
We can tell from promos that James Franco's Paul will appear in at least one more episode, and presumably not just so that he and Mindy can wrangle over who gets to continue working at the medical practice.
So I don't mean that her materialism might break her and Casey up because he doesn't make enough to supply her with the material things she wants, but that his occupational parsimony may eventually cause too big a gulf to open up between them, particularly after he goes back to Haiti and she goes back to brunch. If producers decide to break them up in a way that leaves both parties blameless, natural (if premature) death is a good option.
Since then, we’ve watched as she dated a string of handsome guest stars until finally realizing that her co-worker and friend Danny Castellano (Chris Messina) is her soul mate.
Naturally, Mindy’s dreamworld is actually a nightmare, and she wakes up from it just in time for Danny to rush to her side and propose marriage. The Mindy Project was originally supposed to air on NBC, but when the peacock passed, Fox took a chance on the hot young comedian.
Still, there are a number of jokes in the premiere that are sure to raise the eyebrows of the PC police — at least, there were a few punchlines that gave me a little pause.
Though she can be narcissistic and ridiculous at times, she’s a confident and successful female with a relatability that is hard to find on TV today.
You can't unsee it!Reason The Season 2 premiere of The Mindy Project was made available online before its airdate.
By the end of the episode, Casey has suggested abandoning the casual wedding they've hastily thrown together so that she can start planning the lavish one she actually wants; also, he's going to go continue his aid work in Haiti while she stays in New York and resumes making money so that they'll be able to afford the gown and cake and litter carried by six gay guys that she's dreaming of.

Also, Mindy instantly has a more intense physical attraction to Paul than she did to Casey (thank you, recent reruns, for letting me confirm this fact), telling Paul he could be a model and so on.
And though this episode nicely did away with the lingering obstacle known as Christina (Chloe Sevigny) -- because of Danny's sexual rejection, no less -- it feels too soon for Danny and Mindy to figure out, as we all have, that they're supposed to hook up. And in a world that is still beset with racism, sexism, and xenophobia, that is a truly revolutionary stance for the daughter of two Indian immigrants to make.
But Kaling has long shown that she doesn’t want to soften her brand to appeal to everyone. Not only does she have me hysterically laughing every Tuesday, but Mindy Kaling’s alter-ego is someone with positive body image, a love of comedy, many words of wisdom, and a great sense of style-she is admirable. That she feels this way in spite of the bags under his eyes, jaundiced cast to his skin, and badly discolored teeth suggests that she might be looking at him through the eyes of love, or at least lust.
When we last saw her on Fox, she was pregnant and Danny was dead set against ever getting married again.
She’s been criticized in the past for the fact that her romantic interests have been overwhelmingly white and some have taken umbrage with her depiction of her own culture. In fact, all of those suggestions are probably too normal for Morgan to do; trying to predict what that dude might do to turn any situation into a catastrophe is a fool's errand.
The move to Hulu not only made sense for the show, but for the streaming site’s brand.
These are all valid critiques, but Kaling’s humor has never been about pleasing others, but herself. While that may not make for the most inclusionary voice in comedy, it is still a feminist one. Kaling deserves the same platform for all her faults and foibles that the average white male comedian has.

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