The delectably twisted fable centers on two penniless but shapely young women who set out to better their social station by manipulating men. Two young women find themselves struggling to survive in Paris, street-wise Nathalie, a stripper, and naive Sandrine, a barmaid. 1.Do you often have a gut feeling that you dona€™t want to do something, but do it anyway, just to make someone else happy?
5.Do you give yourself time for self-care (for example, reading a good book, taking a bath, meditating, going for a walk) and feel like you deserve it!
6.Do you spend more time congratulating yourself on your accomplishments or more time judging yourself for your perceived failures or inadequacies? The more supportive your answers are toward being positive and self-nurturing, the greater your self-love is.
Every year we send out a picture card to our donors & pray-ers who support our ministry. As I type it out, it doesn't necessarily sound scary especially since -and maybe for the first time in my life- I believe in myself enough to take good and healthy risks for the sake of my life, my faith & family. In a nutshell, that is what this blog is about: my value of life, faith, culture and relationships. Then, each parent has to do some craft preparation and the craft we were supposed to do, Dave picked up on Tuesday (on his days) & forgot to give it to me until Thursdays (my days) which also happened to be the day it was duea€¦ so, the Clifford cut-out ears were late. No one has said to us, a€?oh, those kind of parents,a€? but I feel like it I can feel it when I pick him upa€¦. Well, maybe their not keeping track but I am.A  I feel like such a dork for not being more on top of all this new stuff. And Ia€™m trying not to believe that all of the moms, dads & teachers at Rana€™s pre-school dona€™t think were bad parentsa€¦ and if they do, oh well. If you would like to receive an email version of each new post when it is published, clickA and enter your email address. If you would like to subscribe to blog posts using an RSS feed reader instead, then clickA for the feed address. If you would like to subscribe to the comments using an RSS feed reader, then clickA for the comments feed address. A A few years ago I took part in Fit Zone's for women so-called "21 day fitness study" where they basically rope you in to becoming a member by paying the 1st year in advance for a fraction of the price.
Anyway, I was pouring over our credit card bills to generate a financial report for our new financial planner -which I am so excited about- to know just how much money we typically waste a year & on what and I noticed that Fit Zone had overcharged me by $350 last April. So, not only do these thieves have horrible hours, they steal your money, don't offer you a pool or a jacuzzi and make you pay extra to tan. Long enough to see each one go up & greet their wives, and then all four come back on stage to wave. For the past 12 years I've been speaking at InterVarsity conferences, campus groups & youth groups with great pleasure.

If you'd like to invite me to speak to your youth group, college group or church, I charge travel costs & a very meager honorarium. Still seems crazy that they have been pulling this off for over a year now without being shut down.
You can watch literally ALL of this years Oscar movies before The Academy Awards without leaving your apartment. They seem to be selling ads on the site, which means making money off stolen content, which should be illegal.
This fuel is so powerful that throughout the ages religions have lectured us about self-indulgence, selfishness and reminded us that we are sinners who need to repent. A The ultimate goal of this card is that it will go up on refrigerators & that people will remember to pray and give to our ministry.
A Last April 2008, sadly, I left the group on campus (CBC) I helped to create and maintain for the last 4.5 years.
A In May 2008, I accepted a new position in my career with InterVarsity which has been vacant for over 6 years. A In June 2008, I needed to transition into full time fund-development with a goal to raise over $30,000 in 30 days. In July 2008, I felt that God had called me to transition my name from "Gracee," to "Grace" as a tangible way to offer forgiveness to my father who gave me the name, Grace but then severly sexually abused me for 7 years. A In October 2008, Dave & I decided to make a serious effort to try to bring Biskie baby #2 in the world. A In May, June & July I'll have the wonderful opportunity to relax, and spend extra time with my family. A However, all these decisions represent many hours of prayer and journaling and conversations for me. A At the end of the day, I'm just your average Gen X-er, in love with the color red & trying to find the best expression of my faith while trying to change the world around me --one woman at a time. During my 30+ years as mental health professional, mother, foster mom and spiritual hypnotherapist I have concluded that no matter what is in your life that isna€™t working, the answer is self-love. Often times our families and teachers, subject to the same lies, have taught us that to want for ourselves is to be greedy.
A With that in mind, which would -if up on your fridge would make you think, "mmm, I love those Biskies, I should send a check to InterVarsity today!
A My daunting task is to quadruple (if not more) the black student population in InterVarsity in MI, OH & PA. A It was also my way of accepting the Lord's offer to become more and more of a woman of grace.
A In August, yet again I will take a full 30 days to raise a great deal of money & in September I will begin my new job with a heavy dose of fear and excitement.
A I'm starting to feel really discouraged about my seemingly inability to conceive so I'd appreciate those of you who pray if you'd give me a shout out for peace.

A At some point in the last year I have known that God is making me a "writer." A Not only do I love it -and want to do it every waking minute of the day- but I have been overwhelmed with the private messages people send me in how I've encouraged, inspired or challenged them.
A They are going to give me a FABULOUS WordPress blog transformation that no one else will have -- I've seen the beginnings of it & it is going to be soooo beautiful! A The problem is they don't open until 8:30am, so a working mom can't get up early to work out before work.
You can watch right on your laptop, or if you have the setup just stream on your mobile device right to your flatscreen at home. We urge all copyright owners, to recognize that the links contained within this siteare located somewhere else on the web. If we care about how we look, we are conceited, praise ourselves and we are self-centered, put ourselves first and we are selfish.. A The next problem is they close at 8:30pm, so a working mother can't go to work out after said mommy has put the baby(ies) to bed! A I was watching on myspace's live webcast & so they let it linger for a full minute after the debate was over.
It's sort of sad that we put men on the moon years before even having a single black candidate for president. You’ll be watching the Lego Movie in seconds from the comfort of your sectional couch.
The bind this programming puts us into is this: we want, but wanting makes us selfish and we like to get, but getting makes us greedy. So now that you are aware, remember that we most often treat our inner child like our parents treated us - until we break out of that mold. If the law of attraction is like the motor that makes your car run, then this secret is like the gasoline that powers the motor. A What type of stupid establishment has such horrible hours & yet claims to cater to women?
Think of it in this way, you are the parent of your inner child and everything you say to yourself, you are saying to that child.
This may show up in obvious ways in our life, or in very subtle ones and dona€™t be fooled, ita€™s the subtle that holds the greatest power. When we are not aware of the belief or pattern that is driving us we think we are in control, but it is really the subconscious that is driving us.

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