13 Tales is one of my favorite albums and I hope that my review will encourage more people to try the Pierces' music.
In a time when Mileys and Lil Waynes dominate the music scene, the task of finding a worthwhile album may seem unattainable. Before you give up, however, let the Pierces' “13 Tales of Love and Revenge” renew your faith.

It deviates from convention with obscure instruments including the banjo, calliope, and sitar. The Pierce girls throw themselves into their songs, assuming roles from lovesick victims (“Go to Heaven”) to haughty socialites (“Boring”), with a knack for spinning cliched ­situations into unique listening experiences. Relying heavily on the appeal to pathos, each song tells a different tale, and this album can be just as cherished as a favorite storybook.

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