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Before you learn how to practice meditation, it’s important for you to convince your mind that meditation is a worthwhile pursuit.
While many of the benefits of meditation are physical, such as lower blood pressure, lowered stress hormone production and lower anxiety levels, there is one mental benefit to meditation that is very profound. Take a look at this meditation picture I made to remind you that meditation connects you with that higher power. Once you get inspired to start learning how to practice meditation, it’s a good idea to encourage yourself to continue practicing it so you get better and better. Whether you use a brainwave meditation to get yourself into the meditation state, or practice meditation in a more traditional manner through breath control, keeping this next meditation picture in your meditation sanctuary can help you feel the physical expansion of meditation. Once you use meditation quotes to get you started down the meditation path, you can use other meditation images to keep yourself reminded of how good it feels to do meditation. But, to be in the present moment is “where the action is” and is much more available to you as you increase your practice of meditation.
Is it possible that William Fisk, the arch-villain in Marvel’s Daredevil TV series, admired Thomas Merton? Important to keep in mind is that solitude is assuredly not individualistic or rooted in desires for individualism. Matthew & Joy Steem are siblings who savor imaginative expressions of hope, wonder and interdependence.

So this is the last post in the mini series that was my 3 days with a trio of native americans.
Did you know that your measurable level of intelligence (IQ), memory, and overall brain power are not permanently set levels? Its true, once believed to be constant beyond a certain life stage, mainstream science has now accepted the ability for each of us to readily change the power level of our brains. In fact, a 2000 study at Harvard University found that meditation beneficially increased the physical size of the brain regions associated with such qualities as focused attention, deep thought, memory, and brain power while simultaneously quieting the electrical activity within the regions associated with anxiety, depression, fear, and anger. Numerous studies have shown that humanity’s greatest thinkers, inventors, artists, and scientists use both brain hemispheres together, in unison. Meditation has been scientifically proven to synchronize your left and right brain, allowing extremely beneficial changes in hemispheric thought communication, neural chemistry, and intellectual processing power.
Take time to explore and contemplate these profound words from spiritual masters, teachers, and guides. Now, more than ever before, we can share the incredible diversity and power of spiritual traditions from around the world.
Contemplating the words of a spiritual teacher is a time-honored way to access your own deeper self.
When your intention is strong and you relish the opportunity to sit in meditation, that is a great gift. Here are some meditation images that I made to encourage you to learn how to practice meditation or use as meditation readings throughout your day. Keeping meditation quotes around you helps your mind “believe” that meditation is worth the effort. That benefit is using the healing power of meditation to open and expand your mind to connecting with some form of higher power. When I look at this image, I am hopeful that I can find answers within myself to make my life work better. That was the thought that came to my mind after hearing him look down at the nearly dead hero, Matthew Murdoch, and calmly state, “I find it difficult to meditate.
Now I know for certain that the writers didn’t put that line there for no good reason. And indeed, Merton would have probably had even harsher words about the near whole of our society being little able to quiet our minds than simply calling it a “character flaw.” Perhaps because while a character flaw is something that is individual, the near entirety of our society is antagonistic to a quieted mind. It’s important to note that Merton believed that when it came to both solitude and silence, and the important role they play in our contemplative lives, people shouldn’t assume that it’s a topic only for monks or hermits.

By harnessing the power of super advanced, precisely designed brainwave synchronization audio technology, EquiSync® gives you access to the same deep, highly pleasurable, extremely beneficial meditative states as someone with decades of meditative experience – quickly, safely, and easily. Taking time to slow down and consider the words of a more advanced practitioner can help catalyze the inner conditions for meditation.
If you are a more experienced meditator, read our empowering article on The 5 Hidden Signs of Your Success. Whether you want to relax, stimulate creativity, gain enlightenment, or cultivate compassion and mindfulness, we help you learn how to let go.
Because you’ve quieted down all that mind chatter that goes on that keeps you either in the past or the future. They, like so many of the TV shows of the day, are also trying to educate their audience in some way.
Yet at the same time, I believe Merton would have softly suggested that this perpetuation to an un-quieted mind is something that is remediable too, both in an individual and a society—though it might require more time and patient effort on the latter front. Rather, Merton made the strong case that a developed contemplative life is needed for all of us to live meaningfully and joyously. Mere withdrawal, regression, leads to a sick solitude.” That is to say, the person who simply seeks solitude to avoid the company of others will find a solitude that lacks both meaning and fruit. At the beginning of these meetings, Jenni, the leader had told me that she would share knowledge about experiences if I would listen to their request at the end.
Right hemisphere thinking is non-linear, intuitive, abstract, big-picture focused, and creative.
But while in many cases it’s a bit cheap— take for example the continual mawkish jabs which the TV series Elementary takes at tobacco and car idling—I was quite moved at such a nicely delivered snub to a more rooted problem in our culture: the near aversion to silence and its sibling solitude.
Indeed, for Merton, “false solitude separates a man from his brothers in such a way that he can no longer effectively give them anything or receive anything from them in his own spirit. Fisk, perhaps he is an apt reminder that without cultivating our capacity for the true solitude of inner stillness, we indeed risk endangering ourselves from experiencing the fullness of our humanity.
As you can imagine I had been intrigued by this request for the 3 days that we met and asked on a few occasions what it would be.

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