I am writing this on the morning of Christmas Day at 6am while everyone is still sleeping… with the new Year less than 1 week away, originally I was going to write about how to properly set goals… but instead, this Christmas season had me thinking about gifts… and then I realized the great Secret Gift that you already have today. This Secret Gift has nothing to do with whether you celebrate Christmas or not… it is not about your spiritual beliefs, nor is it about what materialistic things you want in life. We are now in an age where we all have the opportunity to change our lives.  Things that were not possible just 10 years ago are now possible today because information is everywhere and the internet connects everyone.  The internet has truly changed the world and given us the Gift of Opportunity! If you want to advance in your career, you can access tons of free business resources online that can help you. If you want to meet a new friend and expand your network, you can meet new people through social media. If you want to change your financial situation, you can start a legitimate home based business that can double your income in 1 – 2 years. Why do some people seize opportunities and become successful while others just sit and do nothing?! Why would someone not claim his Gift of Opportunity and make a positive change in his life?!

If you are already taken action to change your life, then congratulations!  The next step would be to share that gift with people you know.  Giving is the the greatest joy! If you need advice on how to change your life in 2012 and take advantage of the opportunities out there, feel free to contact me and email me directly. About simonwchanSimon Chan is a MLM coach, trainer, speaker and writer who helps distributors find better prospects, sponsor more people and create duplication.
So make sure you are all ready with your card stock…twine and ribbons!  These are even adorable to create some Christmas tree ornaments with there or maybe a winter banner!  If you need a bit more of a selection…why not try here.
The winner of this contest will receive a $30 gift card to any one of my favorite places to shop, OR a place of your choosing! This is one of those places where sky’s the limit for allowing you to feel and know that you are the most beautiful person on the planet.
I like the food glass bottles the best (and would use them the most as hubs is a chef!), especially the swing-top bottles.
SInce I am a a newlywed mother of three it’s difficult to have quiet moments with my husband, so to surprise him with a night to ourselves would be unique and special for us.

Sad thing is, their bras dont fit me…they dont carry a large enough size, but their panties and clothes will fit.
Thank you for this link- we will probably be ordering from them- I never knew where to get these kinds of bottles! We don’t need gifts but just to be with one another, no matter what we do, would be the greatest gift of all. What really counts is that you give thanks and acknowledgement to those people who are walking with your day after day, year after year and support you in your life-long endeavors. I really loved being able to connect with my readers more, and I would love the opportunity to reward you for being awesome.

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