Although still not officially confirmed it is likely that Kessler - the six-part 1981 sequel to Secret Army - will be released by DD Home Entertainment later in the year. The series stars Clifford Rose, Alison Glennie (Blake's 7) as Ingrid, Nicholas Young (The Tomorrow People) as Franz, Alan Dobie (War and Peace, Cribb) as Richard Bauer and Nitza Saul (Doctor Who) as Mical Rak. Landre, who refuses to believe Lisa's story that she has nothing to do with the resistance.

Gerry was one of the BBC's most prolific drama producers with a huge list of successes to his name. The new forum ismaintained by Chris Herbert and also covers several other classic TV series such as Survivors and Upstairs Downstairs. As well as Secret Army, Glaister was behind Kessler, Colditz, The Brothers, Howard's Way, The Fourth Arm, Blood Money, Skorpion, Cold Warrior, Buccaneer, Oil Strike North, The Expert, Codename, Morgan's Boy and Trainer.

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