I couldn't wear the extensions because I apparently have a fat head and they either slipped up in the back or back on the top. All the products I purchased from Daisy Fuentes have been too slippery and won't stay in or on my hair. We successfully made and used our own loom for making rubber band bracelets using 2″ framing nails and a scrap piece of 2 x 4. This is certainly not as easy to use as something like the Rainbow Loom where each peg has a slot that you can slip a crochet hook.

Made of synthetic fibers, it looks and feels like real hair and offers all the ease of a headband with the complex look of woven locks.
And I might be having to make the cool homemade version of the loom for little sister to be doing it as big sister makes hers. I’m not going to let my kids see them unless we are super bored one day with a lot of time on our hands, because my crew will definitely want to create something similar. We’ve definitely been cranking along with Rainbow Loom still, I’ll think of some more things to post!

Updos, down-dos and anything in between — it's the easy way to bring your inner elegance out. I like the fact that it was tight when I put it on, but it stretched complete after the second wear and didn't retract.

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