Become the Portal Master and use the Portal of Power to teleport your Skylanders into battle!
If you clicked on this article expecting to read about Pikachu with the ASHPD and Ganon’s piece of the Triforce then you have made a wrong turn. The player places the character action figures on the Portal of Power which brings the characters to life within the game. The 30+ characters are sold separately so if you want to collect them all you have to spend the extra bit of money, and in February Activision announced a sequel called Skylanders: Giants which means the franchise is only getting bigger. The player places their chosen Pokemon action figure at one end of the Pokemon Stadium which brings it to life within the game. To catch ‘em all the action figures would be sold separately (Lapras), in packs of two (Phanpy, Donphan), or three (Mudkip, Marshtomp, Swampert).
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Also, for your convenience, when you purchase a copy of Skylanders it comes bundled with the Portal of Power and three character action figures.
There are more than 30 characters to collect and each character belongs to one of eight elemental classes: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Magic, Tech, Undead and Life.
Consider it all an investment though, because there is nothing cooler than owning miniature (or giant) models of your favourite monsters.
Perhaps only sell the starter Pokemon from Generations I, II and III, and allow players to catch the rest in the game. We all know you love your add-ons and this is your chance to give rise to a new style of catching, training and fighting Pokemon; A chance to revolutionize the series.
In the case of multiplayer, both players place their chosen Pokemon action figures at either end of the Pokemon Stadium which initiates the fight. Even at that ridiculous total there is not a doubt in my mind that there are completionists out there who would pride themselves on owning such a collection.

Ironically, a Pokemon game that relies on players literally buying them cheapens the experience.
Or better yet, instead of purchasing Tepig, Pignite and Emboar players just buy Tepig and as it evolves the data is simply stored inside the action figure.
I think I speak for every Pokemon fan when I say I would pay top dollar (and British pound coin) to see this happen. That way when a level 18 Tepig is placed upon the Pokemon Stadium it comes to life on-screen as a level 18 Pignite. Alessandra wears cute babydolls, lace trimmed panties, robes, slips, chemise and animal prints from the label’s latest collection.

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