Executive producer Andrew Miller and Gale Harold are now speaking out about which direction the series might have gone in had The CW renewed. All the usual faces return for the new X-Men (Yes, even Wolverine), and there’s no doubt that the film will be a major 2016 summer blockbuster. Most critics are in agreement that a highlight of the movie is a particular Quicksilver scene, and it supposedly tops his big moment in Days of Future Past. This will probably come as a shock to nobody who has seen the trailer, but poor Oscar Isaac is completely wasted as Apocalypse, a powerful mutant who has been awakened after about 5,000 years of being buried alive – which is fitting because Isaac is buried under a ton of makeup.
Once Apocalypse begins fulfilling his promise to “wipe clean this world” by destroying world cities, shown in the usual pornographic detail for this sort of film, the X-Men and women go about doing their thing once again. From the opening prologue, set in the Nile Valley circa 3600 BC, it’s clear that Singer aims to take audiences on an eye-popping roller-coaster ride, though in doing so, he leaves behind any pretense of coherent storytelling or character development, as an aging Apocalypse prepares to transfer into a younger body with the help of four devoted minions. The idea of an apocalypse means every dial has to be turned up to 11 and this film certainly provides bangs for your buck, although there is less space for the surreal strangeness of the X-Men to breathe, less dialogue interest, and they do not have the looser, wittier joy of the Avengers. Director Singer handles the traffic earnestly and well, with a modicum of snark and 1.5 teaspoons of levity. Unsure where she fits between Xavier’s pacifism and Magneto’s aggression, this Mystique gets to carve out a unique space in the mutant landscape, and Lawrence brings depths to the character that she’s rarely had in the pages of X-Men comics.
I've joked about this, but in a way, #XMenApocalypse really is an X-Men First Class movie. APOCALYPSE isn't great, but its boldest ideas offer a Stark contrast from the cowardice and compromise that make the MCU movies so dull.
Joe and Anthony Russo have let slip that Captain Marvel, the MCU’s first female superhero with her own solo movie, will appear in the two-part Avengers finale. So unless Captain Marvel has a male twin brother, let’s consider this one in the bag. Marvel has to hurry up and cast her though — last we heard, Rebecca Ferguson was up for the role. Via The Hollywood Reporter, we have some details about the main topic of discussion, namely the pervasive Bury Your Gays trope (the excessive amount of LGBT characters killed off to further the plot of the straight leads), and The Lexa Pledge — a pledge signed by several industry professionals who aim to do better by the LGBT community. It is of course impossible for producers and writers to ignore the backlash from Lexa’s death on The 100. Lexa (played by Alycia Debnam-Carey) was a powerful, beautiful, sympathetic lesbian character, whose relationship with bisexual lead character Clarke (Eliza Taylor) made LGBT fans believe they finally had a strong LGBT relationship to stand behind.

When Lexa was killed, by a stray bullet meant for Clarke and after the writers had allegedly led fans to believe she was safe, fans felt betrayed.
While The Lexa Pledge is a great first step, the producers and writers present at the panel acknowledged that its commitment to serve this particular faction of characters may also restrict creative freedoms. Read more about The Lexa Pledge and find out which writers have signed it on LGBT Fans Deserve Better. Several hashtags concerning the series trended on Twitter worldwide for over an hour after the news was announced. Now that she’d seen what her selfish desire for power nearly cost her daughter, we’d have seen a different side to her. Other than that, any across-the-board agreement about this movie is that it isn’t very good. But the weight of so many characters defrays the impact and interest, just as it deprives key veterans of the franchise, most notably Jennifer Lawrence (more often seen as Raven than Mystique), of much chance to contribute. The character narrowly pulls it off, as the massive pyramid he had constructed crumbles spectacularly around him, killing his followers and entombing him for the next several thousand years. But the more playful episodes with Cyclops and Quicksilver are welcome and everything hangs together. There’s a joke at the expense of the long-ago, far-away third “X-Men” picture, the lousy one directed by Brett Ratner. Apocalypse, the first and most powerful mutant from Marvel’s X-Men universe, amassed the powers of many other mutants, becoming immortal and invincible. Captain Marvel is not set for release until 2019, however, and fans are still clamoring for that elusive Black Widow movie. Sharon Carter and Maria Hill, while not Avengers, also deserve stories centered on their characters. While many LGBT characters have been killed off in similar fashion both before and after, Lexa has in many ways come to symbolize the LGBT community’s struggle with fair representation in Hollywood. It was the final straw, and the LGBT community is now coming out in force to demand fair treatment from the industry. There are far more imaginative ways to continue or end a character’s arc, and perhaps this pledge to avoid a harmful trope should also be seen as a pledge to embrace more fresh, innovative storytelling. Though initially there were some conversations about pitching the series to ABC Family, those conversations have ended — again, because of budgetary concerns and an already full development slate at ABC Family.

Showrunner Andrew Miller was hoping that season 1 would be available, but sadly it’ll only be immortalised on iTunes.
Jake is going to take up his struggle to stop the darkness from seeping into his world and the people he loves. Despite the undeniable presence of a huge amount of action, X-Men: Apocalypse is decidedly a case of more is less, especially when compared with the surprising action and more interesting personal interactions (including the temporary subtraction of some characters) in other big Marvel franchises. But in the future X-Men films have to mutate into something with fewer characters and more characterisation. Upon awakening after thousands of years, he is disillusioned with the world as he finds it and recruits a team of powerful mutants, including a disheartened Magneto (Michael Fassbender), to cleanse mankind and create a new world order, over which he will reign. And with so little character development in the villains and such ambiguity about what they are actually up against in Apocalypse, the final showdown is a mess of low stakes and confounding setups.
It’s simply large, and long (two-and-a-half hours, the usual length lately with these products).
She’s seen how close she was to losing the one love of her life, her daughter, and how badly she’d been betrayed by Blackwell, and how easily she was manipulated because of her thirst for power. There are a few moments in Apocalypse that rival the best ones in Days of Future Past, But there just isn’t the emotional impact in Apocalypse as there are in the very best X-Men films. I remain unpersuaded and slightly galled by the attempts to interpolate the history, locale and tragic meaning of Auschwitz into what used to be known as popcorn movies. It was like he was the skinny kid on the beach getting sand kicked on him by the bullies, and he sends away from the back of a comic book to be a muscle man so he can never be in that position again.
I think she’ll become much more of an avenging force for good, and I think that will be a huge problem for the kids and what they encounter with these Balcoin kids,” Miller said. They thought that he was the best guy to take care of the skull, but in fact, he was the worst.

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