Apparently the DNA results are in and Chris is the father, but I can’t deny that from this photo, the little girl looks more like the man who was told he was the father. Singer Allegedly Has 9-Month-Old Daughter3Mar20157 Comms(UPDATE) Did Chris Brown Have A Break Baby? According to TMZ, 25-year-old Chris has a 9-month-old daughter, with a former 31-year-old model named Nia.

I hope for the sake of the little girl, that her mother continues to allow this man into her life since he’s the only father she has known, the DNA says Chris is the sperm donor, but that man is her Father! Janet Jackson's former brother-in-law, Young DeBarge told hip hop radio station Hot 97 that Janet has a secret 18-year-old daughter with his brother James. As per Janet denying the girl if she's really her child, thats Janet's loss, considering the bad aura around that their family.

So yes this could be her child cause of her age and the posibility that she look like her mom and dad.

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