So many theories that you just sit back and shake my head That includes ET visitations, hover the blocks with some sort of sound system." A place we can learn a lot about Egyptian Steinmetz methods, is of the so-called unfinished obelisk.
Here we have a 1000-ton obelisk made of granite, because a crack which developed halfway through the project abandoned.
This stone, because it is unfinished, gives us a direct insight into how they cut and shaped granite and other stones. A team of workers would each installation page and pound their sections with a diorite pounding stone.

The throbbing just broke millimeters of granite at a time, but eventually this troth-like portions would occur in every worker station. After that they would do the same thing on the floor of the block, until it supported only by a thin spine in the middle. The people who Moai statues on Easter Island created using very similar methods for extraction of rock, like many other groups around the world - as we shall see.
After the stones were roughly shaped by pounding stones, they would begin to polish them with mills.

Usually had a handle and a flat surface, which they use to rub against the stone, with sand as an abrasive. The various mineral particles found in the sand, are hard enough to polish hard stone such as granite, but also to do what Ancient Aliens tried to make people think, in fact, is completely impossible - that is, to cut granite.

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