UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: Alien Disguised As Secret Service Agent Revealed On Camera At AIPAC Conference. Here we see President Obama giving a speech from last year at the Washington Convention Center.
Digital cameras are known to see more than the human eye and can also reach far beyond into other spectrums of light allowing the camera to see the true image. Many of us have heard stories about abductions and even about many species of aliens that live among us.

For instance an infrared lens on a Sony camcorder allows you to see invisible orbs or UFOs very clearly in the sky during the day, but you will almost never see these objects with your eyes. Place an alien close to Obama at all times in order to help protect him and to manipulate his thoughts and actions through telepathy. Some look like us with human form, others don't and they must use their technology to disguise themselves as one of us. Do you some research and you can easily find out who that man was and yes that was indeed a man.

Is this what they eat and is this guy always seen in the bushes for dinner looking for bugs?

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