Ban nh?c Secret Garden d?n t? Na Uy, du?c thanh l?p vao nam 1994, g?m hai thanh vien chinh la Fionnuala Sherry (choi violon) va Rolf Lovland (Sang tac, nha s?n xu?t va choi keyboards).
N?u co v?n d? gi v? link ma anh em ko down du?c hay kho down vui long report s? tim link MF t?i dang test host nay. The artists performing the songs of Secret Garden on this edition are - Barbra Streisand, Elaine Paige, Brian Kennedy, Niamh Kavanagh, Peter Corry, Tracy Campbell, Tommy Korberg, Peter Joback, Anne Takle, Espen Grjotheim and Steinar Albrigtsen. Tru?c do, Rolf Lovland (nam) da du?c bi?t d?n nhu m?t nha vi?t nh?c xu?t s?c nh?t c?a Na Uy, t?ng d?i di?n Na Uy d? thi Eurovision 1985 va do?t gi?i quan quan; con Fionnuala Sherry (n?), ngu?i Ireland, da bi?t choi violin t? khi len tam va da co tham nien 10 nam trong dan nh?c giao hu?ng.

But the children cleverly gathered small white stones, and on their journey into the forest, they secretly dropped them onto the ground. They were always there – awakened by our heartbeats and nourished by our tears – the eternal songs that can lift our spirits to reach for something higher within us".
V?i guong m?t kh? ai, Fionnuala con du?c nhi?u l?n xu?t hi?n tren cac phim truy?n hinh c?a kenh truy?n hinh qu?c gia Ireland. At nightfall, left alone, the moon illuminated the white stones, and the reflection became their guiding light.

In addition to 11 songs, you can also look forward to hearing 2 beautiful new Secret Garden instrumental pieces. Ngoai ra, co con du?c m?i ghi am nh?c n?n cho nhi?u phim c?a Hollywood nhu The river runs wild, A room with a view va The mask.

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