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This interactive activity book takes you on a ramble through a secret garden created in beautifully detailed pen-and-ink illustrations - all waiting to be brought to life through colouring, but each also sheltering all kinds of tiny creatures just waiting to be found. Appealing to all ages, the intricately-realized world of the Secret Garden is both beautiful and inspirational. Hear first about fantastic new gift ideas, latest products, giveaways and exclusive offers. Sign-up now and receive via email, $5 off your first order as well as free delivery on orders over $75 for evermore.
Based on some feedback I have been getting from CSLJ Book Club members, it seems that a lot of us (myself included) have fallen behind on commenting on our book club discussion questions for The Secret Garden. I’ll be back tomorrow with new discussion questions for Day 6 but in the meanwhile, I would love to hear what you think about the idea of a catch up date being worked into the schedule for future discussions.
In honor of Children's Book Week, I'll be holding a different flash sale each day on a piece of handmade jewelry inspired by classic kids' books. One test to determine whether our pain is producing pride is to ask how we respond to encouragement from others, maybe especially from other believers who don’t understand our pain. A couple years ago, I wrote a handful of articles related to singleness while I was still a not-yet-married man, and they seemed to be received well. This April, after a couple decades of trying, failing, and maturing, I finally married my bride.
The comments above were not the dominant response, so I’m not writing to vindicate the piece or my point of view. The revelation for me, though, was how easily we all are prone to wield our pain to reject God’s good news for us. But that sentiment about our suffering betrays the beauty of how the Bible ministers to us in our brokenness. As we receive God’s word for us from others, we listen to the Creator of the world — the one who designed every inch of our bodies and authored every second of our story, including our pain.
Now, God has undeniably blessed us by giving us brothers and sisters in Christ who have suffered like us (or better, who are suffering like us even now). On April 14, 2014, Boko Haram kidnapped more than 270 girls because they believe it is sinful for girls to be formally educated.Here are four reasons we educate our girls.
William Scrots, King's Painter to Henry VIII and his son Edward VI, was paid a salary twice as large as that of his predecessor, Hans Holbein?

Thomas Stanley was an officer of the Royal Mint at the Tower of London under four monarchs—Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I? Samuel Hieronymus Grimm, a Swiss painter, toured England for twenty years leaving 2,662 sketches in the British Library -- including the only known image of the coronation of Edward VI? Sir John Luttrell, an English soldier and diplomat under Henry VIII and Edward VI, was the subject of an allegorical portrait (pictured) by Hans Eworth celebrating peace with France and Scotland? Edward VI of England's 1547 Injunctions mandated that a copy of the English translation of the Paraphrases of Erasmus was to be kept in every parish church?
Anne Juliana Gonzaga became a Servant of Mary following the death of her husband, Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria in 1595, after receiving a vision of the Madonna, to whom her parents had prayed to cure her of a childhood illness?
Especially with spring here and summer on the way I think people might be getting out and doing more. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet for a Mother's Day Tea at Pemberley with this Pride And Prejudice necklace.
He wields pleasure to make us doubt God’s satisfying greatness, and pain to make us doubt God’s sovereign goodness. Are we willing to hear the word and hope of God from someone who has not experienced or cannot comprehend our current suffering?
From far too young, I longed for the affection, safety, and intimacy I anticipated with a wife. I assume they were liked and shared by many, in part, because I was a single guy myself reflecting about the hardships (and goodness) in unwanted singleness.
Just four months later, I’m amazed how quickly I seem to have lost all credibility with some of the not-yet-married. In fact, I’m sure I thought and said some of the same things as an unhappily single man about the “encouragement” I received from married friends. I see it in myself, and it’s corroborated in the honest struggle of several with whom I’ve dialogued about singleness in the past week. Fortunately, they don’t need to rely on what they know about your particular pain to be a blessing to you, because God wrote a book to overcome all of our inevitable ignorance and insensitivity.
The God who speaks into all of our pain through the Bible is the Artist who painted all the brightest lights and all the darkest shadows into our lives.
There’s a sacred bond of comfort and encouragement between those who have tasted the same pain, whether it’s unwanted singleness, or a cancer diagnosis, or a miscarriage, or unemployment, or whatever you’re suffering.
You are permitted and encouraged to reproduce and distribute this material in its entirety or in unaltered excerpts, as long as you do not charge a fee.

If we’re unwilling, then pain has driven us into isolation, and Satan’s succeeding in his purpose for your suffering. Now-barely-married me published an article entitled “Hope for the Unhappily Single.” The article was drawn from a chapter I wrote for a book on manhood and womanhood, Designed for Joy. I was saying the same truths with the same voice, but the words were met with new resistance, even rejection. We will reject whatever someone says about our pain, even when it’s simply repeating God’s words, simply because we don’t believe that person — author, pastor, friend — can relate to what we’re going through.
He takes pride in watching pride take root in us when we are weakest and most vulnerable, and grow like a great wall, cutting us off from the love and encouragement of other Christians.
With the Bible, people can bring you the always relevant wisdom and hope of an all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful God.
He knows your pain perfectly, and if you’ll trust him and receive his word of hope, however it comes, he promises good for you in whatever you’re facing.
For Internet posting, please use only unaltered excerpts (not the content in its entirety) and provide a hyperlink to this page. At its worst, it can cause us to doubt God’s goodness, to wallow in self-pity, and to isolate ourselves from him, as well as from others. But the afflicted inflict themselves even more the farther they separate themselves from others. Therefore, when God withheld the wedding from me long after most of my friends were married, I experienced the sorrow and loneliness of unwanted singleness.
The Bible, as a book for the hurting and heart-broken, speaks above all of our suffering, whether it’s experienced with someone or not.
God has given us himself, his word, and each other to produce faith, and even joy, in the midst of pain, even the most severe and unique pain. It’s not remotely as excruciating or intense as a lot of other suffering and loss, but it was real and lasting for me for ten or more years.
Pride may try to deny it, but God can speak powerfully through a Spirit-filled friend who knows little about your experience of suffering, but holds God’s book open before you.

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